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  1. Just for the record The number of LIVE viewers during WC2017 men FP replay on May 17 2020 End of grp 1: 5200 End of grp 2: 7800 End of grp 3: 14000 Warm-up grp 4: 16000 Yuzu's H&L: 16800 Rest of grp 4: 13800 plus or minus Victory ceremony: 11000 These numbers are rather small compare to actual live streaming (eg: official practice at SCI or NHK), he can usually garner like 30000 or more despite the time differences.
  2. Any hope for FaOI (late May and June) ?
  3. Yuzu-focused Practice Schedule (More detailed time on Feb 07 or later depend on SP draw/result) Date Time (local) Ice Rink Feb 04 13:35-14:15 Main 18:25-19:05 Sub Feb 05 10:25-11:05 Sub 15:15-15:55 Main Feb 06 13:30-14:10 Sub Feb 07 09:50-12:40 Main Feb 08 09:00-11:50 Sub Feb 09 07:30-10:20 Main
  4. Live streaming link (RUS feed???) Not sure it works for all countries tho. https://ustreamix.su/embed.php?id=nbc-usa 1) Follow the link and click center, another window will appear 2) Second window: Wait for the ad and click (x) at the corner. 3) Do NOT click small ad banner at bottom even if it's bloody annoying (sexual content included) and cant see the score. Caution:This is NBC broadcast, therefore it only shows last 2 group or so, often skips not well known skaters but put the interviews and fluffs instead. For the on-air schedule, please refer to NBC HP Result Page
  5. Thank you for the info. As long as "the Holy Trinity" are present at WC, I would be happy. I bet he is having a field day practicing 4A while all his coaches are at Canadian national
  6. I am wondering about the coaching situation at WC. How many TCC coaches can go there? With Yuzu and Jun qualified, Brian and Ghislain got their tickets, but how about Tracy? Med is out, so do we have to wait for the outcome of Jason? Is Poland sending Kurakova not to WC but to JWC? What if Tracy is going to work for a Canadian TV, she won't be available? Sorry, too many questions.
  7. 1)JPN Nat the highlights and backstage scenes BS fuji 17:00-18:55 (JST) 2)MOI extended version BS fuji 19:00-20:55 (JST) To the best of my memory, the highlights often include "not-yet-aired" scenes. Kinda afraid it's more about Dai's "last competition" though. Either way I'm looking forward to it.
  8. Yes, yes!!! I have been asking jpn fanyu to check the news, and so far Miyagi Pref. has chosen 65 torch bearers, mostly the bereaved families of earthquake/tsunami victims. Yuzu was not included. This fact makes me believe that somehow he will appear during the Opening Ceremony, maybe not as the last runner but at least one member of the final part. Can you imagine Tokyo2020 adds CGed-Pooh running along him? (i know it wont happen....but still)
  9. List of the skaters <MEN> Shoma Uno/ Yuzuru Hanyu/ Yuma Kagiyama/Keiji Tanaka/Shun Sato/Lucas Tsuyosi Honda/Daisuke Takahashi/Ryoga Morimoto(Novice champ) <LADIES> Rika Kihira/Wakaba Higuchi/Tomoe Kawabata/Satoko Miyahara/Kaori Sakamoto/Mana Kawabe/Hana Yoshida/Momoka Hatazaki(Novice champ) <PAIR> Miura+Kihara <ICE DANCE> Komatsubara+Koleto/Yoshida+Nishiyama
  10. There are actually two Chinese live feed going on. http://live.qq.com/10012776 http://live.qq.com/10097977
  11. Totally agree. The placements at Jr Worlds decide not only the next year's spot, but more importantly the numbers of entry allotment for JGPS next season. The stakes are too high and unfortunately the current crop of JPN jr ladies are not competitive especially compared to RUS and KOR. I don't believe for JSF to risk NOT sending Tomoe to Jr Worlds. They desparately need her.
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