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  1. I read this as "I still confuse もつ and もつ.." and I was like "what.." then I realised I confused too :'DD Kanjis are difficult to recognise on pc I guess since they are a lot smaller than textbooks/apps. If it is gonna help 待つ has 彳of 行くso "to go and wait at somewhere" maybe helps you to remember
  2. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS]. Hello! I am one of the admin of Yuzuru Hanyu Turkey page. I am very surprised and happy that our interview has made until Planet Hanyu! thank you so much for reading it
  3. Does anyone know what yuzu says at 0:43? TwT
  4. I am confused about this too, I thought the show was going to happen in 23-24 April, not 22-25
  5. I wish there was a stream that we could watch it BUT I hope all skaters will be safe and healthy. Have fun Yuzuruuuuu
  6. does anyone know kanji characters of 'Saya Hanyu'? Suddenly I remember a fact that there was a similarity with Yuzuru's kanjis and her, but I cannot remember what so I wanted to check it but I couldn't find it anywhere........
  7. I heard Tobira is pretty effective so I am sure it is going to worth for your time and effort. Good luck!!
  8. hahaha sometimes I read his interviews in Japanese on Sponichi's website and try to learn few kanji/vocab. I feel like he always connect sentences and never make pause like the sentences are just long and don't have dots lol So yea the only distracter is not his face but also his speech ability
  9. Omg this is so interesting hahaha Thank you so much for sharing!
  10. oKAY so idk why I didn't type it in English in first place but hahaha I found bunch of source. If you are interested in this quote, here is more details http://feldin.hu/2011/08/23/初心忘るべからず-shoshin-wasuru-bekarazu-remember-your-original-intention/ and https://www.the-noh.com/en/zeami/words.html#word01
  11. yes it is an interpretation I guess. As far as I understand with my limited Japanese, it is a quote of Zeami who was an important actor for Japanese Noh theatre.
  12. in his profile he said his favourite motto which is "初心忘るべからず"* I wonder and tried to search but my Japanese is not enough Is this a quote from a book or a line from a play of Zeami or just a general saying in Japan? Can someone enlighten me please? edit: *meaning is "don't forget your first intention"
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