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The Great Glittering Planet Hanyu Glossary (or welcome in fandom lingo)

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So, here’s the long awaited thread for Planet Hanyu lingo!:smiley-happy105::bliss-smiley::665e343793b9:

I’m not sure about how to keep things organized, so any suggestion is welcomed. Maybe if our glossary becomes oversized and congested, we can create a wiki, but at the moment I’m keeping things in this thread.


Figure skating (FS for friends) has such a long tradition of acronyms and a very peculiar lingo and it can feel daunting for new fans to approach that:smiley-scared007:

Been there, felt that:laughing:

And Yuzuru’s fandom is very big, very varied and quite “old” and it has developed some very special terms and inside jokes. Stumbling into them for the first time can be frustrating and people can feel a bit left out… so this glossary was born to help everyone to enjoy everything together! :grouphug:

Everyone’s contribute is welcomed. I’ve listed some of the entries off the top of my head here and stole some from @GraceAndPower’s list, so please add whatever word you come up with. And if you have doubts about any term you see on the Planet or even somewhere else, but related to Yuzuru/FS, feel free to ask here! Let’s make this Glittering Glossary truly Great!:tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid:

I’m having so much fun in compiling the entries, I hope everyone can have fun reading them! If you want to change any of the entries, please let me know! This thread is about the lingo of the Planet, so it belongs to all of us!

Thanks for bearing with my wall-text and have fun!:smiley-rpg012:


WARNING: keep in mind that many expressions, such as Evil Overlord and Trashbag pants (yeah, two very random examples:tumblr_inline_mqt4grU8ua1qz4rgp:), are used as jokes and/or terms of endearment, not mean to be taken seriously, and absolutely never meant as derogatory terms.



At the moment the Glossary is split into two big categories: specific Yuzuru fandom lingo and general figure skating lingo.


1. Yuzu fandom&Planet Hanyu lingo                          WORK IN PROGRESS  




2. Figure skating lingo                      this is a MAJOR WORK IN PROGRESS AT SNAIL-SPEED

  • Ice Shows & Competitions with acronyms and a few details about some of them
  • Common terms in Figure Skating, whith everything used in FS fandom, from carrot cake to tano to sQUAD
  • to be added another section to list a few names of people like coaches, skaters and so on.



Let’s start from the first!!! Yuzuru fans are very creative! :9:



ETA: you can also find all the Glossary entries listed from A to Z in a google doc :tumblr_inline_mueoe3Yabh1qdlkyg: here :tumblr_inline_mueoe3Yabh1qdlkyg:Sadly no Yuzumoticon :smiley-sad021: no emoticons at all :sad-smiley-046:and links are all over the place :tumblr_inline_n18qr5AMus1qid2nw: so (surprise surprise!) huge WORK IN PROGRESS

The thread is more up-to-date than the google doc though. If you want to know if a certain term is listed in the Glossary, I recommend using ctrl+F to search for it in this page directly :tumblr_inline_mqt4graWWO1qz4rgp:


ETA 2: sometimes there are cross-references between different entries, I''m highlighing them like this (then you'll have to search for those terms yourself, sorry)



:tumblr_meh76xcNA91qdlkyg::tumblr_meh76xcNA91qdlkyg: ETA 3: I've created a Glossary wiki, so from now on I'll be updating the glossary only there :tumblr_meh76xcNA91qdlkyg::tumblr_meh76xcNA91qdlkyg:(alphabetic order only, but of course using the browser ctrl+F function is always possible).

For any request, suggestion, criticism, please post in this thread or PM me! Thank you!:thanks:


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Yuzu fandom&Planet Hanyu lingo


Let’s start from the easier part:


The basics

(this won’t be in alphabetical order!!!)


Yuzuru Hanyu = we don’t need to explain this, right?:peekapooh: Just in case, here’s a brush-up


Yuzu = how Yuzuru is called by his family and friends. Many fans call him like that.

Yazunori Hanya, Yuzuru Hamyulla, Yuzro Hanro, Yuzura... = some of the many creative ways people have butchered Yuzuru’s name in the past(x) :slinkaway: Apparently it’s a difficult name. We use some of them when joking ;)

Zuzu = fans' nickname for Yuzuru. Plus, it sounds super cute

Zu = yep, still Yuzuru. Shorter for Zuzu, because we do love our nicknames, and the shorter, the better! Ciute (the i is muted. See CiONTU). Though it's entirely possible that the reason why Zu has come into use is that it's easier to type while not looking at your keyboard (e.g.: when you can't tear your eyes from Yuzuru, or when your vision is blurry because *feels*)

Zazura = another fan-made name for Yuzuru, born as a joke after all the mangling his poor name endured (Yuzuru forgive them. And us)


anything-zuru = nickname to refer to a particular aspect/look/event involving Yuzuru.


baldzuru = this look from the movie The Magnificent Nine, where Yuzuru has a cameo as the young Lord of Sendai (as he should!).

eggzuru = Yuzu costumes-inspired decorated eggs, or it might also refer to baldzuru.

smolzuru = art with small cute Yuzu, see here for some examples of just how adorable it can be 




The Planet = this place, duh:biggrin: The name Planet Hanyu is inspired by one famous quote from figure skating commentator Max Ambesi (Italian Eurosport): “Welcome on Planet Hanyu. Population: ONE. Him.”

(more interesting quotes here)

Satellites =  you and me and everyone captured in the orbit of Planet Hanyu. Hey, we’ve got our own Yuzumoticon :satellite:

Yuzumoticon = Yuzuru-themed emoticon. Please feel free to spam them on this Planet! :dancingpooh:

And here you can request more! mods and admins love to indulge us, but beware, it should be something truly ICONIC! like this:9: or this :surprised:





Some more Yuzu-related lingo (alphabetical order)




4CC curse, 4CC Silver curse = Before 2020, Yuzuru had competed in 4CC 3 times, all 3 times he had ended with silver :laughing: BUT fourth time the charm! At 4CC 2020 Yuzuru not only broke the curse, but he also set a new WR in the short and completed the Super slam! :665e343793b9:

Adorkable = adorable + dork. basically, Yuzuru.

Alien = Yuzu, obviously. He has his own Planet, from another galaxy :spacealien: Of course Yuzuru is only human (is he? LOL)  but he is a very special human being.

Annual silver quota = Since 2013-14 season, Yuzuru has a tradition of getting 2 silver per season, regardless of the number of competitions he attends. Our boy is super-consistent! :13877886:

In 2013-2014 two GP events (but then he swept GPF, OWG and WC gold:tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid:).

In 2014-2015 COC:tumblr_inline_ncmif7esGm1rpglid: and Worlds.

In 2015-2016 at Skate Canada :waffle: and Worlds :sadPooh:

In 2016-2017 again Skate Canada GP and then  4CC (but then he got back his World title:winner2:)

In 2017-2018 he attended only 3 comps, and, guess what, he got 2 silver medals:laughing: But hey, he got the most important gold of the whole quad, so who cares!!! :winner::665e343793b9:

In 2018-2019 he kinda broke the curse (only one silver)...

....BUT in 2019-20 he got two silver medals again :mischief: Hence, the jury is still out about the curse having been broken

Since 2020-21 season is gonna be all messed up, the writer has decided this curse doesn't count ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌


Antenna = that stubborn strand of Yuzu’s hair that likes to spike on top of his head. A theory is that our favourite Alien uses it to communicate with his distant planet… or connect with us fans (Yuzuru says he can hear us, after all LOL)

Beautiful snake = see Quad Lutzifer.

