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  1. Sorry to bother you guys but I'm trying to access this video but I get geoblocked. Is anyone able to access? Maybe I can try using vpn for that country.
  2. They also show full stream for Men's practice sessions. We were so blessed. I hope they continue to deliver this time as well
  3. Japanese Olympic Commitee release LINE sticker for olympics athleth with Nao-san and Shoma but without Yuzu. How is that even possible? .
  4. In my country badges like this are quite cheap. I have to ask for price to be sure but I think it should not be more than 5 dollars each (for minimum 100 badges). Might cost more if we have to commission for design artwork though.
  5. I try with incognito tab to un-login and I can still see inside the spoiler content. Mostly when we do spreadsheet we send link in private dm group so only people who attend can see them.
  6. Anyone has suggestion on where to stay that can be convenience to get to the arena and easy to get from the airport? I think most hotel near the arena is fully booked by now (I'm late again) but is there any subway station that is close by or any station area recommend? I've never been to Italy or any European country (except Moscow) before.
  7. I don't see where I can change this option? Is it the invoice? I think maybe that is for billing statement only
  8. I'm trying to buy another ticket for my friend but they keep saying "You have already done all the possible transactions" Does this mean I can only buy ticket once?
  9. Update on tickets for NHK 2019 http://nhk-trophy2019.jp/ticket.html For foreigner tickets applications Tickets applications open at Wednesday, September 11, 2019,10:00 (JST) For Japanese ticket application All events - S seat only (38,000 per 3 days) guarantee long side seat - Mobile ticket only - 1 seat per application only - apply through pia only (likely must pay by credit card) Single day ticket - paper ticket available - 2 seats per application It looks like they were going very harsh this year especially for all event. No hope even in using a friend to apply for any of us outside Japan ;w;
  10. I wish he make Origin the EX program for next season. The program and costume under the show light would be so dramatic!
  11. Agreed. Can't help imagine how epic it would be if he could have done that. I kinda hope he didn't stick to Origin though, the program was too much complex and he has to sacrifice some of the quality for those crazy transitions which effect both GOE and PCS.
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