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Yuzuru is 7th in the New You Tubers of 2022 rankings in Japan - 7 is a very good number :) (It wont be worshipped by "some" people like the number 1. or 11. or 111. or 1.11 or 11.11...but still it's a solid number, lucky too!)

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6 hours ago, gapil27 said:

Re: marriage

Sounds like whoever gives him a skating rink is a done deal :68468287:




5 hours ago, cronkite said:


Helpful in creating an ice rink.
Possible Disney endorsement.
Experience in Music/Entertainment industry.
A pro singer. 
Prestigious family background.






15 hours ago, YuDai said:

His answer to the marriage question was hilarious :rofl3:He manages to make everything about skating. Also, he would like to see another pooh rain! I hope he'll be able to see it soon :heart:


"8. Views on marriage. 

A: A marriage or romance that will allow him to feel more passionate about or towards skating would be good o: "



Told ya it had to be Ice-chan!



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