Bloodbath = what happens when people want to get a ticket for a Yuzu competition or ice-show. :swordfight:

If it’s in Japan, it will probably mean going through Lottery hell.

Brian is goign to be bald = what will happen to poor Brian because of a certain impossible Alien. Joking. Or not. One thing’s for sure, Brian’s hairline has receded in the past years....

Cactus / cacti = us satellites when suffering prolonged Drought (our fabulous cacti moodboard. Which cactus are you?)

backstory from @Hydroblade: we are like plants, surviving on Yuzu/Yuzu news, so when there's no news we enter a period of drought. Since there are times when this drought is unexpectedly long, we evolved to survive in low water/low moisture environments, turning into cacti!

Canadian Silver Curse, Canadian Silver = before his 9th senior season, Yuzuru had competed 3 times in Skate Canada GP and he had gotten... 3 silver medals! In 2017-18 he hadn't planned to skate in Canadian GP event, so he fulfilled his annual Canadian silver quota at the ACI event instead :headdesk2:

Yuzuru has effectively broken the Canadian silver curse in 2018-19 season, when he got gold in ACI and then WD from the only remaining competion he was set to attend in Canada :smiley-sad021: Then in 2019-20 he finally won GP SC GOLD, skating the best he had ever skated that early in the season!!!

Cave = wherever Yuzuru disappears when he wants to focus and train in peace. Yuzu going back to his cave means Drought season for this Planet. His known caves are located somewhere in Sendai and Toronto. We complain a lot when he hides, but we value Yuzuru’s privacy and respect his choice to go ninja ┐(︶▽︶)┌

Ci = winking face. The Overlord himself said so. Ci (a few visual examples):winky:

Cryptid = a creature that might exist, but we don’t know if it exists. Just like Nessie. Or a certain ninja space kitten masking himself as Swan when he's on the Earth (but still using his antenna to communicate with his alien planet:animated-smileys-hands-fingers-01:). So yes, it’s just another nickname for Yuzu. And here's the Planet badge for cryptid spotters(x). Being a cryptid spotter includes things like scanning the background of videos/photos in search of our cryptid. Ci

Cuteness overload = that feeling that overwhelms you and makes you squeal as if there was no tomorrow because of one (1) adorkable boy:tumblr_inline_mzx8zzarLt1r8msi5:

Drought = what hits us fans when Yuzuru goes hiding into his cave:th_tumbleweed: It means we need to survive on archived material (which is A LOT, but we are a bit greedy)

The Great Drought = what we're goign trough right now. It started unexpectedly right after 4CC2020, when WC2020 were cancelled, continued in summer with the cancellation of all the ice shows and still there's no end in sight: no media day, no program reveal (not even a small hint on wheter there are new programs), no costume reveal, no ACI, and Yuzuru has announced his withdrawal from GP series of this season.

Occasionally interrupted by a our benevolent overlord dispensing us a few raindrops (otherwise known as Yuzu crumbs) to ensure our survival (^▽^)

Jokes aside, Yuzuru doesn't owe us any update on his whereabouts and activities, but it's nice to get these small bits of news once a month or such

Emperor = Yuzuru (‘cause he has a whole Planet, King ain't grand enough):party0035:

Explosion = what happens whenever there is a Yuzu sighting :003: It means you leave the Planet for a moment and when you're back there are dozens and dozens of new posts out of nowhere:eek: But don’t be scared, if you dread catching up with +50 pages there is this thread where news and new content are compiled! And you can scour the media subforum for lots of sources compiled by fellow satellites!

Fanboy = basically, Yuzuru with Plushy. Or skaters like Mitsuki Sumoto and Sota Yamamoto with Yuzuru (guys do you know where I can find that side by side of the 3 of them in white shiny shirt???)

Fanyu = Fan of Hanyu.

The term has sometimes been used as a derogatory term, so some fans are not comfortable with using it or don't want to indentify themselves with it.

Others just don’t like how it sounds (*raises her hand, but then proceeds using it anyway 'cause YES*).

Others use it with pride, as a reappropriation.

Sometimes it's used in more sarcastic/joking context, like “we evil Fanyus”, “the power of Fanyus!”

You are free to call yourself as you like! The name doesn’t matter, we all admire and support Yuzuru Hanyu here!:tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid:

First GP Silver Curse = since season 2012-13 and up till season 2018-19, Yuzuru had always and without failing been getting silver at his first GP event :tumblr_inline_ncmifdw7151rpglid: He is a slow starter, he usually peaks later in the season. Still, kuyashii.:2:

Yuzuru magnificently broke the First GP Silver Curse at GP Helsinki 2018, setting 3 new WR scores under the new scoring system as a bonus :9:

First pancake = Brian’s way to warn everyone that things like ACI 2017 can happen: in his first competition of the olympic season, Yuzuru set a new WR in the SP... and then he proceeded to bomb the FS, fall on his beloved 3A included:13877886: Yeah, following Yuzu is a rollercoaster, you never know what comes next...but it's always worth it!

The source of this brilliant metaphor is Brian Orser, before ACI 2017 started. Here's a quote (thank you @Gladi) : "I always talk about how “the first pancake is not well done.” The right heat, the cooking time, how to coordinate, et cetera––the first competition is for us to learn all these things, to see the good side and the bad side. So it’s rather that we’ve reaped huge rewards."

Look, we also have a Yuzumoticon :pancake: AND a pancake rating chart

GOAT = Greatest Of All Time. Otherwise known as Yuzuru.:space: Kidding. It’s fine if you think Yuzu is a GOAT in figure skating, and it’s also fine if you think he isn’t. People have different parameters and different opinions. Yuzuru is one of the greatest in his sport, that’s for sure, and he has already written history, but what matters the most is what he is for you.

Gold = what Yuzuru likes!

Grabby hands = our default mode when Yuzuru pictures, videos, interviews, merch pop up. We want them all! A visual example::pooh_footage:

Hair Loss = what we experience when Yuzu is just... being Yuzu. Like when he says he isn’t training difficult entries for his jumps yet but he's been already jumping counter-3A.:crazyshit2:  Or that he can’t still train 4A properly while one month before he wasn't even allowed to do any jump:squishedPooh: Or when he drops the Quints talk.:Poohgaveup:

Hanyuconomy / Hanyueconomy = referred to Yuzuru’s selling power, be it for tickets for competitions or shows, merch for a parade, endorsed brands of detergents/chocolate/toe-socks,  or even weirder things like an electric toothbrush… and anything yuzu-flavoured, too :10814716:

Hermit mode = see ninja.


King = Yuzuru :free-random-smileys-830: Yes, half of this glossary is for how we refer to Yuzuru.

Kuyashii = Yuzuru’s daily diet. Kidding:P Japanese expression that could be translated as “feeling frustrated” but it means much more (Yuzuru often uses “regretful” in English). If you’ve never spoken/studied Japanese, it will be one of the first words you’ll learn to recognize watching Yuzuru’s interviews in Japanese...Together with yonkaiten.

Lottery Hell = what fans have to get through when tickets for Yuzuru competitions/shows in Japan are allotted through draws. Only a few can survive, even less triumph:13877886:(seriously, getting tickets in Japan is really hard)

Mc Memeface = see Memelord.

