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  1. I see... now that makes a lot more sense. /sigh @ living in Asia = nearest venue = Japan or China = both of which are highly contested places = give up and watch at home.
  2. I remember Oda said before that Yuzu has so much gifts (in NHK Trophy) that the organising committee provides him a special room to store them after they have been collected from the ice. How will a large gift box be enough?
  3. Recently, I saw a clip of Yuzu practicing Ina Bauer... and R+J2.0 music (specifically the part for the Ina Bauer) played in my head. And I don't even watch R+J that much. I think all fanyus can hum the music according the Ina Bauer hehehe~
  4. It's USFS wanting that sweet piece of yuzu flavoured $$$ pie - and barring stealing Yuzu from Japan, they have to make their own. I'm sure Nathan is a nice enough person, but he's missing all that magic that makes Yuzu special (that duality!! the sensitivity to music). They still want to shove it down their countrymen's throat, and their media has always been quite successful in keeping their general public blissfully ignorant. Doesn't matter to those we aren't ignorant - we know the truth. I think they might have a better chance to make a US FS star if they sent the whole batch of US figure skaters to Korea for boyband camp to learn some star quality. Edit: I'm also getting really sick of tired of dumb comments about how Nathan is balletic or whatever, and all I see are flailing arms and a dude that's about to topple on the ice. Or talking about how Yuzu is past his prime and he should retire since he's got injuries whereas Nathan will reign forever yadayada... I'm half way into warning them that everyone gets injured eventually. Or how Nathan is so much more consistent than Yuzu - seriously f---- off.
  5. And he always looks like he's having a great time hanging out with fellow skaters, being an annoying brat during practices and just generally be -extra- in all of his movements... Well as long as he isn't pushing himself too hard.
  6. IT HAS LANDED IN SINGAPORE! CHANGI! AIRPORT! Sorry the Singaporean in me just went @#%#$^%#^$&%$%$
  7. I suck at Japanese but Chinese is perfectly fine with me... so I'm translating from a Chinese Tweet: Sakada Yuuki is from the same school year as Yuzu. He has autism. Whenever Yuzu has free time, he would gather his school mates to play with Yuuki. Whenever they have skating classes, he would also teach him how to skate. They would also go on school outings/hikings together. Both of them will call each other Yuzuru and Yuuki-kun. Sakada family sent the message to [Yuzu NEWS] and Yuzu himself said "This always makes me very happy!" Pic 1> News article of Japanese for Ants Pic 2> Yuzu and Sakada Pic 3> Yuzu's signature to Sakada-san. Pic 4> From Weibo - Due to the earthquake, the Sakada family moved to Kanazawa, and they lost contact after middle school. In 2013 March, Sakada's younger brother went to an ice show and asked Yuzu if he remembers Yuuki. Yuzu replies that he will not forget in this lifetime! Sakada's younger brother then gave Yuzu Sakada's message, which wrote that he gained much courage from Yuzu's actions. He is seriously one of the most empathic person I've ever seen.
  8. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y P L A N E T Thank you for bringing all the satellites together to revolve around the cutest planet in the universe! Satellites Group Hug
  9. This is why they are milking Yuzu for all the remaining seasons... not many more chances for a sellout FS competition.
  10. https://twitter.com/Platon427/status/1121399932034772 A 14 year old Yuzu! Why is his photo the goofiest of them all??
  11. From what I've read, Yuzu took the standard entrance exams to enter Waseda University. There were clips of him studying in Narita airport when he had to travel for competitions, and when asked, he said that he's a university candidate.
  12. Time to interject the conversation with a cute Yuzu and add no value whatsoever to the conversation but Yuzu gifs are valuable no?
  13. Hanyueconomy! At this point now it’s just posting random stuff until he reappears yeah?
  14. Haha, some fans pointed out all the excess fabric on his pants for his picture in the Sendai booklet. The WaistTM!
  15. Listen with sound on... it's quite hilarious!
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