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  1. Team Canada

    Love his skating and music choices <3
  2. Japanese study group

    I'm in love with the new books I've bought but... sadly they're in french (The "Banzai" method and the grammar "neko no te" (Ellipse ed))
  3. Japanese study group

    To learn kanas and kanjis, the "kanji-study" app is pretty great - and free for the "basic" level (kanas + the radicals + the first 80 kanjis) - it should take you some time to master this level. And it can check automatically if you write them well, and do all sorts of quizzes that make kanji learning almost like a game (but it's still a lot of work, of course, sadly). As for a japanese free method per se, I don't know sorry. I've always buyed books. Thanks a lot @surimi. Yes, I think I'm pretty sociable, but my problem is a very busy life and lack of time... and the frustrating fact that I'm totally unable to express myself in japanese (yet ?) But actually, I've been contacted directly by a PH japanese user living in Paris, so, yay me !
  4. Figure skating & safety

    Yeah, this is really heartbreaking. I've checked if there was an update on her health, but she doesn't mention the concussion anymore in her recent interviews. Hope she's getting better, I have no idea if you can heal from this kind of injury.
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    These last days were incredibly cute, Yuzu never disappoints But what amazes me is the media coverage 0_o. How many TV programs have there been these last 24 hours ? (as for people who prefer not being associated with PH... Well, let's say that there are other reasons than the ones that were given here, and these reasons are perfectly understandable - but they were erased, or are in hidden parts of the forum. Anyway, I don't want to spoil the mood, it is a day for cuteness overload after all )
  6. Figure skating & safety

    I just came across this article about Gabriella Papadakis, where she talks about a concussion she had in 2015 : It's terrifying too. which means more or less :
  7. Programs We Remember

    Dai <3 His best programs are really unique. Few skaters have had so much style and modernity in their skating.
  8. Haha he looks like a soccer player
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    I think Yuzu won't r**** as long as he hasn't landed 4Lz and 4A in competition. So I think we can safely bet on at least 2 more years
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    Ahem. Shae has done a lot of wonderful work for other skaters, and the glimpses of her work with Nathan we've seen so far are very exciting. And so what ? It's good for the sport when the programs are thrilling. As long as the best one wins
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    All this talk about his current layout... don't forget that "4Lz" is easy to write to make some base value calculations, but super difficult to perform irl. We're talking about a jump people didn't think would happen in competition just two seasons ago. We know Yuzu is working on it. We also know he aims at perfect performances. The way I understand his current layout and the fact that he's training 3A as a last jump for emergency, make me think that he wants to add the 4Lz (in 4S stead) and is preparing for it - but will add it only if he is consistent enough to skate the program clean. In a way, if I'm right, he's applying the strategy Brian wanted him to use last season with the 4Lo...
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    Lol when I went home amd saw that the thread had grown so much in a few hours I thought that the FS had been revealed XD
  13. Japanese study group

    Yeah I live in paris neighborhood. There are several chinese areas in paris, and a japanese one where we can eat tasteful Ramens and buy japanese books in japanese bookshops However the asian I've spent time with when I was studying where generally from vietnam and cambodia (probably because they were former french colonies). And I had two french/japanese friends at one point but the problem was, they spoke french better than myself so we never used japanese to discuss Once I helped a japanese family lost in paris subway though, speaking to them in japanese... god, never again have any people bowed that much at me They were lovely. Sorry for telling my life XD
  14. Japanese study group

    Thanks a lot for your answer I'll check those websites and perhaps I'll find myself a japanese friend ?
  15. Japanese study group

    Hi everyone I'm not sure this is the right place for this post, but who knows ? I've been studying japanese by myself since I was 13 (not intensively) but the thing I've always missed is someone to talk or to write to - it still is the best way to learn a language, and I think I've been stagnating for this reason. so I was wondering if by any chance you would know a way to find a japanese penfriend, who would be interested in exchanging some mail with a friendly 40 yo french woman, in order to practice language and exchange about our cultures (or anything really ?) ? Are there websites for internatinal friends for instance, or Idk ?