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  1. French TV showing a gala finale for the first time ever (I think?) and there's no skating whatsoever in that "choreo"... That won't encourage them to air more stuff in the future, ugh...
  2. What does THAT mean?? Been out of the loop, sorry. Would it not still be a major event??
  3. I imagine you've been to the city centre, though. I doubt there's anyone on this forum who's lived somewhere for six years and has never been to the city centre... For it to be true, he'd have to not be curious about it at all, let his mom buy all his clothes, buy all his tech gadgets when he's in Japan, get his mom's birthday presents from the internet, decline all invitations, including more "formal" ones like maybe TCC Christmas parties, or meals at restaurants with JSF type people when they're in town... I don't see how that's possible. He's probably been, honestly. How could he not have been?! ETA: I can relate, I'm an introvert, don't go out that much, do focus on my work too much and get criticized for it by the people in my life as well! But I can recognize that by most standards, I *am* odd. It's just, in that particular case, it seems a bit extreme not to know your own city at all, like I explained in my answer to Fay. I know he has people who do a lot of things for him, but still, I doubt he's never set foot downtown, even if it wasn't "for fun"... He probably had to go to the Japanese consulate himself, for example? I just don't understand how it would be possible! My comments also come from a place of worry, I guess. I hope he'll let more stuff in his life at some point, and that he won't regret doing it - relatively - late...
  4. That's exactly it. If he wanted to, he could: just stick him in a face mask and baseball cap, and he's invisible! I imagine that's how he travels undetected all the time. Don't we call him a ninja? He can do those things. He just has no interest in doing them. There's no need to be making excuses for him, he himself is completely unapologetic about it. From the ESPN article: About that quote, personally 1) I don't understand how it's even possible that he's never been to downtown Toronto, I would hope that's hyperbole, but who knows... 2) And I understand even less why he would volunteer that information, which makes him look, at best, odd. I know this'll be an unpopular opinion. I'll go hide now!
  5. No reaction means Yuzu expressed no disappointment, anger, worry... or enthusiasm, there's that too. I imagine he was quite taken aback... Maybe he's happy about it now, but he probably wasn't in that moment! It's a big change... As for the second comment, I find it quite flippant. Then again, I'm often baffled by Brian's comments about Yuzu, the way he seems to not know a thing about him outside the rink, that time when he said he had no idea what Zu's thoughts were as all his interviews were in Japanese... I don't really "get" their relationship.
  6. Wow, that's really impressive! Thanks for taking the time, LadyLou! A few more terms I've collected since the last time: uncles (Javi and co / B.ESP uncles / photog uncles) manner hands Yuzudory Hanku Yuzuru "Extra" Hanyu TCC talk shows ANA P&G (although some of those might end up turning the Yuzu glossary into an actual Yuzu encyclopedia, haha ) Also, some interesting sources for general FS terms (some might be redundant): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glossary_of_figure_skating_terms http://gofigureskating.com/glossary.html http://www.usfigureskating.org/story?id=83964&menu=figureskatingatoz http://www.usfigureskating.org/content/Abbreviations for Elements Used in IJS.doc http://soyouwanttowatchfs.tumblr.com/post/170312069530/figure-skating-abcs-glossary-of-common-terms http://soyouwanttowatchfs.tumblr.com/post/153931599160/glossary-of-skating-fan-terms
  7. I was thinking of this, I actually started compiling a list of terms a while ago, very incomplete, just for ideas of categories, but haven't gotten around to posting it anywhere yet! A wiki would probably be best if we wanted to do this. Or a shared Google Doc?
  8. I don't think so. That part was already cut when Asahi replayed the show a second time on the day it happened, a month ago. So the only time it aired was during the live broadcast. Personally, I'm of the opinion that it was a very deliberate choice on Yuzuru's part to bring up that topic on the day he was live. And I agree with the posters who say it smacks of censorship that it was cut, especially so immediately...
  9. Who was it who suggested gold feathers for one of Yuzu's future costumes? Look at this!
  10. I'm currently browsing Eteri's tag on Tumblr and this cracked me up. Now Zhenya's free!
  11. Of course! It's just, like the OP pointed out, that the timing is interesting: she doesn't post for two months, and then in one day, she posts that thing that will make people think of Yuzu, just as somes articles saying she might move to the same training centre as him pop out! Probably a coincidence, but you can understand why that gave some of us pause, can't you? ETA: changing topics, as Micaelis is talking about Yuzu's move to Toronto and whether he should stay there, to ask: how much time does Yuzu actually spend in Toronto? I thought he lived there full time, but then I just read this article published in March 2016, "Orser, Hanyu embrace long-distance relationship", which seems to indicate he actually spends a fair amount of time in Japan? Or at least, that that was the case in the winters of 2014 and 2015?
  12. First thought: while there's past competitions streaming parties happening here, are those two having their own Tokyo Ghoul rabbit parties?! That'd be pretty funny! Second thought I'll be a conspiracy theorist, I don't care: in the middle of all the chatter about her moving to Yuzu's club, she reminds everyone that she's also a fan of his favorite show?! It's almost like she wants to invite more speculation here...
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