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  1. [NEWS] I can't believe there's only one more mystery clue to reveal from the list.
  2. [NEWS] Hehe, some of us guessed correctly.
  3. I'm so excited for notte stellata (and sad that I can't go ), but where is the photo of this eventful meeting? We saw a few photos of Yuzu and artists, so they must have taken photos backstage....
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  5. Thanks @LiaRy for uploading them to the video section! Is Part 3 muted for anyone else? I can't get it to play sound.
  6. Managed to catch up with NHK's Kouhaku Uta Gassen program (thanks starry!). It's long but looked like so much fun, and it was nice to see the musicians I recognize (OMG @Anabel Yuzu and Hyde in the same hall. Please skate to a Hyde ballade, Yuzu ) and discover new ones. Some of the songs were so catchy and made me want to listen to more! Though I would likely not have watched it if it wasn't for Yuzu, so there's yet another example of Yuzu spreading Japanese culture. And we even got a few clips of Yuzu's skating in addition to the interactions with songs/musicians. It definitely had that end-of-year feel to it and it made me a bit sentimental. New Year's still a few hours away for me, but Happy New Year and best wishes for good health, happiness, and prosperity for all satellites who are already in 2023! And, of course, for Yuzu and his loved ones! Let's look forward to the new year together! Edit: The Last Rockstars thoughts on Yuzu: [NEWS]
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  9. Happy Merry Christmas to all celebrating and Happy Winter to everyone!
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