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1 hour ago, Yuzuwinnie said:


I see it from the inside and will be very useful, because I have just seen that Japan (well a part) is under snow and with power cuts and a thought to the Japanese people with families in distress  :weeping:  and I give you the link




I also read about the winter storm in the US.  My sympathy to all families for the loss.  I hope all the satellites living in the affected regions are doing well.:grouphug:


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18 hours ago, Pammi said:

Yuzuru is 7th in the New You Tubers of 2022 rankings in Japan - 7 is a very good number :) (It wont be worshipped by "some" people like the number 1. or 11. or 111. or 1.11 or 11.11...but still it's a solid number, lucky too!)



By the way Yuzu's new video has reached over 535.000 views.:tumblr_inline_n18qrbDQJn1qid2nw: 


And Kaede Maegawa (Japanese Paralympian) also watched his video.:yes:



His first video will soon reach 4 million views. Let's go!!!:ganba:

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YuTunes 765K subscribers


There have been some requests on twt to get the view numbers up for the various videos, as id Yuzu fans needed any additional encouragements to watch.



:offtopic2:US satellites please stay safe and warm.

Cosy up at home with Yuzu on YuTunes and drink plenty of hot chocolate

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For the Prologue goods, in addition to the live photos, the official documentary book (¥4,000) can also still be purchased until January 31, 2023. It's the book that still has the "Coming Soon" cover image:



I also noticed that for the official guidebook, the Prologue store website has uploaded an additional image notifying of two minor errors in the text and the corrections. If you have bought the book, then please refer to image #7:


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