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Dreams on Ice 2021 (09-11.07)

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8 minutes ago, Yuzupu said:

Can we have a replay of Wakaba's skate 😭 I missed hers

Get me the replay and I will cut it out for you, cos today she was :fire:

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2 minutes ago, Pammi said:

That’s it sadly, no more Yuzu till November…unless he skates a Challenger, or maybe Asian Open? We can look back on these ice shows and the beautiful gifts he gave us - Blinding Lights, LGC, Masquerade, don’t forget white polo shirt at SOI too!! Thanks Yuzuru, love you lots♥️

We should get some crumbs for 24hr TV... white wall video? Lol.

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2 minutes ago, 野生の花 Yasei no hana said:

I think it's the first time since he screamed like that since Nice...:tumblr_inline_mzx8t1Yuvn1r8msi5:

He is way more intense today than when he was at Nice IMO, but yes, the similarity is there. 



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12 minutes ago, Melodie said:

Edit: NVM, only one show. Oh no, now we are back to cactus mode :Poohgaveup:






Watching replays and I really love M/K lift from kneeling position, so good!





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1 minute ago, Melodie said:

Was it choreo online or did she go to Canada or did he go to Japan, I wonder? He also choreo'ed Mai's new SP.

No idea, I guess online, since she got it 2 weeks ago and I don't think she could travel to Canada and go back train and then skate here without some quarantine?

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Waiting for Toshl's post on SNS...:fingerscrossed::laughing:


Since Mura was doing the commentary during the broadcast, I hope he did some interviews with skaters (especially Yuzuru, of course!) and hope TBS will air those on July 24 or in special program of August. 


Thank you, Yuzuru, for showing us fantastic performances again. Masquerade is MASTERPIECE. Every time I watch him in this program, I feel he is at the different level in all aspects from other skaters (sorry for saying this, but my honest thoughts). I really hope he will perform this EX on the world stage, not only in Japan. 

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