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  1. Coquelicot

    General Yuzuru Chat

    It's so pretty!!! Plus I'm really intrigued by the sleeves. It looks like it's an open elbow, and I'm wondering what that would look like in motion. I don't think I've seen a skating costume like that before.
  2. Coquelicot

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Love the designs!! Also, blue roses on the Chopin music box! Reminds me of that one photo shoot Yuzu did.
  3. Coquelicot

    General Yuzuru Chat

  4. Coquelicot

    [2018] CS Finlandia Trophy (04.10-07.10)

    Come on, Jun! Finish strong!
  5. Coquelicot

    [2018] CS Finlandia Trophy (04.10-07.10)

    Finlandia stream is so dark, the junior ladies stream was so foggy, it would be nice if we could have something in the middle.
  6. Coquelicot

    [2018] JGP Ljubljana (03.10 - 06.10)

    Isn't this just Tomoe's first year in the JGP? It must have been a lot of pressure being in first place going into the free.
  7. Coquelicot

    [2018] JGP Ljubljana (03.10 - 06.10)

    Wow, kudos to her for not even missing a beat with the lights out.
  8. Coquelicot

    Daily Yuzuru Videos thread

    So much love for all the Ina Bauers
  9. Just got caught up with the thread and saw the run-through of Origin, and wow, just wow. Everything is just so perfect, and I can't wait to see the full thing! And we're finally going to see Otonal tomorrow!!! I don't know which I'm more excited to see.
  10. Agreed! She looked really relaxed out there.