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  1. This morning, Momiji and Funa, Gold medalist and Bronze medalist of Skateboarding were on morning show. They were asked what they were talking during the game, and they said they were talking about "Rascal". Rascal is very very old anime and Funa listened to its song during her performances.
  2. Thank you, that's shorter than I had imagined, I think I counted other competitions as well such as World Championships because every time I watch them, they won I remember Japan was stronger before, the current team is also not bad though.
  3. Korean team is so strong It reminds me of Russian team in artistic swimming, I wonder how long they have kept winning. (and I guess they will win this time, too...)
  4. They are so adorable and I can't stop retweeting the tweets especially Momiji's smile photos Top 3 were all wearing the helmets and the commentator explained players under 18 had to wear them as decided as the rule (good!). Looking all players during the game, I was worried as if I was their mother Good luck to Sky in the park event I have to go to the office 3 days straight from tomorrow, so I won't be able to watch the Olympics live as much as I do now. And the typhoon is coming, I hope it won't affect the events held outside.
  5. Naomi Osaka has won her first match (congrats!), she said she got offer of torchbearer in last March.
  6. @ralucutzagy, thank you for your all posts! This is my first seeing skateboarding as a competitive sport, and wow it was very interesting and amazing. But at the same time, it is indeed a very dangerous sport and I was surprised most of them were not wearing helmet to protect their heads. To be able to do such hard tricks, they must have trained so hard for years. Yuto Horigome won in where he was exactly born, Koto-ku of Tokyo. Congratulations to him and the medalists!
  7. Yes, the commentator said he also had trouble on that part during the official practice. I think he will be the team event to support other members who are young and experiencing their first Olympics. Very good senpai.
  8. Kohei Uchimura's Olympics is over. He fell and couldn't go to the final. He came back to the team and is supporting other members right now. We haven't heard any comment from him yet. Thank you so much for your challenge, Kohei.
  9. This tweet was very funny to me The length of speech Seiko Hashimoto 6 minutes and a half Bach 13 minutes The Emperor 13 seconds
  10. My favorite part in the ceremony was the earth of drones, that was a surprise and so gorgeous. Other than that, I felt the whole event was long and kind of dull, and the direction looked to have less entertainment with serious mode. But I think it couldn't be helped since this Olympics was not usual one with lots of happy celebrations. I want to give respect for all the performers and volunteers though, they must have done their best under the difficult circumstances. About the final runner of torch relay, I think it would have been completely different before the pandemic. The th
  11. It's 6 pm here, two hours to go! I will be watching the ceremony with my family on TV having dinner. See you later
  12. And after all, they decided to do the Opening Ceremony as they had planned. It seems no change in the direction and performance. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20210722/k10013154751000.html
  13. The top director of Opening Ceremony was dismissed and now nobody knows what the event is going to be like. We have only about 30 hours to go. There is possibility that they do only entry parade and torch relay parts.
  14. She, Maria, looks so cool! Thank you for giving us the date of final race, I will definitely check my schedule
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