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  1. Yay! My first time seeing the competition as well. Hoping my poor heart can take it when I see Yuzu live in front of us in black UA costume and of course Origin and Otonal
  2. freyaminnie

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I think whether he will continue on after this season or to next Olympics or even 2026 or not depend not on his age but mostly on his motivation. As BOser said, he always needs a goal in mind or have something to achieve. By far all his dreams he's been saying since the start is pretty much complete, except for the 4A. So If he landed Nessie this season, we'll have to see if he will have another goal in mind or not. If so, I would love to see him continue as long as he want to
  3. I can't believe I can still hate them even more than I already have after their last "release"
  4. I remember someone said they reply email that there will be NO MORE seats open and here we are.....
  5. freyaminnie

    General Yuzuru Chat

    My thought exactly when I first see this photo LOL. Now Yuzu would have to find new partner to throw him for 4A. My guess will be b) with maybe not a WR in SP b/c it's new program but he might get close with clean program. But FS will most likely be Pop concert or a dying Yuzu because of the 30 sec cut out that caused all the Men to struggle with their pancakes
  6. After seeing all the Mens in Lombardia this week. There's a high probability that we might get a lot of pancakes in ACI as well. Brace yourselves
  7. Where is your AirBnB located? I'm looking for some place closer to arena than my current place.
  8. freyaminnie

    [2018] CS Lombardia Trophy (12.09-16.09)

    My first thought was 'Cinderella?' as well
  9. I was planning to transfer train from Dinamo station to Petrovsky park as well. Not sure if the transfer is quite far or not though.
  10. How far is the walk from Dinamo to Megasport? I think google map said 1.9 km so I'm a bit terrified. I'm hope it's not that far on real life
  11. How do you plan to travel to the arena? Will you take a train? I tried google map they suggest I take the bus cause it will be closer walk but I'm not really sure about the bus timetable. Maybe if we take the train we could walk together
  12. Anyway, let's just forget about the ticket nightmare and have a meeting! Is anyone staying near Belorussky station and will go to watch practice on Thursday morning? Maybe we can go together cause this will be my first time in Moscow and I'm hoping I can get to the arena safely
  13. It was my first time buying tickets for any FS event and it was such a traumatic experience I never want to go through again. I understand that they can reserve seats for travel agencies but what gets me so mad about this ticket rush is that they never give any clear details about anything!? What about the price? Seating charts? Time? We get information the minutes the ticket was released? And they have to make it more stressful by releasing tickets in multiple lots while giving absolutely nothing on what will be released next or what is still left. I'm telling you if I know it would be this messy, I would have pick Finland instead even if I have to pay twice the price for travel and visas.
  14. Which row did you bought? From what I heard the railing is between row 6 and row 7, and cameras is in B1 section.
  15. I think someone just grabbed them. It happen to me when I try for other tickets earlier