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  1. Coquelicot

    Team Japan

  2. Coquelicot

    Team Russia

    The bangs are so cute! It's a good look for her.
  3. Coquelicot

    MADs: Fan-made Videos

    Appropriate title right now, since we're all suffering waiting for media day.
  4. Coquelicot

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Swanyu!!! One of my favorite programs. The wait for media day is too much!!! (But you take your time, Yuzu)! Looking at it, though, there is so much going on this summer, what with the recovery, most likely two new programs, new rules, new costumes... I think at this point I'm just going to pretend that the program reveal will be at ACI, and anything earlier is icing on the cake. ACI's almost only a month away now, if you can believe it.
  5. Oh no... that looked like it really hurt.
  6. Have they filled that extra JPN spot for NHK yet? I'm just sayin'.
  7. At least it didn’t stop mid-melody at the end!
  8. Love the music choices, but I’m so unprepared for these cuts.
  9. Hopefully this will fulfill the Moulin Rouge quota for today?
  10. Coquelicot

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Plot twist: Yuzu's subbing in.
  11. Coquelicot

    Team Canada

    Now we know Nam's secret weapon--junk food!