Memelord = obviously, it’s Yuzuru. I mean, have you seen his 39588456583 different facial expressions? And how quickly he shifts from one to the other? Even the Olympic channel picked up on this.

And Yuzumoticons are here for a reason :mischief:
Merch = short for merchandise. In other words, what we crave :party0021: (when Yuzu-related)

Mezamashi = how Jpn TV trolls poor thirsty fanyus :P

It's a Japanese TV morning show featuring various news, REPEATEDLY. When we're really desperate and Yuzuru is scheduled to be featured in the program, we watch it in hope to get a tiny glimpse of Yuzuru (here to relive the first memorable Mezamashi trolling streaming party of the Planet, here a few significant comments). It earned its own badge, aptly named "Trolled by Mezamashi"(x).

Mushroom = young Yuzu with his hair cut to resemble Plushenko’s haircut :mushroom7: He even added a mushroom to his signature:tumblr_inline_mm2wbaeqQM1qz4rgp:

My wallet is weeping = our wallets’ default mode when Yuzuru merch, books and magazines are released:tumblr_m9gct8HYvv1qzckow:

Nessie = 4A, the jump as legendary as the Loch Ness monster, and a MONSTER of a jump for its difficulty (of course it has to be the one jump Yuzu wants to pursue:facepalm:). Lots of rumours surround it, but only a few crazy brave skaters are on the hunt. Some people say it can't exists, some say they have seen it but have no proof (meaning, no vid of a fully rotated one). Who will be the one who will prove us it's real?

Thus far, Artur Dmitriev Jr was the only skater who has attempted it in comp (always underrotated).

Yuzuru first attempted 4A in public in Turin GPF19, during his practice on December 6th (partly fuelled by kuyashii), but he underrotated all his attempts and fell (plus there was a number of pops). Here the entirety of the 10minutes that stopped poor fans' hearts (first attempt at 6:25, second at 8:05, third at 10:48. WARNING: the falls are of the scary type)

How did fans realized he was bringing Nessie out to play? He started circling the rink, checking his axel form and popping into 1A after unusually long preparation

How did fans survive? Wait...did they?:idk:


Ninja = Yuzuru going in his hermit mode and effectively disappearing from all media (and also from other people’s SNS) :ninja: He adopts his ninja skills to go and hide in his cave and then to suddenly pop up again for competitions or ice-shows. Or for his monthly watering of us starved cacti.

The watering usually consists in a written message forwarded to his fed or his sponsors or a pre-recorded video message (usually featuring a White Wall and Zuzu being so sweet that we collectively weep in delight anyway)

Noodle, Noodle arms = Yuzuru and his arms when he was younger and thinner and his huge stamina issues+asthma made it difficult for him to keep his posture and control his limbs (especially in the 2nd half of his long programs), so it could give an overall impression of...something...a bit floppy:tumblr_inline_ncmifdw7151rpglid:  So yeah, a noodle :)

Nyooming = Yuzuru being Yuzuru and skating at lighting bolt speed (often to be observed in the background of other skaters’ videos)

Overlord = ironic&affectionate way we refer to Yuzuru (example: when he’s being an exasperating Trollzuzu:animated-smileys-hands-fingers-01:).

Also, this :darklordyuzu:

Overthinking = Yuzu’s and his fans' favourite pastime. Joking.

For Yuzu = thinking too much, too long, too deeply and ending going around in circles in his head. Best avoided while skating, it might end with him popping a YOLO3A into a measly YOLO1A (because too busy choosing between hard entry and even harder entry) or in something like ACI 2017 FS :headdesk:

For fans = over-analysing everything Yuzu (hence the General Yuzu Thread stacked up >3000 pages in less than a year)
Paprika = bell peppers, AKA the culprits for Yuzu's trauma, as recounted by the man himself here:consoling2:

Pooh rain = a glorious tradition that covers the ice in the brigh yellow&red of Pooh plushies after Yuzuru skates.

It all started from the long-standing tradition of throwing flowers and other gifts on the ice after a performance. Since Yuzu loves Pooh (and he brings a cuddly Pooh tissue box with him whenever he can), fans started throwing Pooh plushie specifically for him. It grew and grew and now Pooh Rain &its variants (like Pooh storms, Poovalanche) have changed the landscape of comps. They also get routinely featured on media and commentators and journalists just can't stop mentioning Pooh all the time.

Currently, the only times you won't see a Pooh rain are

1) there's no Yuzu

2) throwing gifts on ice isn't allowed (e.g. ACI or some comps in Japan)

Fun fact(or maybe not fun): some people think Pooh plushies are psychological warfare:smiley-rolleyes009:

Though, to be fair, sometimes a plushie or two land on people's head instead of on the ice. Oops. Still, plushies are rather soft and it's never intentional

Prime Minister Pooh = Winnie the Pooh :POOH: Of course Yuzuru’s trusted companion has a prominent role on the Planet!

Quad Lutzifer = Quad Lz+Lucifer, aka Yuzuru's 4Lz, also knows as the beautiful snake. It is a true beauty when landed well but...it can be kind of unruly and...I...don't need to explain the reason for the name, right? NHK17:tumblr_inline_n18qr5AMus1qid2nw: Let's support Yuzuru on his quest to persuade Quad Lutzifer to be a loyal friend!

Yuzu choose to bring his friend back to play in public for FaOI 2019 (giving fans, both those attending and those anxiously waiting for reports, a few heart attacks in the process) and he got the nicest group hug from fellow skaters when he landed it cleanly in FaOI Kobe! (here to relive that unforgettable moment)

While Quad Lutzifer has been a bit on and off in comps during 2019-20, there's no doubt: it's back!!!

Quints = the word that thou shalt not mention! :smiley-scared003:

It stands for quintuple jumps. Insane, right? Some studies say quints might be impossible for the human body.

Yuzuru thinks they're possible(!). He thinks maybe Boyang can jump a quint. He also says, after he lands the 4A he would like to try:tumblr_inline_mzx91uuLRI1r8msi5: Hence our collective hair loss.:dpooh:

Scrunchy smile = this crinkly crinkly Yuzu smile(x)

Silver = what Yuzuru doesn’t really like when he's competing (he much prefers gold). Though it’s fine to wear silver in ice-shows and EX costumes

SNS = Social Network System (like twitter, instagram and so on), or "what Yuzuru doesn’t have" (well, he probably has some private accounts, but we don't know them)

Space Kitten = Yuzuru. Because he is 1)an alien 2)basically a big cat :kitty:(check this twitter hastag for scientific evidence)

The Swan = Yuzuru. Did you know swans are beautiful to watch but hella fierce? (and look how fast this one moves)

Swan bag = a bag used to restrain swans for safe transportations. Also, what Brian would like to use on a certain Swan, so his hair would stop falling :animated-smileys-hands-fingers-01: Joking

The awkward middle child = Zuzu, the Alien of men FS. Still too young to be an Uncle but has already won too much not young enough to be a Quadster. Also see sQUAD.

Tomato = a food Yuzuru really likes! (But sometimes his love for tomatoes betrayes him, see the Paprika accident)

Trollzuzu, Trollzuru = Yuzuru looking :space:but internally being like :muahaha:

example: saying he hasn't decided yet the music for his Olympic FS, while he'd already chosen it a year before. Or announcing he has chosen the music for next season SP and FS but not wanting to disclose it yet:peek:

Watered cacti = us satellites after being fed any kind of Yuzuru content. Even the 1000th magazine cover with the same iconic White T-shirt will do.  Yes, we are THAT desperate.

