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  1. Chinese guy is streaming. http://live.qq.com/10012776
  2. I am starting to believe Faoi Kobe never intend to release their video. Rather they are taking time to make it to ANIME version, a la Yuri on Ice.
  3. Sendai awaits their favorite son!
  4. Wasn't it last year at Faoi....? 1) Only one present box for yuzu like everybody else, with one staff. 2) Then, placed multiple boxes with two staff. 3) Then blocked a section exclusively for him. Anyone remember?
  5. I had no idea NHL tickets are so expensive! I don't even know what "playoff season" is, but I'll google it Thanks a million!.
  6. I wonder Montreal somehow decided this would be yuzu's "last" WC (god forbid!), then fanyus, regardless of countries, will pay no matter what?
  7. It seems Sendai is well prepared. Large number of police are at work already surrounding the building where the event will take place.
  8. WHAT!! Patrick Chan talking about Yuzu and Sochi Olympic?! Could never imagined a few years back.
  9. OK, so in 10 days Yuzu will be in Sendai for the monument design presentation. I've heard somewhere the event will be broadcasted live on YT. Does anyone have a link, or it is not yet announced? Plz, plz, don't geoblocked it for the sake of Planet!!
  10. Kose: Next season at VC we will gift our beauty products namely "Sekkisei". Guinot Institut: No. Mary Cohr: No. Shiseido: No. Not to our girl Alina.
  11. Besides everything being said here regarding Yuzu comment on Beijing2022, the question was asked by CHN media. For some part, he was paying respect to the next host country by emphasizing its importance.
  12. Mama Hanyu: We are going to the tailor for measurement. Yuzu: No. Ask Satomi Ito. Roman: The Waist. I can help!!
  13. For those non-residents who cant buy Yuzu Line stamps.... Asahi.com uploaded all his stamps pic. Follow the link and click LGC on top. All the rest are there. If you have snipping tool, then you can save them. I know the intension for this stamps is for the disaster relief but still... Hope it helps.
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