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  1. Asuka says, "When I overcome the hardest time and am back to the competition (near future), I think I will be moved and might cry.", "Origin, the music Hanyu-kun has used, I want to use it and my goal is to dance in it to the fullest."
  2. This makes me emotional, Japanese gymnast, Asuka Teramoto, chose "Origin" as music piece for her last program in the floor routine. https://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2020/07/15/kiji/20200715s00067000212000c.html Asuka tore her Achilles' tendon in February but has been training for the competitions of this season and also aiming for Tokyo Olympics. She is a two time Olympian and two time national champion. She says she wants to end her competitive career with music of Origin and will save the program for the next season because she wants to show it at the very end.
  3. Kohei Uchimura will aim for Tokyo Olympics focusing on only the horizontal bar. https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20200626/p2g/00m/0sp/150000c "It's not like I'll go to the Olympics by myself. And if I go to the Olympics, I want to take myself and people around me there comfortably. If I think in that way, I feel like I don't need my pride that I have to do 6 events. Focusing on only horizontal bar, it doesn't mean it is easy physically but it is going to be less burden than doing 6 events, and it was fun more than anything. I feel I have been doing gymnastics f
  4. Today in Japan, professional baseball league has started without the audience. (I am jealous, baseball fans!)
  5. This fan noticed that the total length of three video was 311 seconds. ...Sometimes he scares me
  6. Look at the end of the video, I think we'll have Yuzuru next! (nice trumpet, Wakaba!)
  7. "Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday evening justified extending the state of emergency nationwide until May 31 but vowed to gradually relax some restrictions to resuscitate the economy." https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/05/04/national/japan-shinzo-abe-extends-state-of-emergency-coronavirus/#.XrDLhZ77TIU Basically it means that there are 13 prefectures designated as "special alert prefectures" which still need strict restrictions, but the rest of the prefectures will be allowed to loosen their rules. "The government's request to slash face-to-face con
  8. This is an article about Marin Honda's Instagram live, and there was her short comment about Yuzuru. She was asked how she looked up to Yuzuru, and she answered "Everything. He is like a historical figure to me. When we passed each other at Skate Canada, he was getting off the bus and I thought "He really exists!"." https://thedigestweb.com/topics_detail13/id=13795
  9. After the state of emergency was declared, the sightseeing bus company "Hato Bus" in Tokyo has stopped all bus tours, and about 130 sightseeing buses are shut down in the garage (they look like miniatures.)
  10. To me it is good to have this thread for sharing our feeling, sadness, frustrations we have Meanwhile, in Japan... https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20200407/p2g/00m/0na/017000c Sendai updates: 22 patients now. https://www.city.sendai.jp/kikikanri/kinkyu/200131corona2.html
  11. Miyagi prefecture had press conference on April 3, total number of COVID-19 patients is 13. Ice Rink Sendai announced that they would be closed for the public from April 4 to April 18 but the skaters could attend the class as usual. (we don't have confirmation of Yuzuru being in Sendai though) https://www.kahoku.co.jp/tohokunews/202004/20200403_11033.html
  12. I thought first this was April Fool's Day's joke. https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20200402/p2g/00m/0na/015000c How much does it cost to send 2 face masks to per household? (it is not even per person...) According to the expert, it is going to be about 5 billion yen. We have already started to make our own masks using handkerchief or same kind of cloth at home, why can't they send those masks to the medical staff and other organizations and spend those 5 billion yen for other purposes? What major cities need is not two masks, they need quarantine (sorry for my rant
  13. Today, this hit Japan so hard. "Japanese comedian Ken Shimura, who had been hospitalized after being infected with the new coronavirus, has died, becoming the first Japanese celebrity to die of the virus." https://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2020/03/29/world/asia/29reuters-health-coronavirus-japan-comedian.html https://japantoday.com/category/entertainment/japanese-comedian-ken-shimura-dies-from-coronavirus-nhk I grew up watching his comedy on TV, thank you, Shimura-san, RIP.
  14. I am kind of hopeless of my government. Today, Tokyo had 63 cases and Chiba had 58 but they didn't declare any specific policy and are just repeating "don't go outside if it is not really needed, don't gather, don't stay in the packed room" etc. Abe held press conference tonight but my impression was that he cared more about economy while a lot of us feel today was the best timing for declaration of a state emergency to prevent the country from entering the worst scenario. But we have to go to work taking trains and buses from Monday as if nothing has happened. I mean, can we all just stop wor
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