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  1. He is much loved and supported in Japan. Look at how he is scored in this competition against others. Tbh I think he didn’t go because he wasn’t ready and he probably only wanted to compete nationally. Competition is different than practice. That free program he did could easily put him at the last few places at worlds with a different judging panel. If he wants to go to worlds and be somewhat competitive, he needs to at least not step out and touch down on so many triples. Skating is a sport, and Worlds is a serious competition not a show. It’s totally understandable that he’s not ready. I just think “giving young people a chance” is a not so good reason to use, since this not only puts himself but also other older athletes in an awkward position as if all the older athletes need to give up spots. But what if he changed his mind in the future and wanted to compete in GPs and ISU championships, or other older athletes wanted to go to those? If he’s ready and better than the young people, he should totally go without considering giving them chances.
  2. I hope atheltes who are competing in their mid-30s or 40s in any sports don’t feel obligated or pressured to give up their spots for younger people as well. Everyone should have the freedom to keep competing at a high level as long as they feel like to.
  3. I’m glad JSF gave Dai the Silver. Giving him bronze would complicate things. Sorry Keiji. This men’s competition doesn’t live up to the hype. The ladies event was a truely exciting sporting event. The men’s event has a lot of drama created by media to catch attention, but the comp itself is not nearly as good as the ladies. And Russian men’s field is a little more promising than Japan it seems. Also it seems that Shoma’s team like to give the hint of boot problems/injuries before competitions. I don’t think it’s a good strategy, since it gives your rivals confidence and comfort and may result in them performing better than they would, therefore ruduces your own chance to win.
  4. hopeandlegacy2018

    [2018] Japanese Nationals (21-24.12) - Ladies SP &FS

    SP: Satoko Miyahara 76.76 (40.54, 36.22) Mai Mihara 72.88 (39.48, 33.40) FS: Satoko Miyahara 146.58 (71.49, 75.09) Mai Mihara 147.92 (78.15, 69.77) Total: Satoko Miyahara 223.34 Mai Mihara 220.80 That’s over 8 points difference in PCS. Mai’s free got all positive GOE. I wish JSF could give Mai the bronze. They can still send Satoko to Worlds based on GP results. With world championship being in Japan, Satoko might become the world champion with friendly tech panel and judges given the support, if Rika makes mistakes of course. So happy for Kaori! I love how she celebrates when she finishes skating. Her laughs and smiles make me happy!
  5. hopeandlegacy2018

    [2018] Russian Nationals (19-23.12) - Ladies SP & FS

    I didn’t know about that. I thought she didn’t want her star students to leave. But I didn’t follow her closely, so I wouldn’t really know haha. It’s just odd to me, cuz when Gaby and Gracie had mental issues, people wouldn’t go after their coaches or hate on them here in the US or Canada.
  6. hopeandlegacy2018

    [2018] Russian Nationals (19-23.12) - Ladies SP & FS

    I didn’t mean here; I meant the internet and media in general are more optimistic about Gogolev and Alysa. I understand this is the RusNats thread. Sorry for talking about others. I will delete my post. i just feel uncomfortable about the amount of negativity towards this one certain coaching team. It seems that Eteri’s team does not have a good PR person, whereas some skaters and coaches have professional agencies who can help them manage media relationships and guide perceptions. (E.g. I think the anoucement process of Zhenya’s SP change was planned decently) Also different coaches have different styles and personalities, I think it’s a little odd that Eteri got so much negative comments, one reason is probably she has produced a lot of results.
  7. hopeandlegacy2018

    [2018] Russian Nationals (19-23.12) - Ladies SP & FS

    17/21/25 is the best case, people who miss the birthday cut off would be 21/25/29. That’s the difference between a June 30th birthday and a July 2nd.