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  1. Hello fellow fanyus, long time no chat! Just saw this video and found out that back in 2014, Yuzu's fanclub in Russia has 5k members. In a video last year, wasn't there 15k members already? https://youtu.be/UjdS5nPblSM Anyway, that number of fanclub members is the only thing i understood from this video, but watching it still made me happy haha! Apologies if already posted (pretty sure it was already), but i gave up on catching up on this thread way back in its page 4071 (i have it bookmarked).
  2. I've been distracting myself all day but i still can't help but remember that popped salchow and Yuzu's sad face, and this time when i thought about that, i said to my sister, "everytime i think about how Yuzu must be feeling last night and that big possibility that he wouldn't get gold, i feel these twinges in my heart". sister: "that's how it feels when one breaks up" me: "i didn't feel that in any break up i had" sister: "you must have not loved them then" me: "...good point"
  3. Excuse me, just passing by to greet you guys a happy new year! (Though admittedly, for me, there's something (re: Yuzu) missing.) But yeah, here's to a new, and hopefully, an injury/disaster-free, and all throughout happy year. Decided to greet the new year watching Yuzu's vids and catching up with this thread (only this thread because it'd probably take a whole year to catch up with ALL the threads). Love you guys! And oh yeah, I love that guy too.
  4. Last year's ACI videos are still available in SkateCanada's dailymotion. https://www.dailymotion.com/skatecanada/videos ForJoyTV will also broadcast ACI? Nvm, found it in our ACI thread.
  5. Woah this is so cool! ETA: How come I only saw this now?
  6. "Til now he has always walk the talk." "This challenging spirit is maybe one of Hanyu's origin."
  7. It's on the CiONTU shirt. Was there a broadcast of FaOI today? Is it available in ForJoy TV and which channel if yes? ETA: Found it. Channel 48.
  8. Yuzu gets injured a lot that we can't help but panic over a pinky injury.
  9. I see the "4" in the "A" of the "Axel". 👀
  10. It really is at an ungodly hour for me (starts at 12am) and I have a business to run early in the morning. Thankfully my sister offered to take over so I could catch up on sleep. I suppose she got scared of my panicked-and-whining-fanyu-face and got fed up with my wailing.
  11. https://twitter.com/j_christine_c/status/1039726614764908544 Uhh, i just checked and his wiki is still not fixed! ETA: Twitter link did not embed... Yuzu's wikipedia page is a mess.
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