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  1. Considering what the voting panel looks like I'm not getting my hopes up on Yuzuru. But international popularity aside, imo Yuzuru should receive the award for everything you mentioned above and more..... and also winning the Olympics with an Olympic record after 3/4 months of hiatus and still damaged ankle is hella bad*ss so....
  2. I wonder if Laurerus can be swayed by the display of his popularity honestly if it was up to me he'd be nominated for Sportsman of the year but Ms. Katarina Witt pls help all these dudebros see the light
  3. You do realise what the further transformation of *that is right? [stares into the distance] it's a joke, please don't take that seriously
  4. Eh, ginger, marshmallow and white chocolate are all p normal stuff to put in hot chocolate imo.... not together at once maybe personally not a marshmallow fan but it's hardly the worst thing you could do to hot chocolate white hot chocolate and white chocolate latte is the real lie
  5. I mean zunda shake is quite delicious so I don't see why zunda can't go with hot chocolate it'll just add some "green" ness I'd imagine, and add some chunky bits to the drink right?
  6. looks like I missed some intense discussing here while I was gone whoops the floofy scarf [screams into the void]
  7. I know this isn't how it works,, but imagine if they decide they liked him enough to formulate a fragrance after him Yuzuru eau de parfum what would that even smell like
  8. Wallet? Wallet are you okay? Wallet stay awake ur goijng to be fine! Wallet don't leave me!! Wallet? WALLEEEETTTTTTTTT
  9. Good night guys, here are two adorable bbys talking to each other
  10. Helsinki is just a GP event, it's replacing Cup of China this season and presumably the next too GPF this year is in Canada. GP Helsinki will start on 2nd November.
  11. Yuzuru became a senior in 2010 when he was 15 yrs old actually... which is probably why it feels like forever ago bc if you think abt it him and Jason B. and heck, Maxim Kovtun and Mikhail Kolyada are all roughly the same age but no one says anything abt how Jason, Kovtun or Kolyada are old ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Rly the big difference is Yuzuru was a hyped and talented Junior who carries the hype to Seniors and consistently delivers on that hype. No disrespect to Jason, Kovtun or Kolyada ofc, but all three had a "rough patch" where they weren't able to deliver on the hype surrounding them and didn't fulfill the audience's expectations, so had attention taken off them during that "patch" as a result.
  12. Maybe we should all wog.... for Yuzuru
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