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  1. I'm sorry but I think the last part of this video is corrupted after 74 minutes mark (after Yuzu FS skates). Hopefully this can be fix! Thank You so much for sharing!
  2. Sorry to bother you guys but I'm trying to access this video but I get geoblocked. Is anyone able to access? Maybe I can try using vpn for that country.
  3. They also show full stream for Men's practice sessions. We were so blessed. I hope they continue to deliver this time as well
  4. Japanese Olympic Commitee release LINE sticker for olympics athleth with Nao-san and Shoma but without Yuzu. How is that even possible? .
  5. Agreed. Can't help imagine how epic it would be if he could have done that. I kinda hope he didn't stick to Origin though, the program was too much complex and he has to sacrifice some of the quality for those crazy transitions which effect both GOE and PCS.
  6. I think he has stylist for the photoshoot though, at least for the Sendai Guide book (which he wore Dior jacket) there's name of stylist print in the back. I also believe P&G has stylist for him at P&G promo. They seems to love putting him in T-shirt and blazer lol
  7. They always degraded Asians. In their mind Figure skating is just for white people (North America , Europeans). Asians have to be very very good and above the class that they can't denied it to have a chance at all (see Yuna and Yuzu). It just that Yuzu happened out of their expectation and he's too good and breaking their system. So their are out for revenge. Imagine if there's another American who could quads AND white. They would drop Nathan instantly.
  8. The scores at USNats wasn't supposed to happen in ISU competition anyway so maybe that's why he's still sure he can beat that skates (Nathan going mostly clean) with his lower BV program. However as we can see at Worlds (and WTT), judges do have their ways of scoring that bizarre the hell out of us (and him). It would have help if he was able to compete with a pretty clean Nathan in GPF just to see how the judges was scoring them together in the same competition. However, Nathan wasn't able cleanly land most of his jumps at earlier ISU comps as well so he might not have guessed ab
  9. I think it will probably be SEIMEI starting pose, the same with Sendai parade T-shirt.
  10. I know right! If he can land the 4A with the sound of the gong it would be so epic!!
  11. I think he likes red, but not for the competition costume. Maybe he think it's cursed, aka. Phantom 1.0 , so he tend to stick with green, blue or purple.
  12. So after he declare his love and kiss her. He could probably get married to Ice-chan before he's 25 now right
  13. My take on Origin was that the program was create based on his mind set to 'Enjoy skating what he want and not worry about the score or result', hence why it was so packed with transitions and crazy steps and jumps that are everywhere. I enjoy Origin he perform at Media day and ACI the most because that was where the program reflect its real purpose. But when he get fired up after ACI and has to alter his program to be more point-oriented it become something he has to compromise, either sacrificing the jumps quality or forsake some transitions, which he kinda didn't want to but happen anyway.
  14. This is so heart breaking I wish he would just take the next season off to heal then come back in 2020 to do 4A and just retired to just do Ice show world tour or smth so no more suffering. But knowing him he probably won't...
  15. I think the gift option only show up on Android phone. The LINE App on iOS phone does not have gift option. And I don't think you cannot use gift option from browser or line PC.
  16. I think the people using Android phone can gift stickers to others. My friends who has friend in Japan tried it and it works. Now I just have to find friends in Japan who use Android ;w;
  17. We won't. Because for all the Rusfed drama choosing, the Japanese ladies still get low balled on their PCS unlike the Russians. So the Russians only have to skate clean-ish and judges will be throwing PCS at them anyway.
  18. Imagine if the plaques for Europeans were like Worlds, where they put only 1 plaque for each skaters and the year they won underneath their names. Javi's Europeans plaque would be so full they need to have 2 or 3 of them on the board
  19. I want pink fairy in Origin StSq as well! But you're right maybe Otonal. But who cares, just happy pink fairy where the bulky guys lift him will do lol cause I didn't get to see that at CoR ;;w;;
  20. Torino is also where Shizuka-san got OGM right? Maybe he will skate to Turandot lol
  21. I still sleep with my stuff bunny which I receive when I was 4 even if it's not so fluffy any more lol.
  22. I often think that because we have so many Yuzu contents in the off season so now we have to suffer during the season instead.
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