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Top 5 performances of Yuzu’s amazing career

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1 hour ago, Pika said:

I would definitely add POTO Free Skate at GPF 2014. The glorious come back after such a serious accident one month earlier... Its the perfect demonstration of one thing defining Yuzu carrier: resilience. 

I feel too sensitive to dare watch it. :tumblr_inline_n18qr5AMus1qid2nw: (not to speak of the accident itself!)

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2 hours ago, SitTwizzle said:

I feel too sensitive to dare watch it. :tumblr_inline_n18qr5AMus1qid2nw: (not to speak of the accident itself!)


Well, if you didn't know that Yuzu got injured at COC, you would never believe it, because his freeskate at the Grand Prix Final was (nearly) flawless and the epitome of strength and confidence. Considering what ridiculous scores some performances get nowadays, that brilliant freeskate was really underrated imo. For me, personally, that POTO was superior to the WTT performance. The fall on the final Lutz was one of the most charming falls in figure skating history.




I'd like to expand that list to my personal top 10 (the order may change depending on my daily mood):



6. 4CC Chopin

7. OLY Parisienne Walkways

8. NHK Seimei

9. GPF Let's Go Crazy

10. SC Origin


First alternate: COR Otonal



it's crazy that a program like OLY Parisienne Walkways didn't make it to Yuzu's Top 5. Other skaters wait for a masterpiece like that their entire career.

It's also fascinating that Yuzu's programs don't have to be perfectly clean to be epic and memorable. He can sell them even with wobbles or falls.

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I was kinda pressed when J*ck got his own website, he's nothing but a gossip journalist that's all for clicks. I'd rather not give him any click lol.


About top 5 performance? I think nothing goes outside of the holy trinity: H&L - SEIMEI - Chopin. Thou I find it unfair for other programs as these 3 get so muchhhh recognition. So I'd vote for top 5 that don't belong to this trinity:

1. Etude: I love this program so much that even when he never skated it clean I want to add it to any top performance list. I'd go with CoR performance, but CoC is also great!

2. LGC: He landed the best 4S3T EVER in NHK version, unforgettable for me so I'd go with that performance

3. PW: ofc Sochi one, thou what I even like more is his reaction in K&C, so precious

4. R&J 1.0: Don't ask me why it is so low, if not for YUZU's so so so impressive performance at Worlds I might not like this program that much. This is the only program I watch solely for his spirit, a spirit that struck me like lightning, there's smt out of this world, larger than life in his spirit while skating it at Worlds that made me in awe.

5. Origin GPF: the first time he landed 5 quads, 4 different types of quads, he exceeded my expectation when landing both 4Lo AND 4Lz cleanly. That was unimaginable for me watching his ups and downs in last several seasons.

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He was well on the way to recovery but by nationals he was suffering from the urachal remnant problem that put him in hospital immediately afterwards.  That was my first season as a fan and it was an absolute rollercoaster.

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4 hours ago, SitTwizzle said:

I really meant GPF, only a month after the accident. If you think he was really healed by then, it will be a delight to watch this version. Thank you!

read this


"the end of last year" means December 2014


and this




this one too;;;;


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