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  1. freyaminnie

    [2019] World Championships - Men Free Skating

    Watching almost every practice where he struggle with his jumps 4lo 4s even 4t, I’m just glad he can put out the performance like that. Non of the runthru has even come clean close to this. His jumps landing are just not as perfect as in OWC or Helsinki2017 maybe cause threre’s still injury so considering 4s ur 206 was agreeable (why was 4s snaked him here both in sp and fs????) Nathan was very solid even in practice. He lands almost all his jumps beautifully so we kinda knew that the possibility of him going clean and win was very high. The scored though was not expected. IMO Nathan has boost because he compete a lot and the judges see his program grow while Yuzu unfortunately didn’t get the chance to polished Origin to its finest yet. I know it’s sucks but there’s nothing we can do about it now that ‘s done. I will just enjoy Gala and hope for injury free next season pleaseeee.
  2. freyaminnie

    [2019] World Championships - Men Free Skating

    Agreed. He could just turn it into Ex and skates for 4.5 minutes
  3. freyaminnie

    [2019] World Championships - Men Free Skating

    I think I throws like 10-15 of them cause many fans want me to throw them on to the ice for them since they can’t. Too bad the premium seats are only on 2 sides so no pooh to cover all the ice. But I do feeel sorry for the flower girls for giving them such hard work. Lol
  4. I don’t even want to know what’s gonna happen tomorrow..
  5. If Kaori hadn’t poped the 3F she would be 2nd at worlds. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  6. freyaminnie

    [2019] World Championships - Men Short Program

    Crowd gives standing ovation to Julian. Well deserves
  7. I think so too. Alina deserves to lead cause she has more difficult content and she lands them. But those PCS? No way sir.
  8. I love her but the shaky combo shouldn’t get any more than 0 goes
  9. Bradie got 33 pcs and kaori got 34. With how much their ss are apart wow
  10. She should have go over 35 with how they scored others. Such disrespect.
  11. Kaori clean!!!! Ok judges if you’re gonna give candies to someone just give it to her!! She’s flying!!!
  12. Looks like we will have Yuzu practice content today as well. Fuji TV just show him in warm up area behind the curtain at sub rink!
  13. I’m sorry but I already said I’m neither the judges or the ISU so maybe I cannot do anything about that?