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  1. freyaminnie

    2019 Fantasy on Ice

    Last Year FaOI If I remember correctly 25,000 Yen for SS seat 20,000 Yen for S seat 15,000 Yen for A seat 10,000 Yen for B seat This year might be a little bit higher but should be in this range or maybe it's 18,000 for S seat (I confuse with worlds ticket but should be somewhat in this range ) and the cheapest is probably under 10,000 yen but not below 5,000 yen
  2. freyaminnie

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I want pink fairy in Origin StSq as well! But you're right maybe Otonal. But who cares, just happy pink fairy where the bulky guys lift him will do lol cause I didn't get to see that at CoR ;;w;;
  3. I saw all the category for everyday, including 23, but when I try to add something to my cart it say error and when I did add and the capacity problem occur.
  4. My Japanese friends always bought/sale tickets from people on this site so I guess it's trustworthy, at least to me it's more trust worthy than viagogo. For Pia, I think it's only CC (Japanese only) or Pia card payment option so maybe no combini pay this time?
  5. To all the people participate in Worlds ticket general sales today. May the force (and internet speed) be with you!!!
  6. freyaminnie

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Torino is also where Shizuka-san got OGM right? Maybe he will skate to Turandot lol
  7. freyaminnie

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I still sleep with my stuff bunny which I receive when I was 4 even if it's not so fluffy any more lol.
  8. I also thought he's likely to go since it was in US? Has USFS announce their representatives yet?
  9. freyaminnie

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I often think that because we have so many Yuzu contents in the off season so now we have to suffer during the season instead.
  10. Is this going to be a live broadcast via youtube for Men's FS or is it just the interview?
  11. Looking at her hair style might have been something before/during/after the short program? Maybe the random draw for practice group or something lol.
  12. Awwwww so cute. I want to know what they're looking at that make them so excited lol.
  13. I agreed with this. So my thought is that "IF" Dai manage to out-skate the other Mens , Kazuki and Keiji, he does deserves that 3rd spots. Unless he himself decide to forfeit it to the younger skaters. So now I hope Kazuki does well so that he , too, can prove that he deserves that 3rd spot, not because of the "future" star or something like that, which he can totally do it IF the judges doesn't hold him back with their ridiculous PCS. (Why give him 8 on Performance I will never understand Orz)