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  1. The majority of the skating world believe in environmental friendly haha. TCC and Sambo leading the way.
  2. Alina, Sasha, Anna, Alena, Nathan, Vincent, J/C
  3. Come to think of it, did Kose panic last summer when Dai came back with Naturie as a sponsor?
  4. Shoma and Dai are not in IMG, they’re in USM where Shizuka is, who is the VP of JSF. I wouldn’t be surprised if some other officials also secretly hold a stake in that company. But like I said, it’s the same in every industry, your connections are important. So I also wouldn’t say it’s unfair that Dai and Shizuka can promote their new show at this year’s worlds’ opening. In show business, network is even more important. http://usmjapan.com/management/ Last year, Yuzu was listed first despite missing nationals. I think the order matters in Japanese culture. Some subtle things that other cultures don’t care about are quite important there.
  5. Yeah why 4 men 5 women? This is very unfair. Kazuki won a GP medal this season, why is he left out? He’s more qualified than Dai in my opinion. Why can’t they include both Kazuki and Dai? JSF’s politics baffles me. Since Shoma and Dai are in Shizuka’s agency, who is a JSF official, it’s understandable if they are favored by JSF. All industries work this way. But Marin has SB 32 higher than Wakaba’s SB 37. And Marin isn’t on any of the lists really? Is JSF jealous of her beauty and popularity or something? This list seems to be going strictly by nationals and junior nationals this year, which is not the case in previous years. If you look at the order of the names, Kaori and Shoma being the first since they’re national champions, Yuzu is the last, an add-on. It wasn’t the case in previous years. Why change it this year specifically? Anything special happened? Suddenly this year JSF makes nationals the most important event to consider. Might as well take Yuzu off this list since he didn’t go to Nationals, instead of putting him last like an add-on who took other’s spot.
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