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  1. TCC kinda reminds me of those big sheds near Albert Park Lake in Melbourne, if you get where I mean... and yes the wood beams totally make up it's shed vibe
  2. hm, that IS true. it'd be nice to have him skating to something other than solo piano. kinda like etude.
  3. yessssss it really gives off that 'shed' vibe for me
  4. That video of Yuzuru giggling through CiONTU really made me squish inside, I can't get over it
  5. I really wouldn't mind anything, but maybe if he comes back with something on the warmer side, it'd be interesting to see. (also, i just imagined yuzuru skating to rachmaninoff and all of a sudden i feel like it ought to happen) (i feel like he'd really bring rachmaninoff into 'epic (drama)', according to below, and it would be awesome)
  6. he might- he certainly knows his ability to make his fans mentally or actually scream, that's sure... as for the label, probably not yet. but i say, yet.
  7. hA that's brilliant thank you for translating
  8. i will forever remember how he has changed my view of bees from plain buzzing insects to guards determined to defend their home (also i would've packed up and bolted from my house if there was a wasp nest on the balcony but yet yuzu decides to research them for school how brave)
  9. why did they have to have us choose between yuzu and javi they're so similar in league and DO NOT MAKE ME CHOOSE BETWEEN VIRTUEMOIR AND THE SHIBSIBS AGH
  10. is it this that you're looking for? it's unlisted which may explain it not appearing.
  11. i would be struck silent burning in my own shame also, cliche but how can someone be so hot while on ice
  12. ESPECIALLY ankle worries and nose scrunches it's iconic by now
  13. I'd be incredibly intimidated by my own holographic image lol
  14. he is incredibly determined isn't he just watching him say 'i think i can jump it' gives me mental chills
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