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46 minutes ago, Yuzurella said:

4A with spread eagle entry and twizzle exit. In other words, he's at 19.9%. :10814716:


I really start to ask myself what Yuzu's criteria for a 100% 4A look like...


I fear that this list does not come even close :1:

On 6/23/2019 at 12:24 PM, Henni147 said:

Success rate (number of fully rotated jumps with +GOE quality per total attempts)

  • isolated with n laps preparation
  • embedded in choreo
    • with standard setup
    • with Spread Eagle entry
    • with Back Counter entry
    • with other ridiculous entry
    • before/ after the 2:00 mark
  • YOLO-rate
  • in total

Quality features

  • truly difficult, unexpected AND creative entry
  • exemplary take-off (ideally with delay, 0 pre-rotation and clean picking in case of toe jumps)
  • excellent height AND distance AND ballistic trajectory
  • very good body position with rocksolid axis, aesthetically pleasing arm position and nice facial expression in the air
  • very good landing with high free leg, ideal knee bend, deep running edge AND flow out
  • truly difficult AND creative exit with huge long gliding curve
  • soft and effortless throughout
  • jump matches the music in timing/ rhythm, choreographic highlighting AND narrative meaning
  • camera friendly from every angle

Energy/ efficiency

  • average preparation time
  • average recovery time
  • stamina demand (in kcal)
  • sweat level (in drops/ cm2)


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I am watching his interview after Makuhari first day broadcast today and he said the opening 4T he did still need improvement as it is not even at 20% of his ideal. Yet the 4T he did, whilst had a slight tilt, was still a landed 4T with a high kick. And this is less than 20%...I am really starting to think 20% Nessie includes twizzle entries and high kick exits too, nothing to do with landing %. As for 100%, Im guessing probably  involves him growing wings and flying to the stratosphere, and only occurs in his own dreams:68468287:

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Thoughts on Yuzu and his 4A.  First, I think he's letting the competition know that he has a 4A, with the caveat that he's landing it less than 20% of the time.  Does landing it mean just landing it or does landing it mean competition-worthy landing it?  They'll have to figure that out for themselves.  If by the time the season starts rolling it's quite possible he will have the 4A well in hand.  Then, when does Nessie surface?  I really think for maximum effect he'll do a 4A in his SP.  That'll spook the competition since they'll be figuring that he'll do another one (or even two) in his FS.  That should throw a lot of them off their game.  Three, will he be doing a stripped down 4A or one with lots of bells and whistles, meaning the same type of entries and exits he uses on his 3A?  I think Yuzu's sense of showmanship is such that we'll get a fully adorned rather than unadorned 4A.  As long as he's doing it he might as well do it in a way that no other skater now skating will be able to do even after long practice.  Finally, what will be the audience reaction when he does it?  He'll get a standing ovation at the time and after the skate a prolonged ovation.  Additional thought - How will the judges handle it?  I really think the judges will be intimidated when it occurs.  They'll be a lot more generous than normal, fearing that underscoring Yuzu will bring about the first collective judge-lynching in figure-skating history.

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This is very OT, but I've found an interesting table on Wikipedia:




This list shows very well the competitive longevity and dominance of individual gold medalists at the Olympic Games. It's one rare list, where sports with a bunch of disciplines like swimming, gymnastics or cross-country skiing don't flood the first 30 placements :laughing:


I have the highest respect for every athlete, who could win gold medals at different Olympics. The mere thought of an athlete winning at four Olympic Games gives me goosebumps. That means a competitive career of 16-20 years at the highest level! Even two golds prove that your success was no coincidence, but the sum of athletic prowess, mental strength and perseverance.


Fun fact: Gillis Grafström is the only athlete in this list, who has won gold at the Summer AND Winter Games.


If Yuzu had the motivation and physical plus mental health to compete in Beijing, he would have the extremely rare chance to become the first ever male figure skater to win three consecutive Olympic WINTER Games. That would be insane, especially in this highly competitive field... However, health and well-being first.

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