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  1. but... I want to vote for both H&L and SEIMEI...
  2. nooo I can't choose between H&L and Swanyu... ;_;
  3. There were many wonderful moments... ! that we got two new SEIMEI performances, a bright refreshing SEIMEI at 4CC and a heartfelt courageous SEIMEI at MOI... how the feeling with Chopin at 4CC reminded me so much of "I'm back" from PC... Hope and Legacy gala with koala cuteness ^_^ GPF Notte Stellata and the Beillmann spin... !! 4A!!!!! even though it was not landed it felt like he embodied a storm! I was panicking at the time but it was so memorable! NHK gala and Yuzu laughing so much~ the happiness of SC in general... on ice perspectives PW the return of 4Lz.... I guess if I had to pick one favorite thing it's like... when Yuzu expressed what HIS skating is, and what he wants it to be, with new SEIMEI and new Chopin, that made me so happy
  4. You are a genius! I was dreaming of an On Ice Perspectives SEIMEI for a while but whatever Yuzu wants to do is fine...
  5. this round was difficult! you know I had to vote for SEIMEI but I'M UPSET... I'm sorry... precious HYK.... also I'm sorry... etude.... ;_;
  6. OMG thank you Tracy It's so wonderful to see Yuzu!! And Jason, and Jun, and Katya... I love Team Cricket ^_^
  7. I'm honestly relieved they cancelled Worlds, but also really sad for the skaters and fans. What a strange season. And now suddenly, drought... At least we had an excellent 4CC this year. It was really special to see Yuzu skate Chopin and Seimei, and Hope and Legacy again... so I have an okay feeling about the end of this season. I'm looking forward to whatever Yuzu decides to do, competitive or not. I'd even be happy about recycling Chopin and Seimei again for that clean Seimei 3.0! lol... but now that he has time, there's the possibility of new programs! Or ice shows! But it's really difficult to know what the situation will be even next season. I'm really grateful to have the Planet to check in with while we wait.
  8. What are all the "should we have big international gatherings or not" guidelines for if they aren't going to follow them...??? I wish NA govts/ISU/SC would stop acting like they are some kind of special exception and take some responsibility. This fan festival piece reads like they have their heads in the clouds. Not to mention the whole red carpet awards thing. Or the lack of communication with spectators about the actual competition. There are many attendees from places with widespread outbreaks and also from places with inadequate testing/ignorance (like the US, where I am). I'm not even going and I'm so anxious about this.
  9. Hey guys, if you have a moment, Yahoo JP is doing its annual 3.11 recovery event, here... https://fukko.yahoo.co.jp/ edit: ahh sorry, I see this was just posted as I was trying to figure out links ^^
  10. I miss Yuzu so much I guess I'll torture myself with this game for now.... this round was pretty easy though I felt a little conflicted about not choosing Masquerade... but it was up against Hana ni Nare and I just couldn't... *sob*
  11. I CRIED ;___; That was beyond beautiful... you can feel his skating from his heart... oh, he is so special I don't have words.... Thank you, Yuzu, always
  12. Oh, I'm so happy... this makes so much sense... it is such a unique, refreshing, healing program ;_;
  13. Ohh Yuzu... so happy to see Seimei again... Congratulations on 4CC gold! And super slam hehe... I know he must be disappointed in some ways but that was a good skate for a new Seimei in this situation. I'm really happy he decided to go back to programs that feel more like himself... hopefully it will help him moving forward. I feel like his mindset is already better. Yuzu, thank you for sharing everything with us, your Seimei today and the whole journey
  14. Hope and Legacy had green in the costume, just saying.
  15. Is the theme to add green to his new costumes... it reminds me of spring ^_^
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