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  1. I have an extra Thursday ticket for sale. Place DM me if you're interested.
  2. I plan on arriving Wednesday morning. Just in case men's practice is on Wednesday.
  3. Can you add me as well? I also might be interested depending on the price. Thanks a lot!!!!
  4. Thanks for the offer! But I plan on arriving on the 23rd so might as well just keep my booking. I suspected there's gonna be a large group of FS ppl at that place for the duration of SCI.
  5. Me too! Solidarity Hopefully good satellites will post the link here. I got delayed notification last time for SCI presale too.
  6. I hope USFS gets investigated thoroughly.
  7. I second the train between Montreal and Toronto, both train stations are in City centre and the ride is quite comfortable. I used to take this train route a lot in University.
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