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  1. The rate that everyone is falling on their jumps make my anxiety level goes up through the roof....
  2. Why does he look so labored? Is it because of the boobskirt??
  3. http://www.isuresults.com/results/season1920/gpjpn2019/data0205.pdf Only the 2nd 3A get called because it already got negative GOEs. Everything else get a free pass!
  4. Wrong coach sorry. Only E*eri skaters get free candies and no calls privilege
  5. Alena 3A was really high. It perplexed me why she has UR issue there
  6. No 4S or 3Lz today. She s just trolling with our hearts. Wondering where she gets it from And only 80 TES for 2 3As why???
  7. So is the 3Lz+3Lo but I think they only called 1 of them since the TES drop 2 points
  8. Mako landing all her jumps only got 64 TES huh... Her performance is not enjoyable yet but at least the jumps were there. Maybe get ding on the GOEs?
  9. Let's see how many (f)Lz will NOT get called today. Any guess?
  10. I'm shocked too. Probably because at the start they also have Z/E to consider as well for assignment. They have so many strong pairs team but who would have thought that T/M would be the ones not making it.
  11. Even the lifts were troubled... Ouch on the slow-mo I can see he almost drop her! So scary ;;w;;
  12. They stream ladies first yesterday so no it seems like there will be no streaming today...
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