Water us! = basically what we're pleading for all the time :jumpingyellow:  Even right after having been properly watered, we're already moaning "I miss Yuzuuuuu!!!:smiley-sad021:"

The White Wall = Yuzu's fave sidekick during the Great Drought. Featured in multiple short vids, it's... well, a white wall, yeah. An undescriptive white wall that Yuzuru has carefully selected as neutral background for his updates from his cave. Though sometimes his backgorund is *dramatic drumrolls* a White Corner!!!!!!!

White Wall is good. White Wall is our dear friend and we can't wait to see it again ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ ('cause, you know, it means we're getting some Yuzu crumbs).

Yuzu crumbs = those teeny tiny updates (in the form of short vids, pics posted on other skater's accounts, interviews or offical statements through JSF or sponsors) that Yuzu give us when he's in his hermit mode. He is such a considerate king (´ ω `♡)

Yonkaiten = It means four revolutions (jump). It’s one of the fist word non-Japanese speaking fans learn to recognize when hearing Yuzu talking.

Yonkaiten Axel = 4A (see Nessie). Starting from that fateful(troll) TV segment with 4A simulation back in summer 2017, media have been throwing around those two words with alarming frequency:tumblr_inline_n18qr5AMus1qid2nw: And Yuzuru has repeatedly decalred it's his last big childhood dream and he's working hard to achieve it!

YuzuCon = whenever a large group of Yuzu fans gathers. It involves exchange of gifts, laughs, loud cheering, getting confused over which language you're speaking with whom, Pooh rains and much more! Sometimes it also involves freezing your arse in the early hours of the morning while queing outside of the skating venue to get to see Yuzu's practices (while chatting with fellow fans queing, exchanging more gifts, laughing...and panicking in forums or twitter becuase practice is approaching and they are still not letting you in).

Since in the last few seasons every comp Yuzu attends always had LOTS of Yuzu fans, every comp he attends also becomes a YuzuCon!





[work in progress]




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Yuzuru’s programs and ICONIC skating moves


for a cool overview of some Yuzuru's signature moves, start with this :67638860:



CM = Crystal Memories, one of the two collaboration exhibition programs Yuzu had with ToshI in FaoI 2019, choreographed by David Wilson. The first time Yuzu skated to it it was one David's birthday:heartpound:

Yuzuru said he thinks Crystal Memories and Masquerade are like twins:tumblr_inline_mfy936EPNF1qid2nw: fanartists loved the idea (see here and here and here and here and here)

(warning: CM can also stand for commercial. In other words, advertisements)

CoD or COD = Combo of Doom. It's 4S3T combo, dubbed like that during 2016-17 season because of how it misbehaved :tumblr_inline_n18qr5AMus1qid2nw: It started being problematic in the FS, then it started giving troubles in the SP too, but it was renamed to "the beauty" after Helsinki FS (WTT 2017 SP doesn't count :slinkaway:). Strange enough, in 2017-2018 4S3T was there when 4T and 3A were being fussy (ACI 2017 FS, OWG 2018 FS). When on, it is indeed a beauty:10636614:


H&E = Heaven and Earth, see Ten to Chi to.

KuriMemo = cute nickname Japanese fans gave to Crystal Memories:tumblr_inline_mg16go8gBg1qdlkyg:

LMEY = Let Me Entertain You, the SP for 2020-21 season that Yuzuru chose to bring entertainment and lightness to fnas all over the world in such a difficult year.     


Masquerade = one of the two collaboration exhibition programs Yuzu had with ToshI in FaoI 2019, choreographed by Shae-Lynn Bourne. See also Pudding of the Opera.

This :dpooh: is an accurate depiction of people's reaction the first time Yuzu skated to it (and even more the following times). Yuzuru said he thinks Crystal Memories and Masquerade are like twins:201111231756430f6:


Stealing other people's music accents = apparently Yuzuru needs to time everything to the music, it doesn't really matter whose :chase:

Ten to Chi to, or TenChi for short = Yuzuru's FS for season 2020-21, a program that he deeply feels as truly his, based on soundtrack from a Japanese Taiga drama series centered on the historical figure of Uesugi Kenshin. Generally translated to english as "Heaven and Earth", the literal translation would be "Heaven and Earth, and". More on the nuances of the title and accurate translation to english here and here). Here for an overview on musical structure of the program, the music composer, and the vision of Uesugi Kenshin. Here more links and details to learn about the depths of the program, and here a bit of detail on the costume, designed by Satomi Ito. :tumblr_inline_n2pje2TPZt1qdlkyg:

Yuzuru has already announced he's keeping the program as free program for olympic season.

YOLO and #YOLO = You Only Live OnceYuzu's fans, on the contrary, might not survive.

For Zu, it means messing a jump and changing the layout on the fly to make up for the mistake and contain the loss of points (all of this while skating and spinning and doing more jumps). Often executed with such finesse that the YOLO jump can go unnoticed to satellites that he has hypnotized (otherwise they would be traumatized, he's a merciful King of #YOLO). Yet another cause of Borser's receding hairline. :darklordyuzu:

Example: 4CC 2017 FS. See here for an exhaustive review.






[Work in progress]








Costumes & Clothes!!!

(special thank you to @Pamigena, most of the pics were stolen from her lovely tumblr)

Yuzuru’s fans are particularly inspired when it comes to nickname his costumes & clothes, and Yuzuru provides us with plenty of material! Mind you, all these terms are meant with affection. Yes, Sparkle salad and Trash bag pants are terms of endearing :biggrin:

(Also, we have a whole thread where to lose our minds over discuss past, present and future costumes)




Black Armani T-shirt = the iconic black tee Yuzu wore for media day photoshoot 2018-19. Just like the previous, equally iconic White Armani T-shirt, it was featured in 327899000 magazines (and on their cover). Here some examples.

Blue Bib = the blue ruffly thing(x) attached on the men’s costumes for FaOI 2017 finale in Kobe and Niigata. Here's how the name was born and spread on the Planet.

Blue Flames = Yuzuru’s Étude costume(x) (so beautiful :tumblr_inline_mueoe3Yabh1qdlkyg:). The name is a direct translation from Aoi Honoo, the title of Yuzu's first two autobiographies (Aoi Honoo I and II) and is explained in the first book (it has with Étude costume on the cover) (waiting for permission to quote)

Boobskirt = the iconic top of Yuzuru’s RJ2 costume(x), designed by the one and only Johnny Weir :biggrin: Do you need an explanation of the name?

     team Boobskirt = fans who really, really like RJ2 costume. We have many diverse opinions on this Planet!

Bowling shirt = the kinda dull by FaOI standards costumes skaters wore for the finale of FaOI2019 Kobe&Toyama (x) They really look like real bowling shirts...but made of plastic :umm: BUT Yuzu landed quad Lutzifer again in that shirt and looked truly radiant,(x) so everything else is forgiven:tumblr_inline_mqt4graWWO1qz4rgp:

Cabbage costume or also Sparkly Cabbage = see Sparkle Salad. The colour and style of the Requiem costume remind some people of...cabbage. But a very lovely one, I'm sure. (x)

Crystal fairy, Crystal candy = the costume Yuzu wore for Crystal Memories. The name is pretty straightforward, and indeed the nickname was an instant hit! The costume has also been described as a lamp (x) or a disco ball, 'cause it's sooooo sparkly!:sparkles.001: it might be also referred to as as white salad (x), in analogy with Sparkle salad.

