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  1. I saw him in my Youtube recommendations around December after watching Yuna’s Concerto in F. And before I knew it, I became a fanyu! I signed up for Planet Hanyu because I thought there was a livestream here for Worlds 2021ㅠㅠ I was still a baby fanyu so I had no idea what was going on Not yet because I’m mostly active in Twitter but I would be happy to make irl friends here<33 Not yet but I would love to if given the chance No:(( I’m too broke to buy any tickets in international comps I like how this fandom is so dedicated to yuzu and I can really see all the hard work that the Planet Hanyu team put in their giveaway, twitch streams, the video archives etc. so kudos to the hardworking staff Yes pleasee
  2. Omg thank you so much🙇‍♀️ from the bottom of my heart💖✨~ I'm so happy☺️ you hosted this giveaway and live stream🌟
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