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  1. Apologies if this has been discussed before... Does anyone know how long the gala will last tomorrow? And by that I mean, at what time approximately do you think Yuzu will skate?
  2. Thank you! Thought this was very interesting: Seems the C*pr*s stuff had already opened the floodgates... Good!
  3. They're lucky this exploded after Euros and not before... Annick D., one of the three commentators officiating on public TV, is Gailhaguet's ex-wife... Pretty awkward! Do you have links for those two interviews, or remember on which station they were? Following the various cases is not so easy, what with so many of the articles being paywalled...
  4. Is there no thread to chat about ~Music with Wings~ yet? The first concert was a few hours ago. Three hours of Yuzu music and lots of new content... Seems amazing! Apparently they'll show some of it on TV on the 15th. I hope they'll broadcast a good chunk of it, including the Yuzu videos.
  5. OT but, have there been no full uploads of the stuff that aired on Dec 29 in Japan? I feel like we're still missing some MOI stuff, aren't we?
  6. While we're on the topic of stamina, etc., I have been thinking about this clip: And these comments by Sweetwater: The way Ghislain just goes "Sure" immediately in the video... This is something that has happened before, right? I wonder what can cause such a reaction. Is it the adrenaline just crashing??
  7. This very exhaustive thread on the topic on Reddit concluded pretty unequivocally that not only there was no way Omaru was not Shoma, but also that he seemed to *want* people to know this was him because he wanted to change his "kid" image / wanted to prepare his post-retirement career as a gamer. It really sucks, I liked him before, his collab with Stephane/Champery was the stuff of dreams, and who doesn't like a come-back/redemption story... But yeah, it's definitely colored the way I see him too. [admin edit: speculation]
  8. Thanks a lot everyone! Doesn't load, lol, I ll stick to the desktop browser and maybe close the forum for now!
  9. guys, sorry to be such a noob, but is the qq link safe to use on a phone, no viruses, etc? my phone is less well protected so I wanna be careful, but I d rather use it, cos on the laptop, its always much slower and then I can't follow along with you guys! Ahhh this is stressful, just ten minutes now.........
  10. Only joining now, hi everyone! No Youtube link today?? Where should I watch?
  11. Does anyone know what this is / where it came from?
  12. Apparently Alina will make an announcement in about an hour:
  13. longer version of pre-VC shenanigans: dancing at Dec 6 OP: more gala practice NS:
  14. They did a second lift in gala practice! I don't think it's been posted yet:
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