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  1. Team Russia

    Well, as I said above, I think Icarus is a good start to form one's own opinion - of course the journalist is american and Rodchenkov is his friend and he shows his point of view, so there is a bias, but still, what is shown about doping in general (not only in russia, in the usa too), Rodchenkov's personnality, and the facts that are shown and which were confirmed by the commissions are a good starting point for each one to build its own idea. And from then, search in reliable medias if there are other points of view. And of course I'm aware that opinions differ, that things are generally much more complicated than they look, and that you can see the same facts completely differently depending on the point of view. But I'm a scientist too, since I'm a researcher in physics, and I know that an opinion is an opinion, but a fact is a fact. Some people may have the opinion that global warming doesn't exist and that God created the earth 6000 years ago, do I have to consider their opinion on the same level than the scientific ones, which are based on proofs and facts ? I reacted because implying that "there is no reliable media, they twist reality" is the open door to the lies and alt facts, imho. Not every opinion has the same value. There is the smal bias, and then there's the outright lie. None of them is the truth, but one of them is still one piece of the puzzle, while the other one goes directly to the trash. (I didn't even give my point of view about the Sotchi doping affair, btw, as it wasn't my point at all)
  2. Team Russia

    I respectfully disagree. Reliable, serious media and testimonies still exist, thankfully, and the truth can generally be found once you've read or watched several of said sources. It's just that the truth is never simple. Very happy that Putin won't boycott. I'm very hopefull now. Then if russian athletes go to Peongchang under a "neutral" russian banner, then I think a very diplomatic solution to a very delicate problem would have been found. *crosses fingers* Seriously, though. A ladies event without Zhenia would be so weird. The medals wouldn't have the same value. And she deserves so much to compete !
  3. Team Russia

    Perhaps you should still watch it before judging it ? And other sources too ? And make your own opinion based on facts and different testimonies, see who you believe, who you don't ? With that "I don't trust anybody" attitude there's no room for real information and critical mind, and much more room for alt facts. The less you search for the truth, the more room you make for disinformation. "Icarus" was at first a documentary about doping in cycling, after the Lance Armstrong affair. They began filming it years before Sotchi. The idea was : the journalist takes some doping drugs, and films the effects, and talks about doping in sports, especially in america. But the twist is : the guy who advices the journalist right from the beginning about the drugs is Grigorii Rodchenkov. The head of the anti-doping russian agency who was the whistle blower in the russian state doping affair in Sotchi. And they were still filming the documentary when the shit hit the fans, so you see all happening "live". And, yes, it's very eye-opening. And you have facts, but also the personnality of Rodchenkov who is quite a strange man. It's fascinating. And I really hope russian athlete go to peongchang
  4. Team Russia

    About the doping at Sotchi, the documentary "Icarus" on Netflix is very eye-opening (and can be watched as a real-life thriller, bette than Hollywood, it's incredible).
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    And my daughter is just born... (but I was a young mother, I'm still young !! I'm still... *sobs*)
  6. This is definitely my favourite yuzu interview. Thanks so much for translating it !
  7. I like one quote by Gabriella in this CM. She says that she noticed that, the times they skated best, they both almost felt as if they were "above their bodies" -- it reminds me a bit of Yuzu, being "in the zone" for his best skates, too. That moment when instinct and inspiration take over in a kind of trance.
  8. UR calls aside, Satoko is a gorgeous skater, and she's the one who almist singlehandedly carried japan's pride in ladies event since Sotchi by winning world titles and GP titles - since Mao and Kanako struggled so much. That and the fact that she's back at her best level so quickly after her jorrible injury and coming back to the ice... She totally deserves that spot, imho. Yes Mai and Kaori are absolutely amazing, but they still need to mature a little bit in the components compared to Satoko, and their time will come. All in all, the next years are going to be great for japanese ladies !
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    Yes there are at least 5 pages less than a few minutes ago.
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    And what's even better is when you read the other skater's bios : none is nowhere as lyrical as the one written for Yuzu
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    He looks scary on this magazine
  12. Hey, remember us?

    lol spins seem so easy when Stephane is showing how to do them XD
  13. As for the Yeti... I just remembered that some months ago I received a photo from my nephews with this Mascot http://www.tourisme-hautes-pyrenees.com/offre/fiche/vous-avez-dit-parfait/SEJMIP065V5056AL It was not at the same place, but perhaps yeti mascots are trendy right now in France ?
  14. Yes, I'm pretty sure the choice of big plastic stars instead of medals was not for the money, but was indeed for the style You know, to stand out ^^
  15. Well, they have no money since their main sponsor left them (for good reasons it seems)... it's difficult to know who's to blame here. Still, people who went at this event found it was well organized and that the crowd was great.