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  1. Dont know how to recover from the emotional ending of FaOI 22.
  2. Tearing at home. Was so emotional & anxious watching the encore. Dont want this to end.
  3. What does this mean? Left sleeve roll up?????
  4. Mai was so wonderful. I teared. So loving this Tour B!❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏
  5. Jason was wonderful with Memory! ❤️
  6. Mai was wonderful. Gave me goose pumps.
  7. Thia program is so lovely. ❤️
  8. I think the reason is bcoz everyone just wanna see Yuzu and left while others skated. 🤣
  9. Feel so bad. Accessing from Malaysia. VPN india or singapore then only can load planet. 🥲
  10. Anyone having same problem as me? I can only access the planet via VPN. But not if without VPN. Not sure what happened.
  11. So we can actually cancel our ticket if Yuzu decided not to compete ag SC? Just wondering. Coming from Asia is not cheap but also do not want to miss the chance to see Yuzu.
  12. Oh ok. Tks. I'll hide the post then.
  13. Hope you found out the timing is wrong by now. 😁 You are 1hr earlier.
  14. Just wonder if there's any difference between this yr's FAOI and the past years? He wasnt as wilding as this yr?
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