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  1. Amazing!!!! I laughed so hard.
  2. The way he manhandles Brian 🤣
  3. Fingers crossed for a global tour/ easy ticket channels for foreign fans. Yuzu please, I beg
  4. I hope he takes out his Sochi medal for a date with ice chan❤️
  5. Gold gold gold gold Bet you he'd take out his Sochi 🏅 and stare at it lovingly
  6. But anyway Yay Feb for Yuzu Olympic anniversaries. Yuzu & Gold, best love story ever❤️
  7. Just a load of bs This doesn't change what's broken at the core of the judging
  8. Fingers crossed you find something at cost
  9. Try to get an all even ticket if you can. You pre register for that one so you just need the buyer's ticket number and birthdays. The you put in your own info/photo
  10. He thought Alina would win PC. Clearly he's got an eye for this stuff somehow.
  11. Also. I just want on ice perspective videos of all Yuzu's programs. Please universe.
  12. And I met a bunch of the ITL girls at SCI and they clearly adore Yuzu and was so overwhelmingly happy for him. And they spent hours after the comp editing photos at night and heading super early to take practice photos. It clearly takes so much work. It's a fan effort, and in large part inspired by Yuzu in the beginning. I don't agree with what they say all the time either but I don't think it's ever done maliciously.
  13. Has a winter Olympian lit the cauldron for a summer game before?
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