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2022 Yuzuru Birthday project

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Here's my submission:

Happy birthday dear Yuzu! Your have always been a ray of light in the dark for many, and your skating is everything I love about figure skating. Have the happiest birthday and I wish you the absolute best in the coming year. 

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Guess who else waited till deadline was almost up to submit? :whiteflag:despite saying 1month ago I'd start thinking about it? keyword being "thinking", I guess :embSwan:


supershort vid this time LOL, music shouldn't be an issue since there's literally only one sentence of the song in there

link under spoiler



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Happy birthday Yuzuru! 
It's been less than a year since I became a fan, a little before Beijing. But I'm really grateful that I found you at that time. Thank you so much for all your hard work and warmth. 
I'm looking forward to everything you can do, now that you're no longer limited by the rules of competition. 
I'll do my best to help you to keep doing what you love 😊 
Because you are our light. Please be happy. 
Stay strong, stay sweet, stay yourself 👋

Elsarendel from France 

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I sent an e-mail with my birthday wishes to Yuzu this morning. 🎁

I wanted to send pics of mine to go along with my wishes and spent days choosing because I have so many and couldn't decide which ones to pick. :13877886:

The curse of perfectionism. :tumblr_inline_mqt4grU8ua1qz4rgp:

But I made it in time! :dancingpooh:


Thank you for organizing everything, dear Planet Hanyu team! :thanks:

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Done! Just sent an email with my message and whatever artistic expression my un-artistic self could manage to make 🎁




The message:



Wishing you a new year of life full of health, love, and happiness. May you advance towards achieving your dreams and creating new ones.

Supporting and cheering for you forever dearest Yuzu!
Wintek (Canada)

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Dear Yuzu - one of my greatest inspirations as an artist and an individual - Happy Birthday! You’ve come so far. Now, you opened another chapter in your life. Just keep doing what you want to do. We will always be with you. I am so glad you can feel our love and support because that is the least we can do to pay for what you have been giving us.


I wish you joy and health. Once again, Happy Birthday! Cheers!


Apple MCD (Philippines) 🎁

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Happy birthday yuzu!!!🎂

I wish you a bless 28th birthday. I just found a quote on pinterest.


"I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen."

-winnie the pooh-


I have been a fanyu since 2019. And I'm glad to be on this fanyu journey with you and the other fanyus around the world. A blink of an eye, four years has passed. And I'm even more happy because you has brought us to a new journey, that is your pro skater journey. Prologue is a magical ice show to me. I've never seen an ice show like that before. I also hope your ice show in Hachinohe can run smoothly.


Lastly, I hope all your dreams can come true. Always do the things that you want. I'll always support you no matter what🐨


お誕生日おめでとう 羽生結弦さん



bluemaxis from malaysia🎁

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Hello fellow satellites and mothership,


I also send my contribution to the Yuzu Birthday party by email just a few minutes ago .

Thank you for arranging magnificent event once again🙏🏻I hope Yuzuru will have a chance to watch it together with us :balloons-smiley:

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Yuzuru, I would like to wish you a very happy birthday !!!
I hope that you will enjoy your day as you want to, stay healthy and take care of yourself.
Fanyus will support you in your new projects as a professional skater, just do what makes you happy !
So please, believe in yourself as much as we believe in you !

With love and respect 💙
A fan from France

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