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Stars on Ice Hachinohe 2021

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Yep. Let the drought begin 😂

first, he needs rest. Then seek med attention. 👌🏻 Take a break from the stress and take care of his mental health~ GOOD LUCK! HOPE TO RECEIVE NO NEWS OF ANY INJURY!

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1 時間前, Melodieさんが言いました:

Fans said he leaned more on the unbruised knee during yesterday's show :( 

Considering he casually showed the bruise in front of camera, I guess it is not too serious :59227c768286a__s:.


Yuzu please rest well after this exhausting month. :13877886:

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Non-Yuzu related but I need to get it out before I forget:


From what little I could recall about Satoko's new SP and Rika's EX, which are both lyrical, soft programs, here is what I observed

- The improvement in Rika's SS and PE is visible. Her facial expressions have become better. She is good at smiling angelically (or a little mischieveously) but with the new EX she is able to show something new too, so good for her. Jumps look much better, I guess her back is OK now. 

- Satoko's refinement is unmatched. When comparing between them, I still see Satoko edges over Rika. 

- Both programs, and a couple of other programs they have done reaffirm to me that Rika suits dynamic programs (dynamic structure with sharp, unique movements, more "grand" so to speak), as opposed to Satoko who is more suitable for lyrical programs (refining, quietly contemplative, interpretatively complex, inherently "wa", for a lack of better words). BTW, "age-appropriate" is what comes to my mind when I see Rika's programs, dunno why LOL (esp her Clair de Lune). I don't think both of them are suitable for dramatic, intense programs (leave it to Wakaba or Mana) so I hope they will not go there. 



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Eye-catching performances, he always put 100% effort in whatever he does. glad to see the 3A back *chef kiss*

According to twitter user noenoe28, he had purple lips after finishing LGC. Hopefully he will take a well-deserved rest after this <3

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9 hours ago, LadyLou said:

Eta: is Hana older than Mao and already jr? With no jgp this season I'm a bit at a loss

Mao is 12 and next season will be her second novice A season.

Hana is 15 and she will be age eligible to seniors next season, but she will stay in juniors. She was already age eligible to juniors in 19/20 season, but she didn't get any JGP, because sending girl with 3a to international competitions isn't fun, right? Better send carrot farmers and popstars like Moa or Chisato.

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