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Top 5 performances of Yuzu’s amazing career

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The most amazing performances for me are:


1. Seimei PC Olympics 2018 

2. Hope and Legacy worlds 2017

3. Parisienne Walkways Sochi Olympics 2014

4. Seimei Gpf 2015 Barcelona 

5. Origin COR 2018


However, the most tragic and memorable performances are:


1. Poto COC 2014 (warrior) 

2. Rondo Beijing Olympics 2022 (fighting despite all obstacles) 

3. Ten Beijing Olympics 2022 (fighting until the end) 

4. Poto Jnats 2014 (skating despite crucial pain) 

5. LMEY WTT 2021 (what a save) 

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My top five are:


1) Let Me Entertain You - 2021 Worlds 

2) Origin - Skate Canada

3) Seimei - 2018 Olympics

4) Phantom of the Opera - 2014 GPF

5) Parisian Walkways - 2014 Olympics


Actualy, I am not sure about some because after learning more about figure skating, my preferences changed a bit. But this list is like my first love. I didn't know about figure skating but I could still enjoy them so much.


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In no particular order, and based on my vibes today, because I love most of yuzus performances, but:

Beijing Haru yo Koi - this is the program that really made me a Fanyu

SOI Ashura-chan - this was so cute and cool!!

Gift SEIMEI - The step sequence was fire, and he looked so happy!!

GIFT One summers dream - it was so etheral and beautiful!!

SOI Phantom of the Opera - its so sexy when he performed it now!!

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My top five for now and only for this single moment in time (I just know that when I log on tt and see One Summer's Day again it would change in a second) and in no particular order cause that is impossible to rank: 


1) R+J 1.0 WC2012 - for the most perfect but technically imperfect performance

2) Seimei GPF2015 - for the sheer epicness 

3) Hope & Legacy WC2017 - for the tenderness that changed history

4) Notte Stellata OLY2018 - masterclass of what figure skating is :wink2:

5) Tenchi Jnats2021 - for the most beautiful composition and the triple axel on that change of music


Now it looks just like a ranking of FS which is ironic cause I always thought that I'm more into SP.


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On 4/19/2020 at 5:56 PM, Henni147 said:


Well, if you didn't know that Yuzu got injured at COC, you would never believe it, because his freeskate at the Grand Prix Final was (nearly) flawless and the epitome of strength and confidence. Considering what ridiculous scores some performances get nowadays, that brilliant freeskate was really underrated imo. For me, personally, that POTO was superior to the WTT performance. The fall on the final Lutz was one of the most charming falls in figure skating history.




I'd like to expand that list to my personal top 10 (the order may change depending on my daily mood):

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6. 4CC Chopin

7. OLY Parisienne Walkways

8. NHK Seimei

9. GPF Let's Go Crazy

10. SC Origin


First alternate: COR Otonal



it's crazy that a program like OLY Parisienne Walkways didn't make it to Yuzu's Top 5. Other skaters wait for a masterpiece like that their entire career.

It's also fascinating that Yuzu's programs don't have to be perfectly clean to be epic and memorable. He can sell them even with wobbles or falls.

I agree with this a lot!

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 1)  Parisienne Walkways 2014 Olimpiadas

2)   Seimei GPF2015 

1)    Hope & Legacy 2017 Worlds

2)   Chopin 2018 Olimpiadas

5)   Rondo 2021 Saitama



y más y más....

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Picking favourites is not an easy task... 

Haru yo Koi -  Beijing introduced me to yuzu

Notte Stellata - PC, the masterclass indeed! 

Hope and Legacy - To me it feels like home, it gives me comfort.

PC Seimei - May not be a perfect run-through, but it left me speechless.  

Romeo and juliet 1.0 - I cant believe a teen skated THAT! (And I like the music.)

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