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53 minutes ago, Erin said:


According to Number magazine, this "a while ago" is a month and  a half ago, and it's still swollen, so yeah I'm honestly a bit worried... Especially judging by his words ("I sort of cut my finger but I don't know if anything's broken.") he probably didn't see a doctor:tumblr_m9gck4P2Jf1qzckow:

Yeah he's an adult and he's got people looking out for him so nothing could really go wrong... I should stop worrying about it but why I can't:Poohgaveup:

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Well, it will take time 'till I get through all those great resources on Planet Hanyu, so for some time I will be throwing random posts...

... but right now I'm reading FaOI Kanazawa Interview translation...


Our King of Ice has some serious issues: "But because of the improvement in physical condition, now I need to control my jumps more, otherwise, I will miss it because of over-rotation or something. " How many skaters can say that?

God... yes, I get it... OVER-ROTATION... How could I possibly fix that? Hmmmm... I know! Maybe adding another rotation would do the trick!



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The dark side of me would like to see Yuzu doing a one training with Eteri, with japanese tv recording it, so she could understand how wrong she is on her views on Yuzu and asian skaters in general, and I coud see her face when she do.  


All Nessie plushies looks cute, especially the handmade ones. Wish I could do one myself :tumblr_inline_n2pje2YFXq1qdlkyg:


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3 hours ago, Xen said:

 It looks like something between a saunter and a light jog-like competitive speed walking, but he's trying hard not to do that, so he's jogging. We need a new name for this type of movement. 

Considering the way his arms are, might 'sogging' do?  They certainly look soggy.

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