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2022 Yuzuru Birthday project

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Dear fellow satellites:satellite: and friends :tumblr_inline_nhkf0oKdhx1qid2nw:


Yuzu’s Birthday is approaching and we would like to start preparing the celebration! :dancingpooh: This year is so special because Yuzu turned pro athlete and his birthday will be few days after his second show Prologue at Hachinohe. It's definitely a new chapter and so far one filled with much joy and happiness. So please do participate and let us send a strong message of love together!


For this year we have planned three parts/steps:


1) Send in & Collection of "Happy birthday wishes" 

From Saturday, Oct. 22 until Nov. 19, 23:59 JST you can send your birthday wish for Yuzu via:

  • Planet Hanyu by posting your wish in this special thread (maximal text length: 100 words). It would be nice if you could include a photo, video or fanart too, however it's not mandatory. OR


  • E-mail by sending us a birthday wish for Yuzu on [email protected] including a photo, video or fanart to go with it. 


Please remember to:

  • Refrain from using/sending fanart and fan photography if not yours!
  • If your video has BGM, please take into account that we might have to replace it for the streaming on YT as music copyrights are strict. However we'll restream your original version on Twitch and also repost the full version later on Planet Hanyu's video archive.
  • Add your (nick-)name and country!


:626gdau:GIVEAWAYS: We love a good party and many presents!! If you'd like to enter our giveaway, please just add 🎁 emoji in your email or at the end of your wish in PH's thread.


2) YouTube livestream: Happy Birthday Yuzu!

Planet Hanyu has now a YouTube channel (please subscribe here!) and this year we will celebrate by streaming our wishes via YouTube! We'll go live on December 7th at 0.00 JST (December 6th at 16:00 CET) and invite you to join us, chat and celebrate together Yuzu's birthday! We have also prepared giveaways for people who comments in the chat during the streaming (winners will be randomly selected). 


3) Celebrating the 7th of December in Twitter

Starting on December 7th at 0.00 JST and during 24 hours, we invite you to tweet your birthday wishes to Yuzu using the hashtag #Happy28thBirthdayYuzu (please use the hashtag only on that day!).

4) Special YuzuSkatingParty 

On Saturday 10th of December at 5pm CET we'll restream the birthday wishes in a special edition of our YuzuSkatingParty! 

Join us via twitch.tv/planethanyu or planethanyu.com/tv



Please help us by sending as soon as possible your wish, do not wait till the deadline! This will allow our team to have time to work on a nice edit. Let’s get our wishes ready and celebrate Yuzu’s birthday together!


YuzuSkatingParty team :balloons-smiley:

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Happy birthday, dear Yuzu!🎂🥳 Congratulations for a new start!🎊 Don't worry and go ahead.🥰We will always be with you!💕Wish you happy and healthy.😘

Happy skating!⛸️⛸️

                         From Alicez, China



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Happy Birthday dear Yuzu ! :heart: I am always touched by your skating whenever I watched those videos about you. I am inspired by your determination and work ethics. Always remember that we fanyus and pooh-san are always there to support you in every way. Take Care Yuzu !!! :balloons-smiley::puddingpooh:


love, Belle from Philippines

13 hours ago, ImmortalBeloved said:

Here you go. It is a 36 second video with sound. 




EDIT: I emailed it as well just incase.





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Dear Yuzu, Your beautiful skating has been part of my life for 8 years now. Seeing you on the ice for the first time is something I will never forget, because you’re skating with your whole body, heart and soul. It is something so pure and intimate that it touches people deeply. You were truly made for your skates, so I hope you will continue skating for many years to come. Happy first birthday as a pro athlete ! I will always keep an eye on your projects as I know you still have so much to share. Terrapin. 

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Happy birthday, Yuzuru! As a fellow early December baby, I hope your day is warm and that you feel loved after all your successful Prologue shows. We'll continue supporting you as always, so I hope you get to do everything you want and more. All I wish is for you to find joy in your own ideal skating. Take care, stay safe, and happy birthday! 

Love, Hali from USA 





This edit I made a while back is kind of long and uses a copyrighted song ("Boku no Koto") so no hard feelings if you can't show it during the stream! You can show my little sketch below it instead if that would work better, either one is fine with me. Thank you for putting together this project!

(Edited this to add a new shorter edit I made the other day that might be a better fit (“To Be Alive”), very sorry for making this post so long with all the added media 🙏)



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Dear Yuzu,


I wish you a wonderful 28th birthday. Your skating has always given me joy and happiness, but also a lot of courage, especially to overcome the hardships of the past few months.

It is an honor to follow your skating career, both as a competitor and professional. Your dedication and work ethics motivated me to improve your page series on English Wikipedia over the last years, which is on its way to become the most thorough encyclopedic compendium about an individual athlete across all sports. It makes me very happy to present you this very exclusive birthday present, with your latest article being featured at the top of Wikipedia's mainpage today:




Please keep up your amazing work! I'm looking forward to your next performances




*Note: The blurb text in the green box might be subject to change until December 7, but I think it should be fine to use this version regardless.

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happiest birthday to the golden boy, yuzu:animated-smileys-angels-151:


your performance has been my comfort through the hardest journeys in my life and when i found out you have gone in a professional career path,  it reminded me that not all endings are sad and it is only the beginning of the great things you will do:heart: i am very happy to say that i am with you from the very beginning of your pro career:animated-smileys-character-075:

may you continue to grow and learn new things and i wish you the best of luck in your pro career and your new ice show:loveshower:


love lots, dorothy from philippines🎁



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Here is my 28 second:giggle: birthday message video: 





I drew the image myself for Yuzu's birthday and the music is royalty-free (Gentle Documentary by Danail Draganov), so it should be safe for streaming. :)

Thank you for your hard working with #YuzuSkatingParty and for organizing this birthday project! :party0037:🎁


(Please don't post/upload the video outside of PlanetHanyu other than for this project. tysm!)

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Here is my submission for the birthday project also sent by email to the [email protected] address


Dear Hanyu sama, wishing you a very Happy Birthday. May you have a birthday filled with joy and all your dreams come true


Dear Hanyu same wishing you a very Happy お誕生日おめでとうございます



The clock time is 11:12 for the new chapter, but it is difficult to see, used some little cogs and gears in keeping with the clock archway at Prologue with golden feathers and of course trusty companion Pooh

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