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On 06/09/2017 at 10:52 AM, Lunna said:

And I remmember times when for example France had good skaters in every discipline... i think money is the main issue plus maybe lack of skating schools for kids.


I think the french skating federation is the main issue...

Because there are quite a lot of rinks here, and they're not particularly expensive (thanks to grants)


 I know Joubert is trying to open a skating school but doesn't get much support. Candeloro and Bonalt complained about the federation.


And, well, everybody knows what happened when Gaillaguet was head of the isu... he's still head of the french federation.

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I'm sorry about the pessimistic look, but sadly I don't see FS getting much traction here in Spain, even if Javi's success has indeed done something towards the awareness of the sport. At the end of the day, it's very much a case of the snake that bites its own tail: you need available facilities so people can actually get the idea to start skating and act on it, but to build those you need funding and to get that there needs to be a big enough interest to justify the spenditure, which inevitably comes from the exposure to the sport and the availability of rinks :facepalm: Thus, it never really takes off, and as long as you don't have a good base population in the sport, the outliers that show special talent (like Javier) might be lucky enough to get scouted, but will always have to leave because they can't grow to their full potential here.


I appreciate very much what Javi's trying to do and I hope his plans to be a coach and help out here go as well as possible, but things would really have to change a lot to get any long-lasting results before the momentum of his own career disappears from people's minds... and now I'm all depressed because I will miss him so much when he retires and FS goes back to being even more obscure T__T

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