Dory also DoryYuzu or DoryZu = the costume Yuzuru wears for his EX Wings of Words (FaOI 2018). See also Yuzudory, Yellow duster for alternate names (yes, it wasparticularly inspiring costume).

Probably it was meant as a reference to this, but someone noticed the peculiar colour pattern and design resembled that of some tropical fishes ...and Dory from Finding Nemo (well, wings and pins aren't that different, right?:P). There was no way back.

Here to relive the unforgettable moment of the costume reveal (but remember to put down your drink and avoid work places).

The Fishnet = self-explanatory term the costumes for FaOI 2019 Makuharu&Sendai opening. Fishnet on top of floral shirt...:unsure: the dubious result(x) has its supporters...

Flowy Do-S = the FaOI 2019 Kobe&Toyama OP costumes (here a whole clip, so you can really understand the brilliance of the costume of the name:tumblr_inline_n2pjd43gf91qdlkyg: The name came to be because, while we were dying waiting for actual pics, it was described as "Masquarade leather meets HYK fluff":smiley-shocked032:


ill-fitting suits  =  most of Yuzuru’s suits.:tumblr_inline_ncmifiE3IT1rpglid: They are unfamous for always having something wrong. When the size of the suit is so big he swims in it(x), when sleeves are too long, when too short... though, there is an upward trend, the most recent suits were better! A lot better!! Keep going, Yuzu, you’ll make it, one day!:snmouchotto:

Jedi = the costume Yuzuru wears for FaOI 2018 opening number (x) (Makuhari & Kanazawa). The shirt is a strange hybrid with turtleneck + asymmetric sleeves (bear-survivor style) + some shiny bit + a buffet napkin on the bottom. The design and the shiny half make it look futuristic(x) so...that's jedi for you:xD:


Lettuce or Sparkly Lettuce = see Sparkle Salad.



Potato sack pants = the very questionable loose pants(x) Yuzu wore in a Ghana photoshoot in 2017. :war: But we forgave them because the other half of the outfit was decent and Yuzu acted cute (see Red sweater). The Planet was off line when the name was born, but we were on some other chat and I saved the chat 'cause I knew I would need it one day:tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid: So here's the birth of the Potato sack pants.

PPOS = Purple Pants Of Sin, or PurpleLGC = Yuzuru's LGC costume 2.0(x). The costume is VERY purple and...no other explanations needed, I guess :devilYuzu:

Prince Oreo = Yuzuru wearing the black version(x) of FaOI 2019 Kobe&Toyama ending costume. I mean, it does look like Oreo... afaik the first mention on the Planet is from this tweet, not sure who started it all, but it looks like everyone loves it :176:

Prince Yuzu = Yuzuru in FaOI 2018 finale costume(x) (Makuhari & Kanazawa), looking all sweet and princelike. The size(x) is wrong, though. :sigh: But who’s surprised?

Pudding of the Opera (or just Pudding for short) = Masquerade. The name has a rather... convoluted peculiar reason:68556365: It all started with ToshI, who singer of Masquerade, making a pudding commercial and being called Pucchin Prince. Add Yuzuru eating pudding (x), mix with Masquerade intor music being form Phantom of the Opera and...well, one thing lead to another and we ended with Pudding of the Opera! (x, more here)

Red Sweater = the turtleneck sweater that made us forgive the Potato sack pants. :pouty:

Rhinestones = what Yuzuru likes on his costumes. I mean, it's kinda hard to miss (GETTY IMAGES)

Ruffles = what Yuzuru likes on his costumes.

Seaweed also dubbed Angry Seaweed = Yuzuru's Requiem costume(x). See also: Sparkle Salad.

All the ruffles, in the gradation of light cyan, aquamarine and a bit of teal, make it look like sea lettuce :1:  But when in motion, the costume really fits the theme of the program (the 2011 Tohoku eartquake and tsunami), the sea green ruffles resembling sea-waves.

Sparkle Salad = Yuzuru’s Requiem costume(x). It's very sparkly and...very green🥗 (see also: Seaweed)

Sparkles = what Yuzuru likes on his costumes:tumblr_inline_mueoe3Yabh1qdlkyg:

Strawberry costume = Zig costume(x) (2010-11 season). It was designed by the one and only Johnny Weir and realized with much love by mamaHanyu (x)

Swan costume = see Swanyu.

Swanyu = Swan Hanyu(x). Yuzuru wearing Notte Stellata costume(x).

   Death by Swanyu = the natural consequence exposition to the Swanyu(x)

Trashbag pants = black tight-fitting shiny pants that wish they looked like tight badass leather pants but resemble...well, the material of trash bags :P Yuzuru used them in quite a number of outfits (mostly for ice-shows or EX), ranging from this (x)(MI, 2009-10) and this(x) :tumblr_inline_mm2wbbdJC51qz4rgp:(Vertigo 2010-11) to this(x) (HILY, 2012-13 Season) and this (FaoI Makuhari 2017 Opening). One could say he's...grown into the look:biggrin: And he even used those pants as part of his LMEY costume:rock:

    Team Trashbag pants = fans who will defend those pants to death.

White Sweater = the sweater Yuzuru wore for yet another Ghana CM (the one where he prepared hot chocolate wit zunda and entirely too many marshmellows and other stuff). Here for more vids!

White salad = see Crystal fairy.

White Armani T-shirt = the iconic white tee Yuzu wore for the media day photoshoot 2017-18 and that was featured in 327899000 magazines (and on their cover). Just look at this! The following season it was replaced by the equally iconic Black Armani T-shirt.

WPOH = White Pants Of Holiness or WhiteLGC. LGC costume 1.0(x), or the floating face! White pants on white ice aren't the best idea(x), but with proper lighting and proper background things change (Image credit: mokochana):10636614: And under show lightings it looks so good!!!!!!!!

Yellow duster = the yellow cape in the Dory costume. Well, the resemblance is there:animated-smileys-hands-fingers-01:(rumour has it that a satellite's swiffer duster  wanted to try new things, see the world!).

Yuzudory = another name for the Dory costume.




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:heartpound:Figure skating lingo




Ice Shows & Competitions



4CC = Four Continents Championships, or where Yuzuru used to take the silver (see 4CC curse:67573697:).

It's like Europeans, only for the rest of the world :tumblr_inline_n2pje39gH11qdlkyg: Hence the name. Usually it's held between Euros and Worlds, so the big feds with many skaters usually send their 2nd tier skaters there so the 1st tier skaters sent to Worlds don't get too tired (Japan usually being the exception) AND it's a pretty recent competition, so it doesn't have the same reputation of Worlds or Euros (or even GPF). This doesn't mean sometimes 4CC can't be as interesting as Worlds (see Men 4CC 17, also dubbed "the World Championships without Javi")

ACI = Autumn Classic International. A minor competition held in Canada every year in September. It's part of the ISU Challenger Series so 1) it gives ranking points for World Standings and 2) skaters' scores are recognized by ISU and can count as SB or PB (and if you've had a WR skate, that one counts too:biggrin:)

In the last few years it's been Yuzuru's warm-up competition (the first of his season) and the source of many photos and fancams. Also, NEW COSTUMES REVEAL, YEAHHH!

If you're lucky you get to enjoy a WR like Yuzu's ACI17 SP.

