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8 hours ago, SparkleSalad said:

HD footage of 2015 ice show 4A attempt and no commentary FS from 2009 Nats.




When I first joined the fandom, I couldn't imagine how you all survived the frights and angst of last year - now every time I see '4A' pop up on my screen I begin to get an inkling. :tumblr_inline_ncmifiE3IT1rpglid: I'm beginning to wonder why I didn't decide to fall in thrall to the World Tiddleywinks Champion instead of someone as wonderful - and exciting - and damn terrifying - as Yuzuru Hanyu....



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Hello ~ I've looked around the Planet, and I think this is the best place to post links to a couple of new playlists which I've put together this weekend on youtube. (Please let me know if there's a more appropriate thread for this.)


 YuzuZuzuru - currently 41 vids - a gathering of various treasures, which I've arranged in roughly chronological order. 

It's not an A-Z kind of compilation, simply vids that, one way or another, I find extra-moving.

Slo~Mo Yuzu  ~ currently, 3 vids. 


I'll be adding to both playlists, as and when.


Enjoy!                 :thanks:.                          :tumblr_inline_nhkezmeBaq1qid2nw::tumblr_m3j73lVQHJ1qid2nw::peekapooh::tumblr_m3j73lVQHJ1qid2nw::tumblr_inline_nhkezmeBaq1qid2nw:

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