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10 minutes ago, river said:

Anyone else see Gulyakova’s IG story? I can’t read Russian but it looks like Mishin was video chatting with Yuzu? 

 I did not see this plot twist coming lol

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2 minutes ago, liv said:


I think it's great. I think everyone (ok, not everyone, haha) wants to see the 4A happen... and anyone who can help, do it :)

But remember he said he would not expect a 4A landed (well) in his lifetime? Is he taking over Yuzu's position as the ultimate troll or what lol

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4 hours ago, Melodie said:

But remember he said he would not expect a 4A landed (well) in his lifetime? Is he taking over Yuzu's position as the ultimate troll or what lol


All is fun and games when talking to the media!! Who knows what goes on behind arena doors, in truth.

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13 minutes ago, Mary_kyo said:

4A is a group project between legends at this rate, I'm loving this.




I love how Yuzu is getting an all-star team of legends involved in his quest for the 4A. He's a true leader who knows how to inspire the best people to support him. :ganba:

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1 hour ago, Melodie said:

Huh? With Jun winning gold, he should be right behind Nate, which leaves Yuzu at number 8. 

The new 840 points from this year's 4cc will replace the old 386 points Jun earned in 2019-20 championships so he will have a net increase of 454 points, instead of 840 points. So Yuzu is still No. 7 now. 

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1 hour ago, ZuCritter said:

Can you imagine how dominant Yuzu would have been in an era with AI scoring? The very thought must send the ISU into panic mode. The part of me that dreads his r*****ment hopes that the prospect of exposing the corruption in scoring with the help of the technology will induce him to compete for a few more seasons. Even if the tech is only deployed unofficially, the gap between the AI scores and the judges’ scores will make a mockery of the current system. 



I think the unfair judging system might be the main reason why Yuzu started to take such an interest in AI technology for scoring figure skating. Throughout the years, especially during the last quad, he has probably been the most screwed over skater and got constantly underscored while certain other skaters got overscored.


I'm afraid the ISU will fight the implementation of new technology with both their hands and feet. But the existence of a working AI scoring system is already a big step forward. It shows that this kind of technology is ready to be used and not some far off theoretical idea.


Even though this AI won't be used to score the competition at the Beijing Olympics, I think the organizers will still use it, even if it's just to try it out and show the extent of their technical prowess. Hopefully, they will also publish the data for the whole world to see. This gives me hope that judges will be under more scrutiny during the Olympics.


I have a feeling that Yuzu will keep competing for a few more seasons. I don't think he would want to bow out without getting at least a couple more rounds of thundering applause and cheers from full ice rinks and Pooh rains. :smiley-angelic001:

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Gulyakova has deleted it from her IG stories. But knowing the Russian media journalists will ask Mishin about it soon.


I think it's good Yuzu gets advice from so many people including gymnasts, a legendary ski jumper and professors like Mishin who know so much about the mechanics of jumps. Well Mishin had said before Nationals he consulted with someone already and this now confirms it was Yuzu, which means - if the videocall was new and it probably was, otherwise why would Gulyakova post it now? - it wasn't a one-time consultation but it's been going on for a while. Yuzu knows what he's doing and I really hope all his hard work will have the result he's aiming for. :tumblr_inline_n18qrbDQJn1qid2nw::grouphug:


Kinda OT but I was listening to Men's SP commentary from Europeans and everybody is talking about the 4A already :laughing: During one of the warm-ups, the commentators were talking about Yuzu and the quad Axel for 7 minutes, it was fun to listen to. One of them is actually a coach and former ice dancer, perhaps you remember him from 2017 Worlds FS commentaries when he said during warm-up that Hope and Legacy costume is like a piece of art, and he was complementing Yuzu so much during and after his skate. So this coach said he thinks if Yuzu tried 4A at competition it means the jump is at least 50-60% ready. He thinks he'll of course write history with it and thinks if he lands it and his other elements, too, then he probably won't be beaten by anyone. He also mentioned it'll be a tactical race for the Olympics, the layout of other skaters' will be analysed and he'll go for the 4A if it'll be needed. The other commentator mentioned if Nathan skates his SP at the Olympics like he did in PyeongChang the 4A may not be needed for the victory. 

He also think in 20 years there'll be maybe a few (1-2) skaters who'll be able to land 4A (depending on the skater himself, equipments, training methods especially how prepared the skater will be mentally).

It was an interesting listen. Many people are talking about 4A already. Maybe the leak from Mishin's camp wasn't unintentional either.

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The ISU might resist as much as possible AI judging but that won't stop the skating broadcasters from doing it and they, of course, will let the public know how inept or biased the judges are.  There's nothing the ISU can do to stop the networks from using AI technology since the ISU is not in a position to stand against the money these networks bring to skating.  Basically the ISU is in a Catch-22 situation, they will lose one way or another, one way by taking up AI technology and showing the emperor has no clothes, or they will lose because the networks and their commentators will use it.  l shed no tears here for the ISU.

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3 hours ago, Melodie said:

But remember he said he would not expect a 4A landed (well) in his lifetime? Is he taking over Yuzu's position as the ultimate troll or what lol


He's doing PR for himself, so that when Yuzu does land it then he can say that he helped land an impossible jump that he never thought he would see :'> It will make him look good to have been a part of that


Edit: And if Yuzu fails (which he won't) then he can just say "i told you so"

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