If you're unlucky you may have the dubious honour to witness Yuzu's pop concert. But if you are watching Yuzu live in the first place, you really have nothing to complain about:pouty:

Career Super Grand Slam or Super Slam = when a skater wins all major junior titles (JGPF+JWC) and all major senior titles (GPF, 4CC/Euros, WC, OWG). Guess who was the first Men's single skater to achieve that? (ok, Plushenko and Yagudin were unlucky because JGPF didn't exist back then... oh well, too bad for them:devil3:)

Here for all the details you might want (and more).


CiONTU = Continues with Wings, the cuter acronym. It has a very complicated and very logic explanation. Btw, the "i" is muted. C(i)ute :10636614:

Continues With Wings = the first ice-show produced by Yuzuru, or "how to make all of your fanboy dreams come true, Yuzuru Hanyu edition". Kidding :P

It was held on April 2018 and it was meant as both a celebration of Yuzu's 2nd OGM and a chance to say thank you, to share and to pass on what he inherited.

The format was different from that of usual ice-shows, but it was amazing. Here's what a non-japanese FS commentator tweeted about the show, because why not:tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid:

The guests were skaters who have inspired Yuzu throughout his skating career. Basically he made his idols skate for him in his show :laughing: The shows also included Question&Answers corner, skaters talks, a let’s bully Mura technical corner and a let’s make everyone squishy children corner. Unexpectedly, Yuzuru (who was undergoing rehab) skated to medley of some of his junior&senior programs, WEARING costumes from his very first senior years :tumblr_inline_ncmifiE3IT1rpglid:

It was an all around memorable event with a very giggly Yuzu. And here and here the threads on our Planet (and if you haven't watched all 3 days of the show yet, what are you waiting for?)

COR = Cup of Russia, older name of the Russian GP event. See RC.

CWW = Continues With Wings. That’s the more serious acronym :winky:

EC = Euros = European Championships, or where Yuzu can't compete :tumblr_inline_np9uqhnLHU1qid2nw_75sq:

Dick Button was the only non-European man to become European Champion.


Quoting from uncle Dick's wikipedia:



1948 European Championships

Button faced Gerschwiler again at the 1948 European Championships. Button led after figures in points, having 749 points to Gerschwiler's 747.8, but Gerschwiler led in placings, with 14 to Button's 15.[1] During the free skating, Button performed his Olympic program for the first time. He won, with 11 placings to Gerschwiler's 18.[1] Following this year, when North Americans took home the men's and ladies' titles, non-Europeans were no longer allowed to enter into the European Championships. Button is the only American to have won the European Championships.[1]




FaOI = for the (kinda)more serious details see Fantasy On Ice below.

For the non-serious details: it's known as annual death of Yuzuru fans :animated-smileys-hands-fingers-01: Joking! But Yuzuru is always quite hyped at ice shows and he does things like attempting crazy jumps and being generally extra...AND he always brings some questionable interesting costumes, so it usually results in a mixture between :10742290: and:13877886:

FaOI is CHAOS! It's fans losing their minds over costumes, programs, Extra!Yuzu and Jpn tv hiding footage... and we love it exactly like that!

Fantasy On Ice = Japanese ice show with 3-days stops in multiple cities across Japan, featuring many skaters, cheesy opening and finale numbers with weird costumes that we love to hate and hate to love, collab programs with guest musicians&singers and a very happy Yuzu.:tumblr_inline_mqt4grU8ua1qz4rgp: In the last few years Yuzuru has been the headliner of the show (he only skipped 2016 because of injury:tumblr_inline_ncmif7esGm1rpglid: and 2020 and 2021 editions were cancelled because of covid.)

FP = Free Program, see FS (2nd definition)

FS = Figure Skating, the sport Yuzuru loves <3. FS is also acronym for free program, so be careful about hte context!

FS = Free Skate, or Free for short, also known as Free Program (FP), Long Program (LP). Program that's performed in competition (usually the second and longest segment of a skating competition). It was supposed to be...well, "free" (or more free than the SP), with more chances for skaters to "perform" and wider range of choices for layouts, but right now skaters actually have more time(and energy) to perform in the SP, with FS usually being where the lack of skating content inbetween elements is more glaring.

For Senior Mens', a free program is 4 minutes long and it consists in 7 jumping passes (3 of them combinations), 3 spins, a step sequence and a choreographic sequence, each with certain requirements. In the years both duration and requirements of the free program can change quite a lot: for example, up till 2017-2018 season, Men's free lasted 30 secs more and had one more jumping pass, but it was shortened in part to shorten competitions and better fit into TV broadcasting schedules :/


GP = Grand Prix, each of th stops that comprise the GP series. Senior GP series currently has 6 stops, the order changes every season: SA, SC, RC, CoC, NHK, the one in France that keeps changing name. During 2018-19 season CoC wasn't held, so we got the amazing GP Helsinki in its place.

GP series = I'm lazy so just gonna drop the wiki page, sorrynotsorry  You just need to know that it's held in autumn, usually late October-November, one stop every weekend.

GPF = Grand Priz Final, where top qualifier of the six GP stops get to skate agaisnt each other. It's the biggest even in the first half of the skating season. Usually around Yuzuru's birthday

GP Helsinki = where Yuzuru broke his first GP silver curse and set 3 new WR under the new scoring system. Also known as a Yuzucon, where Yuzu fans meet and exchanged gifts and just did what yuzu fans do best (meaning, having tons of fun all together!) you don't need to know anythig else :67638860:

IdF = Internationaux de France, the GP event held in France. It changed a lot of names, because French Fed isn't as good at keeping sponsors as it is at keeping its podium (recyclying the same disco podium since WC2012 in Nice). When Éric Bompard sponsored it, it was called TEB.

In 2017 they decided usual medals weren't cool enough, so medallists were given colourful plastic stars instead.:slinkaway:

ISU = International Skating Union, also known as the ban of our existence. The international governing body for both Speed Skating and Figure Skating.

(Warning: opinion following)

They are weirdly nostalgic of an old scoring system famous for blatant politicking and score trading between feds (and that culminated in the big scandal of Salt Lake City OWG 2002) and they are allergic to things like maths, standards, technology and accountability. Oh, and they still live in the 1990s or something. But hey, they also do good things! Maybe. :p

Anyway, Yuzuru wrote an entire graduation thesis titled "A Feasibility Study on Utilization in Figure Skating by A Wireless Inertia Sensor Motion Capture System".:tumblr_inline_n18qrbDQJn1qid2nw:

Hopefully, in a few decades, ISU will finally come to terms with the world having entered the 21st century...

JGP, JGPF = like GP and GPF but in the junior circuit

JWC = Like WC but for junior skaters. Skaters can compete in both junior and senior circuit in the same season, as long as they meet the age requirements.

NHK = NHK Trophy, the GP event held in Japan. For Yuzu fans it has both wonderful memories (the historical record-shattering NHK2015, the PPOS reveal at NHK 2016...) and bad ones (2014, the injury in NHK2017 practice)

OWG = Olympic Winter Games, or the competition that mushroom Yuzu declared he WOULD WIN. Also, the competition Yuzuru declared he WOULD WIN AGAIN. Guess what, he did, BOTH TIMES.:9:

RC = Rostelecom Cup, the Russian stop of the GP series.

SC = Skate Canada, the Canadian stop of the GP series, previously one of Yuzu's fixed appointments with silver:P (see: Canadian Silver Curse). Also the name of Canadian figure skating fed.

SCACI = Skate Canada Autumn Classic International. See ACI.

