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  1. firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Secondly, does anyone know the reason why some of fanyus type "rabbit rabbit white rabbit" for new year? At first I thought it was something related to Yuzuru and I searched on google, then I learned it is a superstition found in Britain and North America but I mostly saw it was used by asian fanyus so now I wonder if it has a different meaning in Asia culture?
  2. I can't believe they said ridiculous something like this. In one of the Sponichi interview they asked why did he put combinations in first half and he mentioned that his body is not as strong as it should be and there was a period where he couldn't even land salchow and toe-loop so he put things slowly as he practiced. Probably he's been struggling a lot by physically and mentally. People don't know how his body condition yet they can talk dumb like this. That's really annoying...
  3. I think that's not very surprising since it is Yuzuru hahaha But I was very surprised with Rika, how she done it perfectly with one hand. She really must have a great physical ability/core as Yuzuru said
  4. ohh that sounds really troublesome, since I watch programs from online that's why I always thought streamers were the ones who put commercials they know everyone is going to watch commercials in an important show so they put them shamelessly like "they are gonna watch it anyway". Thank you so much for your complaints hahaha you really put effort on it. also thank you so much again for your answer
  5. omg thank you so much! Is there any difference between the programs? also thank you so much @LadyLou
  6. is anyone know about an event/gala on 30th December? I am a translator one of Yuzuru's fansites and someone asked me something about it but I couldn't find any information anywhere.
  7. I've been studying Japanese for like 5 years now but I never became consistent about it so now I am in a point where I understand stuff but don't know anything properly. Everytime when I start to study again I am like "yea I know this" but later when I try to make sentence my brain just "???? what are we doing again??" any tips for how to avoid this illusion of learning? I feel like learning something from zero is easier than to add something new on top of what you've learned
  8. oh i see, thank you for the answer!
  9. hello! I wonder if there is a Line group chat for Yuzuru fans?
  10. still I can't believe he showed his grad thesis on national television like NATIONAL TELEVISIOn ahahaha now many people will be interested in the thesis
  11. AaAaaa this is amazing, I wonder what it is about
  12. Exactly!! He is so inspiring and makes me believe myself that I can do anything if I put enough effort on it
  13. Hello everyone this is my first post here and I am not native speaker In English so I'm sorry for my mistakes in advance ^^ I'm a second year psychology student from Turkey and yesterday I got a mail from my school that I learned that I received an achievement/success scholarship (it is given to only 5 people each year.). When I found out this I started to cry because I had never been a successful student before this year. So I just thought about my school journey and I realised how Yuzuru's life story and his determination affected me. I was studying for university entrance exam when
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