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  1. It proofs that he can skates with great choreography and performing to the music. It just wasn't essential to get WR scores in competitions, so he ditch them. It was easier to have 'consistent' jumps that way.
  2. Nathan skates to Rocket Man in BLACK. What a most disrespect to the most colorful male singer of the century. Sir Elton John is probably weeping now.
  3. I know there's a reason why B/K is my fav Russian pair. More enjoyable to watch
  4. Can Yuzu wear H&E costume to skates Hana ni Nare? I know it's just a false hope but still....
  5. And if he laundry after the FS will he do it again after wearing it for less than 1 minute here? He used to say the costume fabric are delicate, does mama Yumi them for him?
  6. Mine too, second only for his 3A. The 4Lz was a thing of beauty I'm so glad it is not lost to this world.
  7. I'm stronger now because I survive witnessing it LIVE for the first time at GPF19. This was just minor attack compare to that time. And yes, I still have trauma
  8. Agreed. The 3Lz will always be questionable (or out right flutz) and at the judge mercy. Please improve her 3Lz or just stick to the 3Lo please.
  9. I think Rika's TES was scored right for all the TP called. Anna's score was not, including be the only one with PCS in the 9s. But what else is new here?
  10. This one has Eteri girls vibe, I wonder who her coach is?
  11. Will the group draw be sort by World standing? I know Yuzu and Nathan will be in the last group but everyone else is kinda messy in the ranking
  12. Judging from the practice video for many skaters I can assume there's a live stream for practice but only accessible for some press and persons? Way to make Figure Skates popular and accessible! What an incompetent ISU!
  13. At least the time zone works very well for me for both SP and FS. No wake up at ass-o-clock or anxiously stay up past midnight to watch live stream yay! The only horrible one is Ladies FS but at least I can watch that later!
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