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  1. I appreciate that Yuzu mentioned this song 水平線. I found it quite moving ;; On youtube in the recent comments I noticed a lot of people mentioning they found the song because of Yuzu's interview. It's nice that everyone can connect this way.
  2. You are our light, Yuzu This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  3. "this Yuzuru Hanyu is, without a doubt, still improving" What beautiful inner strength. Fills my whole heart.
  4. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  5. Yeah, I was using the term doctor loosely... I could see him wanting to work with someone he's familiar with too.
  6. For next season programs, something new piano-y and TenChi If he does GP series, NHK and SCI maybe most likely? At least this is what I hope... I wonder why Yuzu doesn't have a doctor to work with him in Japan... because of pandemic I guess? It sounded to me like his Sendai training situation is quite good for him other than lack of after-training supportive care, although perhaps TCC would be willing to be flexible with his training now.
  7. Please, Yuzu, get home safely and stay healthy, rest and recover, we love you
  8. I'm crying for a different reason today... Yuzu heals the universe with his skating
  9. Ohhh so cool, Hana wa Saku with On Ice Perspectives!!!
  10. I was sad yesterday because of worry about his health and fears about future unknowns regarding retirement. Wondering about how much will we see him once he retires? Those kinds of fears. Sorry if it upsets people to mention it... But truly, I don't personally care about the result of this competition, or any competition for that matter, in terms of scores and medals, other than being upset when he's treated badly, or upset if he doesn't do the performance he personally wants. I feel like this competition was maybe a realization for me that he *really* doesn't care about winning in the way he
  11. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  12. I didn't cry for a while and then I couldn't stop crying for a while... I really wish I could do something useful. Despite all the hard times I'm so thankful to Yuzu for being here. I feel like we can't really do anything for him other than to support him like we always do... I was thinking about how maybe trying to "do our best" with authenticity and kindness like he does, in our daily lives, is something we can do, since we're all connected in a way. If our best is self care sometimes, that's okay. Thinking like that makes me feel a little better. I feel like maybe it's okay to be kind of lo
  13. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  14. Yuzu +1000 evasion on that question about the Olympics... Anyway it sounds like he is focused on 4A... not necessarily competition. He looks sad... I want him to be happy again.
  15. My heart hurts because it must hurt for him. This was tough. He was off today but he is clearly capable of skating clean and getting the scores necessary to win gold even with the awful judging situation in this sport, if he cares about that now. And if he doesn't, then he can just skate for himself, for whatever matters to him. His skating really transcends competition anyway. I am just PRAYING he is healthy and can get home safe and sound.
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