SOI = Stars On Ice = Ice show organized by managment company IMG. While FaOI is known for its... ahem... "imaginative" costume choices, SOI is characterized by more...um...more "sober" choices. In particular, it's fond for male skaters wearing somewhat undescriptive shirts and polos while ladies get to hoard all the sparkles&colors

The show was born in North America in the era of max popularity of FS and currently organizes tours in Canada, Japan and USA, with different cast (here some historical and covid-prevention context at SOI2021).

After many years of no Yuzu attendance, in SOI2021 Yuzu headlined an all-Japanese cast and managed to give fans multiple heart attacks bringing back the long-awaited LGC, wearing a white polo and self-choreographing his solo part to the now absolutely ICONIC Blinding Lights opening, that you can find here in all its extended cut (multiple camera angles + slows mo) 4K glory :10814716:

By the way,

On 4/23/2021 at 8:57 PM, Paskud said:

In light of stunning finale costumes, I vote to rename SOI to Shirt on Ice.

so, Shirt On Ice it is.:68468287:


SP = Short Program also just Short: program that's performed in what's usually the first segment of a figur skating competition. It's called "short" becuase... guess what, it's shorter than the Free program. For Senior Mens' it's around 2.50 minutes long and skaters must execute one jump combo, one axel-type solo jump an one non-axel type solo jump, together with 3 spins and a step sequence. There are specific requirements for all these elements, usually more stringent than in the FS, so there's less room for recovering from a mistake. It is said that "you can't win a comp in the SP, but you can lose it", meaning that mistakes in the SP can make skaters fall so far behind that making up for a gap in the FS is almost impossible (also, in some comps like WC and OWG, only part of the skaters who skates in the SP qualifies for skating in the FS, so skating a good SP is even more important)


Super Slam = see Career Super Gand Slam

TEB = Trophée Éric Bompard. Older name of the French GP event. See IdF.

WCWorlds = World Championships. Annual FS competition and the major one after OWG.

WTT = World Team Trophy. It's a semi-fluff team competition held every two years in Japan after WC.

Skaters compete in teams (one for each country) and try their best to look ridiculous while cheering    on their teammates.:LOL:

As it's the last competition of the season AND skaters are usually drained by then AND it has less at stake than WC (unless you are Yuzuru Hanyu:facepalm:), things like WTT17 Men FS can happen. See also: pop concert.




[work in progress]




Common terms in Figure Skating



Bazooka = kind of a gun shooting t-shirts, used for example during ice shows half-time break. t's totally harmless Ci

to bomb, bombed program = when skaters mess A LOT. But like, really A LOT :/ (meaning: a lot of falls and/or pops). See also: pop concert, splatfest.

Example: Yuzu's WTT 2017 SP :59227c768286a__s: and Yuzu's ACI 2017 FS. If you're a brave soul, start from here to...ahem relive the Planet's feeling watching Zu's live pop concert in ACI. Hint: it wasn't nice, but we survived Yuzu's first pancake.:tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid:

Carrot = underrotation (see UR). In protocols it's marked with a  <  next to the jumps, hence :carrot_:

Carrot cake = when there are LOTS of underrotations, so protocols are filled with :carrot_::carrot_::carrot_::carrot_:

Example: like in this protocol(x).

DG = downgrade. When a jump is missing more than ½ of its last rotation, its BV is "downgraded" to the BV of same type of jump but with one less rotation (e.g. DG triple --> double). See also: Double carrot.

Double carrot = downgrade. It's marked as   <<  in protocols, hence :carrot_::carrot_:

Delayed jump = a jump where skaters keep a loose air position and then pull into tight position later in the jump trajectory (when you want to make multiple revolutions you want to get into the tightest air positions as soon as possible so you can rotate faster). The dynamics are the opposite of a pop (where skaters unravel earlier instead).

It can be purposeful (like Yuzu's delayed 1A) or part of skaters' way to do a jump (and in this case it sometimes it could even become detrimental, read about delay in rotation here). Yuzu has delay in rotation on his 4 Lz.

When on a multiple-turns jump, it is a difficult feature and it used to be awarded in GOE (under old bullet for arm variation/delay in rotation).



OGM = Olympic Gold Medal or Olympic Gold Medalist also known as Yuzuru Hanyu:peek:

PB = Personal Best. Literally, a skater's best score. If it's the best score ever registered it's also called a WR.

BEWARE! ISU doesn't recognize WRs, but anyone else call them like that because it sounds much cooler than "the best Personal Best ever".:sipping:

PChiddy = Patrick Chan, Canadian legend with out-of-this-world skating skills, 3 consecutives WC titles, foot-in-mouth penchant in interviews. In SochiOWG 2014, he continued the (unfortunate)Canadian tradition of many great Men's skaters who miss on the most coveted prize, the OGM (though Patrick got a team gold in 2018OWG! Yay!).

Well, Yuzu won SochiOGM so we can't really be that sad, right? Here a thread where we discussed about Patrick&his views/relationship with Yuzuru. Here a pre-Sochi documentary that also addresses the particular Canadian curse about OGM (the description is pretty poignant: "Canada has never won gold at the Olympics in men's figure skating, but world champion Patrick Chan hopes to change that in Sochi."... oops)

Fun trivia:  some of Patrick's fans used to throw on the ice panties in place of the more traditional flowers of plushies (true story)






It started with a lace thong.

Pretty soon, each time Canadian figure skater Patrick Chan competed, a panty avalanche ensued from the stands. The next thing the world champion knew, he was leaving competitions with sacks full of perhaps the oddest combination of gifts ever bestowed on an athlete by his fans: dozens of teddy bears, mixed with wads of women's underwear. "They weren't worn," clarified Chan, 23.




Plushy, Plu-sama(nope, that's what Yuzuru The Fanboy would say)Plu-san = Evgeni Plushenko, a four times Olympic medallist (one time Men Singles OGM, two times Men Singles silver, one time Team gold) and iconic skating legend who skated to iconic programs like this one:smiley-cool14: (by the way, this is one of Yuzu's fave programs...)


Pop, popped jump = when skaters execute one or more rotation LESS than they meant because they "open" the jump too early (meaning they unravel their body earlier, loosing the tight body position required to execute higher number of rotations on a jump). Not sure about this, but iirc it's called "pop" because it usually looks as if the skater was jerked back middair, like when a parachute opens.

Yuzu's pops usually are very parachute-like:tumblr_inline_ncmifiE3IT1rpglid: and can be timed to other skater's music cues LOL. Sometimes they are also highlighted by weird shrieks:laughing:

A pop can be the result of e.g. mental issues, wrong timing on take off (so skaters consciously or unconsciously try to "protect" their bodies preventing a nasty fall) or, if second jump in a combo, of messy landing on the first jump (so they lack speed/are off balance when they take off for the second jump). See also: overthinking

A quad can be popped into a triple or more frequently into a double (see Yuzu's 4S popped into 2S many, many times during 2016-17 season:13877886:), a triple into a double or a single (see Yuzu's YOLO 1A at the end of WTT 2017, meant to be a glorious 3A. It was a beautiful popped Axel, though)(x).

Pops are very costly mistakes because the BV of a quad is much higher than of a double. With old rules, it was better to fall on all jumps than to pop all of them:13877886:  With the new rules this could change a bit.

Pop concert = when a skater pops A LOT of jumps in the same program. Or when MANY skaters pop A LOT of jumps in their programs.:smiley-scared003:

Example: Men WTT 2017 FS :biggrin:

Quad = "quadruple jump", a jump with (about)4 revolutions in the air.

