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  1. these are most likely old, but here also, memelord face
  2. It's Parisienne Walkways but the music's BTS' Blood Sweat and Tears. Works surprisingly well. Also this made me all
  3. It might be the yellow and black colour combination. The design itself is interesting, though (puffy sleeves? reminded me of Chopin)
  4. Yes! I'm thinking Mao Asada but kind of wishful... They do have such a good dynamic
  5. I'm envisioning Yuzu lip-syncing, being cheeky and smiling so widely Agree wholeheartedly. This is brilliant. (kind of reminds me of Javi's style of music as well)
  6. Mildly verging off course, but what if someone skated to Finlandia at the Finlandia Trophy? (Yuzuru skating to Finlandia would be a lot like R&J1, I presume. Beautiful )
  7. I wonder what Yuzuru would make of the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto 1 mvt 1? Him skating to classical would be really, really nice. Though.... imagine if he skated to Unravel...
  8. We are both Yuzu and Javi lol Javi at seeing Yuzu's plight, and of course Yuzu in his shoes
  9. Everyone's congratulating the best boy *whispers* media attention and sponsor appreciation
  10. He is so kind, to dedicate his life to skating and fulfilling our 'expectations' of him. You're right, we don't know what to expect, because Yuzu surprises us every time. Yuzu doing ballet would be another of the most beautiful things I would ever see.
  11. Also, his friendship with Yuzu is so cute!
  12. that's hypocritical but most of the figure skating fandom on twitter's just like so hopefully the ISU won't get what they want
  13. I respect Chen and his skating, but having the ISU blatantly putting down Yuzu just to make Chen look better is disgusting. Having said that, Nathan doesn't deserve a lot of the hate he gets. I don't have a link, but there are a few instances where he knows that he's been overscored and he honestly seemed a bit guilty about it, even if it's not his fault- the judges are the ones who should be blamed here. Even if he tried to negotiate, the ISU would probably do nothing- he, like Yuzu, is kind of like another tool in the shed to get views.
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