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  1. Totally agreed. What they write is mostly scandals and trashes. Even if they actually obtained his thesis, it is possible they only used the part which they feel suitable to their conclusion. Unless I see his whole writings I would not believe a word of their report.
  2. Olympic Talk / NBC Sports “I’m not going to lie and say I’m not [concerned about the trip],” Chen said. “I know in theory airplanes are safe due to the HEPA filter [air filtration system], but connections are still an issue…and on international flights, people will be taking off their masks to eat. Bathrooms are always sketchy. “I have my anxieties about the travel. I’m sure it should be OK. I’ll do my very best to prevent my mask from slipping. Obviously, I will be double masking throughout the flight and just praying I don’t get sick.” “Number one is makin
  3. I have a question too. I've noticed three Sambo 70 coaches at rink, but are there 3 students from their club? OK, Anna Shcherbakova and Kvitelashvili of Geogia, who is third one?
  4. Thank you, thank you! I finally understand the reason of Roman Sadovsky's "practicing for WTT" and Michael Marinaro's "cant go to Osaka" logic. There are less than 20 days in between Worlds and WTT!
  5. Sorry if it was unclear. GRP stands for Group. He is currently assigned to practice group 3, but after Draw I expect him to be in the last 2 group therefore either group 5 or more likely 6.
  6. Yuzu Focused Schedule * = one day ahead Sweden starts summer time on Mar28 (Gala day) OP=Official Practice, MR=Main Rink, PR=Practice Rink Date OP/Comp Rink/GRP SWE(+1) JPN(+9) NYC(-4) Mar22 1st OP MR 12:05- 20:05- 07:05- 2nd OP PR 18:45- *02:45- 13:45- Mar23 3rdOP PR 09:50-
  7. (MY rough translation) 1) "Legal Wife" Pooh: Yay! 2) On screen: Yuzu "Are you in pain? So sorry..." Pooh: Wut? 3) Recalling how he has been abused endeared. 4) Wut ????
  8. I've wondered too. My theory is that was a packing tape attached to the bottom of Kleenex box. TCC coaches would have already taken out way before they pass Pooh back to Yuzu, but she was not used to it.
  9. There are 2 more CHN links Hope they work for you. http://live.qq.com/10097977 http://live.qq.com/10134328
  10. All JST(+9) time zone Time Zone Converter here Fuji TV (Main) CS Fuji One BS Fuji YouTube 12/24 18:30-19:30 Opening & Draw 12/25 14:45-15:45 Takahashi's Documentary 12:30-16:40 Men SP g1-g5 Live 11:30-21:10 Warm up Area
  11. Yuzu-focused Schedule (based on JSF's Dec10 update) Japan(+9) NYC(-5) GMT(London) Official Practice 1 grp1-grp4 12/24 12:45-15:00 12/23 22:45-01:00 12/24 03:45-06:00 Opening & Draw(?) 12/24 18:30-19:30 12/24 04:30-05:30 12/24 09:30-10:30 Official Practice 2 group 4 12/25 07:45-08:15 12/24 17:45-18:15 12/24
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