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  1. yude

    Banana Fish

    Preview of episode 12, Eiji is preparing for Halloween party singing "Pumpkin, Pumpkin" I wonder if they will actually have a party in the episode, I hope they will. And this is a photo of Uchida (left) and Furukawa (right) at the event in Kyoto. I like Uchida is wearing similar shoes as Ash's
  2. According to Minoru Sano, Wakaba had clean SP last night and leaves Japan today, good luck to her! And we are almost there, it begins!
  3. yude

    Banana Fish

    I watched an event of BANANA FISH at Kyoto on niconico and two voice actors participated, Yuma Uchida (Ash) and Makoto Furukawa (Shorter). They said each actor recorded the whole scene of Shorter dies separately Just wow. And Furukawa said when he was concentrating on himself at the recording outside of the room, the voice actor of Arthur came and worried like "hey, are you ok?", he was very kind. But after that, he was playing full of evil Arthur and so cruel to Shorter Uchida said when he heard the title of "BANANA FISH", he thought the story was sweet kind of Shojo manga but it was definitely not And the preview of episode 12 was shown, but Eiji was talking non stop about pumpkin or Halloween so I couldn't focus on what was going on in the episode. I'll just wait till Tuesday. one spoiler here
  4. yude

    Banana Fish

    And this (Japanese says "I left the gun behind. ")
  5. yude

    Banana Fish

    I agree with this post. I don't know what their intention of cutting Eiji's word "forever" is, but I personally don't mind it at all because the whole scene expressed its mood so well without that word, we can tell they care each other very much. What do you guys think? Episode 11 was so refreshing after the first half of the series and I am glad many viewers (including me) enjoyed the funny and touching scenes of Ash and Eiji. But sadly I agree with Max's word, "Eiji is Achilles’ heel". I don't use this phrase very often so I looked up the meaning and oh my, it was exactly what I felt for the relationship of two boys And as additional information, manga has more about the investigation by the police. They (includes Jenkins and Charlie) are looking for the suspects in what happened at Dino's mansion and Ash is on the list, so Ash is not able to walk around without a disguise, which I believe is one of the reasons he was wearing the glasses.
  6. yude

    Banana Fish

    Max: Chris, I made you wait! Ash: Dad, you are late! The squirrels have eaten all my cookies because you are late. Max: Sorry! I couldn't find my favorite tie for the lunch with my beloved son. Ash: It suits you well, dad. The police has been staring at me since a while ago, it's depressing. Max: They are rude to my lovely son, ignore them. Let's go Chris. Ash: The next episode of Banana Fish, "The Beautiful and Damned". Max: And, how long should we keep doing this? The scene of fake father and son is there
  7. yude

    Banana Fish

    It was confirmed we're going to have new OP called "Freedom" by BLUE ENCOUNT, unfortunately I don't know the band (maybe Yuzuru knows lol) but I like the title of the song. I wonder if there will be new ED, too.
  8. yude

    General Yuzuru Chat

    One of the interesting things in Shirota's book for me was that Shirota got a call from Honda's host family saying Takeshi didn't come back home, and Shirota immediately went to Canada and saw he was enjoying the party at his friends' basement and she got really mad So I'm pretty sure he learnt his English in various occasions.
  9. yude

    Banana Fish

    I've kept watching the reaction videos on YT and some of the reactors called Ash in episode 10 "Rambo Ash" and I can't help thinking it is funny, I am sorry, Ash (but hey, he was putting on the shirt at least) Again, I personally think Yousiss is the most complicated character in this series. As I said before, I read this manga a long time ago but I still can't get his personality, sometimes he seems to be a good boy but sometime he doesn't. He fights against Ash but he admires Ash in his heart, and he hates Eiji because perfect Ash likes Eiji who is just an ordinary Japanese boy. I haven't re-read whole manga yet, so I hope I can understand him better when I finished. Fans watched episode 11 (btw, is this "special advance screening" common? ) are saying that it is going to be a little lighter and satisfying for Ash and Eiji fans. I expect some viewers might not like it, but I think those scenes are necessary to show building up their relationship because that is the key of this whole story after all.
  10. yude

    Banana Fish

    Found a fan art
  11. yude

    Banana Fish

    Preview of episode 10, here Sing and Alex are taking about their bosses. Alex says Ash is too perfect so sometimes he is scared of him, Sing says Shorter is manly, and keeps even a small promise but doesn't care about the details, and has muscled body that Sing can hang on his arm. (Sing doesn't know Shorter is dead at this point...) I've started guessing we're going to have new OP and one more major character (or two) will be in it, I hope it is going to be cool as the first one!
  12. yude

    Banana Fish

    Glad I feel the same. It must be the power of music and human voice (oh god, that sad piano music...). And also the facial expression of the characters was very real. It really was, glad I was not the only one!
  13. yude

    Banana Fish

    I forgot to say this...when Shorter said to Ash "set me free", he actually said in Japanese "Koroshite-kure" meaning "kill me". And after finishing the broadcast, a word "Shorter" was trending on Japanese twitter and it was still the 2nd on the list when I woke up. He was and is loved
  14. yude

    Banana Fish

    Hi, I am alive. I didn't expect at all that episode 9 and Yuzuru's media day came on the same day I watched BF at 1:00 am and woke up around 5:30 and found out the media day was coming, totally lack of sleep This episode was so powerful and I even thought it was more emotional than manga (JMO). Kudos to the voice actors, they were sooooo good and made me cry. I had been always feeling the acting of Ash was great, especially at crying scenes. But oh my, I was speechless at Arthur's acting at the last whole scene. Don't get me wrong, I don't like the character, but I have to admit the actor was awesome. And Shorter's acting, I can't imagine how much the actor used his energy for this whole episode, his screaming sounded so real, it was just wonderful. RIP, Shorter. And sadness continues.
  15. yude

    Media Day 2018

    So many news Sorry if this has been already posted, but Yuzuru got permission from Johnny, too