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17 hours ago, Pancake said:


There's something bigger than media interests and money behind all this.

This is my gut feeling as well. I don’t follow any Japanese media and don’t know much details, but from what I read here and a couple of other Yuzu friendly sources, media attacks became extremely outrageous in the last months and were organized around specific dates. Also I bet the harassment intensified soon after Gift success. This is just a guess and if it is so, then it would only verify the theory of something bigger being behind this. 

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20 hours ago, TallyT said:


This post has been tagged by Yuzu_legend as [NEWS].

I am sure it does not end here. Fanyus with at least a dozen languages could be added, especially from Europe and Asia. But most of them wrote in English as it is easier to understand. 


Yuzu is loved and cared for from all over the world :heartpound:

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Just to clarify, when I wrote my post earlier which was quoted, I didn't mean to imply Yuzu did anything wrong. He did not. It is not his fault the media acted as it did, I was just explaining the nature of the beast (paparazzi). You also cannot compare him to others: he's a gorgeous MALE performer and that sells more papers. His perfectly normal actions and requests were always going to be ignored... I would have bet big money on it. He's too big a star, too interesting to leave alone. There was no victim blaming intended in my comments, it was rather a post reflecting my opinion of the paparazzi and how they operate... pretty much everywhere... and that is different than other media. I apologize for misunderstandings. 

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4 hours ago, yuzu4Aver said:

[admin edit: speculation]

Are you kidding me


Yuzu said it straight out in his announcement - his wife couldn't even set foot outside the door without continual harassment from news media. And their families and friends were facing the same harrassment. No one should have to live like that. So they decided to part.


It's as sad as possible a reason as it could be already. Making it worse by implying there's a 'rEaL ReAsOn' is just dealing in gossip. Don't go there. Please.


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4 hours ago, yuzu4Aver said:

does anyone know more details about the true reason behind the divorce? I heard it also has to do with Yuzu's mom not approving the marriage/relationship? 


Yuzu has clearly stated the reasons and terrible situation they’ve been living through. Speculating about “true reasons” or looking for further details it’s something we all should refrain from in this forum.

Thank you for your understanding.

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11 hours ago, Yuzu_legend said:

Hi everyone


If you haven't sent your b-day wishes, please do take 15 minutes of your time and send or post it:tumblr_inline_mto5i3wxFW1qid2nw:. We're receiving wishes till this Wednesday!:snonegai:




Dear fellow, fanyus,


I, too, have struggled with sadness, anger, and even despair over the past few days. But in my spiritual tradition, which is prominent in Japan, I am taught to focus not on what happens in the world but on how I relate to it. That is where I can exercise choices that bring me closer to the peace I seek not only for myself but for all beings.


Yuzu has limited control over how others treat him, but I think we can rejoice in the fact that he has met this onslaught with impeccable grace and resolve. For my part, I am determined not to let the pain of these events cast of veil between me and Yuzu. I want to take just as much joy as I ever have in his beauty, his artistry, and his strength of character. I will not let greedy and misguided people cast a pall over my love for him.

In that regard, this birthday project came at exactly the right time. For those who choose to, it is an opportunity to reflect the joy he brings us. Then we can continue to cherish, support and love him even more fiercely than ever before.


Thank you,  Planet Hanyu, for this birthday project.

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I came here with worries.Im so embarrassed as one of Japanese.Some mass media in Japan are too disgusting to write articles.But of course there are many fans here in Japan too and some people, even if they are not fans, show thoutfull understandings. It makes me reliefed.

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