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  1. Second this. Montreal driving is quite infamous in Canada. But the metro is really convenient for downtown area.
  2. jinxxoo

    2019 Fantasy on Ice

    I've never been to Sendai. Maybe good time to visit
  3. jinxxoo

    Team Canada

    Gabby's going to Canadian National's
  4. Yeah I think Shoma should probably skip 4CC to focus on WC too, that report did say severe sprain. So maybe he'll need some off ice rest time plus rehab. It's not like JSF needs this year's results for 4CC spots next year. They can send the first alt, which is Sota? Maybe Yuzu will at least keep Origin and haru yo koi for next year?
  5. Shoma good fight! Daisuke's PCS was too high for me for that program.
  6. Kazuki is so cute. But I'm not sure if that was enough for a WC spot. Fingers crossed!
  7. When does Japan usually announce their 4CC team?
  8. I eyed the second hand tickets on viagogo again, the prices are just really too steep
  9. jinxxoo

    [2018] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    I found Liza to be better live. Her jumps were better and light, and her energy was palpable.