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  1. Oooohh thank you! Something to sneak alt-tab into while working hehehe
  2. Oh I get it... so if he does a 4T-3A using counter entry it might become a combo then?
  3. Curious question - why is it 4T-3A-Seq? Why not simply 4T-3A? What is the Seq for?
  4. That was such a glorious kick. All the kicks after 3A are kicks to my heart
  5. What I am doing: Alt Tab from Work - Scroll - Grin - Giggle - Click - Back to Work What I want to be doing: Going crazy screaming ugly crying on my seat. What I wish to be doing: Screaming my heart out at Saitama... next year, maybe
  6. Oh!!! I go for one meeting and he's arrived? I SHOULD GO FOR MEETINGS MORE OFTEN!!! So happy to see him!!
  7. Seriously -_- this wait is killing me and I need to work!!!
  8. While everyone is camping in Narita - Yuzu steps off the Shinkansen at Saitama
  9. faeline

    General Yuzuru Chat

    All I can think of now is a competitive knitter knitting at hyper speed going "ZETTAI KATSU!"
  10. faeline


    Sent a small amount via paypal, hope it's received. I'll continue donation next month as well
  11. faeline

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Was this posted? Apparently they are showing old video archives of Yuzu today!