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  1. I am really late but I hope everybody in Japan is as safe and well as possible. Sending hope your way. In the meantime, happy Sochi anniversary!
  2. I haven't had such nightmares, but I really hope they subside soon and you gain peace.
  3. Exactly. Such kindness should be spread as far as possible. Yuzuru really has a way of brightening the lives of those in darkness and giving hope.
  4. I am exceedingly late (my apologies), but I wish that everyone on this forum will have a very happy New Year where their best wishes will come true! Thank you so much Yuzuru for all that you have given us, we'll always be supporting you. To those that have lost loved ones to COVID-19, I hope that the pain eases soon. I offer my deepest condolences. May 2021 be a year of health, happiness, and regrowth.
  5. I checked. Thank you for telling me! My mistake
  6. Maybe, I might be wrong. I don't think I've seen it before, though.
  7. I think that he has a new necklace?? The gold feather one?
  8. Happy Birthday to the Best BoyTM, Yuzuru Hanyu!!! May all your best dreams come true. Have a great day! I hope your friend is now safe and well. ❤
  9. I'm a relatively new fan- I went through my watch history and concluded that the 28th of March this year was the day. I watched some figure skating from PC2018 during the Christmas break because I was bored and curious, but didn't get around to Yuzu (smh) until March. I'd missed 4CC 2020 by then But better late than never
  10. I think there will be. Not sure what it'll be, but I have a feeling Yuzu's not going to leave us dry and hanging off the edge at the end of the year. At the very least, that's what I'm hoping for.
  11. A typed message: "Dear Yuzu, It has been a really tough year for you, and yet you have been working so hard. Thank you so much for your efforts, they will be, of course, never in vain and I am always inspired by them. We will be supporting you all the way, and so I want to say, happy 26th birthday Yuzu! We look forward to you skating again. - yuzuru_hanyu_is_an_angel, from Australia" Thank you for organising this project!!!
  12. Very, very well said. The analogies 😌👌 And there's no shame in writing such beautiful things!
  13. I was referring to Schrodinger's Cat- Yuzuru's graduation was rather unclear before, like the cat's state of life or death. I respect Schrodinger, of course, but I wasn't comparing Yuzuru to him; you're right, they can only be compared to people in their own field. There might have been a misunderstanding. I'm sorry if I offended you.
  14. HIS HAIR IS IT JUST ME OR IS IT BROWN NOW he's so pretty EDIT: might just be the lighting, I panicked
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