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  1. General Skating Chat

    Is it the right thread to post this ? Some VERY questionable scoring by the USA and Chinese judges. And an admirable japanese judge. It's really disturbing. There's always some national bias, but here is just completely nuts ? I mean, putting Yuzu in FIFTH place ? Really ? Giving a world record score to Chen, and 25 points higher than Yuzu ??? Putting Vincent Zhou ahead of Yuzu ??? That's just open cheating ! I really hope there will be some investigation. It's as bad a cheating than doping in other sports.
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    Yuzu also said that he didn't land one in an interview last summer. I guess Max and Miki had false info... Or perhaps he did the rotations but fell, which would explain both versions ?
  3. Ode à Yuzu - forum francophone

    Le bon côté des choses c'est qu'il y a tellement peu de commentaires sur le patinage artistique que ce n'est pas dur de remonter le niveau moyen
  4. Ode à Yuzu - forum francophone

    à ce propos, personne ne veut commenter les articles de l'équipe sur le patinage avec moi ? C'est assez désespérant les commentaires, entre les gros racistes qui descendent mae-bérénice Meite et Vanessa Morgan et ceux qui hurlent au scandale à tout bout de champ, y'a personne pour vraiment parler du sport...
  5. Ode à Yuzu - forum francophone

    J'ai envie de pousser un petit coup de gueule : ça me sidère que Nelson Montfort soit aussi inculte en patinage artistique après avoir commenté la discipline depuis plus de trente ans. Il défie l'entendement... Voilà c'est dit.
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    I'm cracking up at the french main sports newspaper, who chose a photo of baby mushroom Yuzuru as a profile photo for him https://www.lequipe.fr/Aussi/AussiFicheAthlete40802.html I'm quite surprises they wrote an article about this morning practice. They're barely covering figure skating... https://www.lequipe.fr/Patinage-artistique/Actualites/Patinage-hanyu-est-bien-a-pyeongchang/875374
  7. For all that's worth, philippe candeloro has been saying the same things on french tv for days...
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    I love Brian Orser
  9. Is it the right topic to post Nathan Chen's superbowl add ? I must say, the american PR is impressive... The CM is really cool, but I can't help but smile (and cry a bit) at all this attempt to make mens figure skating look as virile as possible (except when chosing the costume, thankfully )
  10. God... it's becoming real... I'm not ready... !
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    Yes, as far as we know, they could have just rolled a dice and decided who would be in who's team randomly.
  12. General Skating Chat

    Since Yuzu is taller, his jumps should look smaller, not bigger, relatively... That makes no sense. I'm a physicist, and this sounds a lot like total nonsense to me. Without friction of air and ice, the trajectory is a simple parabola, and that's it, and as was said before there is no way thoses numbers make logical sense. OK, mechanics are not my field, but optics is and the same poster states later that "watch the jumps from a gif is like pretending to watch the stars with binoculars instead of a telescope" and that is just BS. You can still measure the distance between stars with binoculars, so I'm pretty sure you can see in a gif the height of a jump if you know the height of the athlete. It's not even physics, it's basic geometry.
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    According to that video there are 5 disciplines in rigure skating and ice dance has three programs while the other have two...
  14. General Skating Chat

    sorry to be of topic, but that sounds really interesting - do you have a link, by any chance ?
  15. Ode à Yuzu - forum francophone

    c'est le genre de problème qu'une fédération pourrait être à même de régler... non ? J'essaie de voir si à côté de chez moi il y a moyen de prendre des cours pour adultes mais c'est de 7h à 8h en semaine, à 15 km de chez moi dans les bouchons... ça va pas le faire.