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2 hours ago, Puniyo said:



Apparently this was an interview between Matsuoka and Yuzuru (he looks tired here), with Shizuka and Nobu-san explaining why his Loop is successful and demonstrating the complexity of his step sequence... like how he has a good angle for the take-off and how he uses his upper body during the sequence (which makes it hard to balance the different steps but he still does it naturally). This was what I got with my broken Japanese but interesting video nonetheless ^^

This is interesting. Would be great to find a translation of this. Always eager to learn more about the intricacies of Yuzu's programs, esp. the step sequences.

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46 minutes ago, Floria said:

Do anyone remember how this season started for us? The first public perfomance after the injury, "White Legend" (from 8:10).

Could we imagine Swan EX then? And gold at Worlds?




Several things I love about this video... I'll just name a couple to keep it short:

1) Breath puffs. I'd never seen a video in which you could see his breath puffs in the air! Marvellous! You can see he is breathing hard during the whole performance...
2) As soon as he finishes and they interview him, his eyes are red and teary. Such a precious moment. White legend is a fantastic program...

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