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  1. Videos Men (Top 10) Ladies (Top 10) Ice Dance (Top 10) Pairs
  2. I have the Yuzu Cut of the 16 Aug Broadcast here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16qx6lzecMpcryNGdhVGijWS2w21T9AmB/view?usp=sharing
  3. It’s a local TV broadcast so it’s hard to get anything now. I have a twitter thread below that hopefully will get filled up with more vids.
  4. @mercedes thank you so much for streaming Kobe! I wished I was able to join the stream party so much, but I was traveling on trains at that point in time. Thank you for the google drive link as well, I was able to download and catch up!
  5. I contemplated if I should wait until I get back home before I ordered but i got my preorder in (in DVD, I don’t have Blu-ray devices)... and ordered the collectors for the previous one as well (ahhh disposable income... but still it’s almost $200 for me)... If you can’t get amazon.co.jp to deliver to you, I’m using Tenso as a forwarding address (expensive but reliable) and even the most fragile items (like figurines) have arrived with extra bubble wraps.
  6. Becoming an international celebrity via FS is a rarity and a feat... but sometimes I feel sad because he, being extremely responsible, confines himself to the expected life of a celebrity. The other side of this is that of course this helps him in removing all other distractions and focus on figure skating. Don't mind me I’m just thinking while I'm typing - the expected behavior for Asian celebrities is harsh and looking back at those “apology press conferences” of those from girl groups/boy bands just because they literally went on a date... I sincerely hope that he doesn’t have to live like that or think that he has to live like that due to his fame. Or that he has to live the perfect life because he’s now an exemplary citizen of Japan. I worry about him too much. I just want him to be happy, you know?
  7. I’m thinking 24th August - need some time to finish the subtitles and edit. I’m already on my trip so I’m going to be unresponsive for now but I’ll definitely start the arrangements when I come back.
  8. https://venturebeat.com/2019/07/31/kast-acquires-remnants-of-group-watch-company-rabbit/ Looks like rabbit is officially dead, and Kast bought over whatever is remaining of rabbit. Rabbit will now redirect to Kast. Also in other news, the web version of Kast is now in beta and you soon no longer need to download the app to watch as long as you have Chrome (i.e. it will work on all Android devices). I honestly swear I don't work for Kast. I will be opening up the group for public membership so that it's easier for anyone on the planet to join the group.
  9. I’m just grateful he exists and he is still skating, and still pushing his tech in his never ending search for perfection. He’s not the kind what would rehash something without making meaningful touch ups to it - he has too much integrity in him to even allow pre-rotations. I don’t really care what program he does because I’m sure he will always put love and care into everything he does. BESP uncles said before - his attention to details are second to none.
  10. If that happens... I'm keeping maybe 10 pieces of 10,000 Yen pristine for... you know, reasons.
  11. I am now in a dilemma - I found a 1080P source for CiONTU Day 3 but it's Chinese subbed, should I broadcast that and overlay the subtitles? Or should I use the 540P source that is the raw? BlueFlame has the translated segments in 1080P ... decisions decisions decisions
  12. I saw this tweet... and I died again. HOW CAN ANYONE LOOK THIS BEAUTIFUL? HOW IS THIS LEGAL?!?!?!
  13. Are there any Sailor Moon fans around? I'm one of those who will sink into 1 obsession deeply (used to be Sailor Moon, now it's Yuzu hehehehe) - which is lucky because if I sink into -EVERYTHING- I won't have enough money for survival. My favourite character is Saturn (obviously). Some are missing because I forgot to put them back . Those are my collections... and I think I have some spare somewhere if anyone is interested (I need to find them in my messy house).
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