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  1. Finally the announcement!!!! Just a reminder I still have FaOI Sendai ticket (2 seats) for 31 May B seat. If anyone is interested I'm also looking for Saturday 1 Jun ticket with A seat or above so if anyone still has ticket please PM me. Thanks!
  2. I think he has stylist for the photoshoot though, at least for the Sendai Guide book (which he wore Dior jacket) there's name of stylist print in the back. I also believe P&G has stylist for him at P&G promo. They seems to love putting him in T-shirt and blazer lol
  3. I'm selling my ticket for FaOI Sendai on 31 May , 1 paper ticket for B-seat at face value (7000 Yen + fee) I'm still going (because I have duplicate tickets) so I can give you in person at the arena or a day before (29 or 30) in Tokyo or Sendai.
  4. I'm all in for the sales to open later in the year than earlier like Skate Canada or Worlds. Maybe I can go to only 1 competition this season so I want to see the Grand Prix assignment first before decide on the finals.
  5. When he was absent in 2016 does he makes any announcement about not participating at all? Or do we have to wait until the show date to find out?
  6. I thought that they would only do FaOI Sendai if the organizer were sure that Yuzu would be coming. So him announcing so late is just really weird.
  7. For us in SEA the Visas for US and Canada was hell to apply and harder to get (I don't want to say they discriminate but well...) . And the cost and travel time at almost 24 hour flight on top of that. The ticket price was just a done deal for me Europe is much easier and less hour flight (though Japan is the best option but ticket process is insane!!) but it still take at least 10 hours and accommodation. I just wish there are close enough figure skating competition to watch without spending as much saving as I have
  8. I know Worlds in Japan was cheap compare to the previous years but this price is just outrageous!!
  9. I have 1 extra B seat ticket for Friday 31 May if you’re interested.
  10. They always degraded Asians. In their mind Figure skating is just for white people (North America , Europeans). Asians have to be very very good and above the class that they can't denied it to have a chance at all (see Yuna and Yuzu). It just that Yuzu happened out of their expectation and he's too good and breaking their system. So their are out for revenge. Imagine if there's another American who could quads AND white. They would drop Nathan instantly.
  11. The scores at USNats wasn't supposed to happen in ISU competition anyway so maybe that's why he's still sure he can beat that skates (Nathan going mostly clean) with his lower BV program. However as we can see at Worlds (and WTT), judges do have their ways of scoring that bizarre the hell out of us (and him). It would have help if he was able to compete with a pretty clean Nathan in GPF just to see how the judges was scoring them together in the same competition. However, Nathan wasn't able cleanly land most of his jumps at earlier ISU comps as well so he might not have guessed about the GOE range and how it have a lot of effect. IMO, it's like when you study for exam, GPF is like midterm exam where you get idea of how your teacher like to questions and how much they score you for how you answer them. So Yuzu skipping GPF was like going into final exam (aka. Worlds) with all the knowledge you have been study but not a glimpse of what will be asked. So he guess the question wrongly and wasn't prepared for that, therefore missed the mark. About the injury derailed his plan for Tech improvement, I think he was thinking about this even before OWG 2018. After adding 2 quads in SP and 3 quads in FS in 2015-2016, he added 4Lo from 2016-2017 and 4Lz in 2017-2018 cause he was sure that upping the Tech BV was gonna be necessary in the future (just luckily not by OWG'18). He know his advantages in PCS will disappear one day when the younger ones get better (cause they will get better) so in order to have an 'absolute win' where if everybody else go clean, he will still wins, he needs the BV. It's just that the injury from 4Lz in NHK causing him to go backward and have to slowly gain his quads back and still not able to do 4Lz in 2018-2019 seasons. And with this season that the 4Lo also set him back on his quest to pursue legendary 4A again. I think now that he know how the landscape is, I'm sure he's looking for ways to be able compete and wins with the skates that he's proud of. Just hope that his ankle and body will grant him his wish to fulfill them.
  12. Thank you Sendai for this quality content. Sendai really deserves Yuzu more than JSF ever deserves. I'm glad they love him just as much as he love them ;;w;;
  13. They should have little window showing Yuzu's face when others is speaking but I'll take it that we have the live streaming. Thank you Sendai!
  14. Maybe you're right. They might want to avoid copyright issue for music when the stream is on archive later.
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