Or a "quadriennium", from one Winter Olympic  to the next

Quadding = to jump (many) quads

Quadster = a skater jumping a lot of quads. Usually young and male (unless you're Sasha Trusova:P). It can be used to say that the skater has mainly quads but is laking in other areas. Of course a quadster can improve to whole package.

Rippon jump = when skaters jump keeping both arms above their heads. The name comes from Adam Rippon, who used it a lot on his 3Lz. Usually commentators don't use this term, but us fans use it a lot because it's way shorter than saying "with both arms above their head":P

When done well it's a beauty. See Yuzu's -2T rippon and -3T rippon(x) combo

SB = Season Best, a skater's best score in a certain season. It's updated during the season and it can be lower or equal to a PB. If it's higher, of course, it becomes a new PB:tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid:

Splatfest = when A LOT of skaters fall A LOT in one competition (and pop their jumps). It's hard to watch :cry:

Example: the Men WC FS event in Milan (the last group), where 5 out of 6 skaters splatted hard:sadPooh: Other noticeble examples could be Men OWG 2014 FS or Men GPF 2017 FS, but Milan 2018 really was something else:tumblr_inline_mn41rkfu9v1qz4rgp:


sQUAD = this was a term used mainly back in 2016-17 season (and some people hate it). It referred to the group of upcoming young skaters with lots of quads (and less whole package) and in particular the three who definitely brought the quad race in Men's skating: Boyang Jin started, routinely including 4Lz in both his SP and FS (also landing the first 4Lz combo) and first to execute 4 quads in his FS; Shoma continued, landing the first ratified 4F and quickly adding more quads to his programs to keep up with the trend; Nathan went on with 5 and 6 quads in the free skate.

Zuzu wasn't considered part of the sQUAD, despite:

> having started the club of the 100points in the SP, 200 in the FS and 300 total score!

> landing the first ratified 4Lo(ACI16)

> including 4 quads in his FS starting from season 16-17 (before he did 3, and only very few skaters did as many)

> landing 4Lz in comp too (RC17)

> landing a total of 4 types of quads (as many as Boyang and Shoma, just one less that Nathan)


Probably, because:

> back then, Yuzuru was already the definition of Whole package, so counting him among the quadsters was reductive

> age (he was 3-5 years older that the sQUAD), also...

> ...he'd been around (&winning) in senior ranks for so long that people forgot how young he was. He was kinda counted among the uncles (back then, the generation of Patrick&Javier, 4 years older than him) already at the tender age of 22yo. Funny enough, a skater like Misha Kolyada wasn't really part of the sQuad but he was often counted in the "fresh and upcoming" group anyway...despite being only a couple months younger than Yuzuru!


Tano jump = when skaters jump with one arm above the head. It was popularized by Brian Boitano.

There are many different tano jumps out there but the arm position can vary quite a lot and not all of them are pretty Med & other Russian sr and jr ladies brought tano to another level but with the new rules maybe we won't see as many tano jumps as before:laughing:

Uncles = ahhh, this is hard LOL.

Among skaters the Uncles are those belonging to the "older generations" (in skating terms, men are said to reach their prime around 23-24, so they become uncles starting from about 26-27 years). In the season of OWG2018, Javi and PChiddy were affectionately considered uncles. Voronov is the most uncle of them all, though. (edit: now it's 2020, so...will Yuzu soon be an uncle?:tumblr_inline_n2pjd1FzUP1qdlkyg:)

Among FS commentators, Uncles are all male commentators :biggrin:

Among random people, Uncles are just middle-aged men (see fan uncle).

UR = underrotation. An underrotated jump lacks part of the required rotations in the air. The BV of jumps missing ¼ or more of the final rotation is reduced and the jump is given one :carrot_: in the scoresheet. See: carrot, carrot cake.

Warhorse = a music that has been used many, many, TOO MANY times in FS. Usually it makes long-time fans react like this  :3::deadhorse: But usually it doesn't bother newcomers (don't worry, if you're a newcomer, after one season you'll be as fed up with certain pieces as the rest of us)

Examples: Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet in all its declinations, Carmen, POTO, Moulin Rouge (MR), lately also LaLaLand (LLL). Look, we have a Warhorse Bingo too!!!!

Whole package = the mythical unicorn of FS!  :20111123175639e73: Skaters that are good at EVERYTHING, from jumps to spins and steps and expression and whatever you can think about, and whose scores are pretty balanced between TES and PCS (or are pretty close to be maxed out on both). Basically, Yuzuru:9:

World Standing = it's complicated stuff, so I'm just gonna drop this link. Yes, I am that lazy. But many thanks to Alice the-real-xmonster who did all the hard work:bow:)

WR = Yuzuru's PB World Record. It's the highest PB ever registered in a particular FS discipline at a certain moment. No, no one cares ISU doesn't use the word, it sounds much cooler than 'highest PB ever'.:tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid:

New WRs can be achived thanks to change in the rules (like allowing or not certain elements), change in scoring (like BV or GOE range), out of sheer BV or simply because you are The Whole Package Hanyu  an actual Alien very very very VERY good.

Zamboni = the machine used to resurface ice rinks, also called 'ice resurfacer' (here to know more). Don't ask me how I found this video, but if you wanna know how it works... Ci




[work in progress]

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This is great!! Thanks @LadyLou for starting this! Back when I was a new fan it was a bit tough to figure out what all the stuff meant. Like,

it took me a LONG time to figure out what LGC stands for :headdesk2:

Some small things I want to add:

* shortcuts for programs:

POTO = phantom of the opera, LGC = let's go crazy, R+J = romeo and juliet, Fred = Chopin Ballade No. 1 (though I don't see people use this very frequently - it did appear on a planet banner at a competition, right?).


* paprika and all that stuff (thanks @Hydroblade for explaining this to me in the first place! You should do it again here - and, do advertise your Daily Spread Eagle! It's an essential part of the planet)

* pooh references...? (eg: back to the forest?)


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36 minutes ago, Sombreuil said:

Is there a place for skating instructions?  'Ton ton ton' - ' shu paa ' etc?

I plan to add them, tho I need help because I myself am not so sure about the subtle difference between shu-paa su-ton and so on :headdesk2:

thank you guys for your suggestions!

I'll keep adding entries and probably now and then you'll also see pop up my cry for help in the gen chat because my memory sometimes is quite dodgy :laughing::laughing:

I think I'll manage to add costumes and programs today, I guess they are the most urgent :biggrin:

Keep suggesting anything you want! :tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid:

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Wow, that's really impressive! Thanks for taking the time, LadyLou! <3


A few more terms I've collected since the last time:

  • uncles (Javi and co / B.ESP uncles / photog uncles)
  • manner hands
  • Yuzudory Hanku
  • Yuzuru "Extra" Hanyu
  • TCC
  • talk shows
  • ANA
  • P&G

(although some of those might end up turning the Yuzu glossary into an actual Yuzu encyclopedia, haha :biggrin:)


Also, some interesting sources for general FS terms (some might be redundant):



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Pancake rating chart:




An explanation why we're cacti:

We are like plants, surviving on Yuzu/Yuzu news, so when there's no news we enter a period of "drought". Since there are times when this drought is unexpectedly long, we evolved to survive in low water/low moisture environments, turning into cacti!


Cacti moodboard:




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