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  1. I really have to rewatch this entire broadcast again somehow. All programs before Yuzu were immediately erased by the greatness of Masquerade, and afterwards I was too overwhelmed to take in anything until Crystal Memories. I’m so thankful for these two programs, they are even greater than I was expecting
  2. Isn’t that what Fantay on Ice is, though? My first off-season was 2017-2018, so I can’t remember a time when Yuzu wasn’t the main character of FaOI
  3. It’s so amazing how Yuzu can skate slow and floating and soft and Mao-like one moment, then the next moment with deep, emphasised edges like Patrick’s skating, and then suddenly with those fast, frenetic and still elegant and light strokes, in that way that’s just completely unique to him. His skating skills are a marvel.
  4. I’m getting the feeling that the expected audience of this broadcast is 65+
  5. Stephane is my exception to boring costumes, please wear this all the time, this is great
  6. For a moment I though it was going to be Yuzu when Toshi came out. Well, I guess this is fine too.
  7. Ah, Rika I couldn’t really make sense of the narrative in her program, the dramatic curve, what emotion she was trying to portray. But I’m sure all that will come, it’s still a long time until the start of next season
  8. Nobu has a Yuzu-like quality in that even when I’m feeling a lot of second hand embarrassment I’m still amused and endeared and would totally watch it again.
  9. I am not convinced by Rika’s program yet, but maybe it will grow on me. At least it’s original.
  10. Oh, I thought you meant “it” as in the broadcast, not the program, sorry
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