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21 minutes ago, YuDai said:



edit 2: @Pammi I don't want to keep spamming this thread lol, but I think it's mostly due to his magnificent chewing gum commercial:





He was just being self deprecating ....and maybe throwing us off the scent a bit into his master plan to metamorphise from figure skater to jpop/jrock icon lol

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48 minutes ago, YuDai said:

Thank you for the translation, it must have taken a lot of work. This part confuses me though:

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as I do ice shows, I tend to neglect the fact that I am not Yuzuru Hanyu who appears in the media, because I am so devoted to the performance, I wonder. Myself.

Does it mean that he is not as focused on his "image" during the ice shows?


Probably means he is just devoted to the performance, not really paying too much mind to the image he performs to the media, more or less. 


I'm now just patiently waiting for the proper translators to get a hold of most of this article, I've seen already some posts on his words about his current favorite program but not this meatier stuff; when he talks too much like this is always better to compare translations and not trust 100% in a non native speaker like myself LOL

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3 hours ago, SuzyQ said:

Arata Kitano, a photographer of Asahi Shimbun praised Toru Yano of Sports Hochi, who took the photos below.

His photos may be the best this time.




When I saw these yesterday I was driven to tweet Yaguchi Toru to say how stunning they were...then I read he only had Yuzuru sit for 30 seconds for them!! There is another one too that I have seen, all so beautiful, it's great to see another photographer praise him.

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1 hour ago, SuzyQ said:






52 minutes ago, Perelandra said:


L'application semble reconnaître que Yuzu est un homme de manière plus cohérente - 4 sur 4. Il a toujours des problèmes avec l'âge, même si c'est difficile parce que Yuzu a un visage si jeune


Certainly Yuzu still has fine features  :girlsigh: , but between 2015 (the 1st) and 2022 we can clearly see a Yuzu man's face of almost 28 years old and in photos : no comment and he is still PERFECT  :smiley-cool14: and  :thanks: for ALL the fanyus with your tweets and I learned more compared to yesterday's practice and this :LOL:Xylitol


And it's brand new and a comparison between Brian THE COACH and Yuzu THE CHAMPION and there's humor (be careful there's COC) and THANK YOU to whoever? who built this YT :2thumbsup: :tumblr_inline_mto5i3wxFW1qid2nw:  



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4 hours ago, SuzyQ said:


Actually the Google translation "he was mad at his mum for about 5 minutes" is not accurate. 冒頭5分あたりで means "At the time about 5 minutes or so passed from the beginning" or "at the time about 5 minutes or so into the beginning".


It may be true that Yuzuru did not want his mum to be filmed.

:thanks: for your reply!


Actually, I understood the original tweet, so I rewatched SharePractice to find the scene. It's around the 4:30 min mark of the video when he talked to his mum. :tumblr_inline_ncmifaymmi1rpglid:


But I also don't want to be quoted for my translation in case I misunderstood anything because it's about his mum, so I put it under spoiler.


Btw, I love how Yuzu's obsession with words, like 'statement of determination', SharePractice, and program names for some of his latest competitive programs :laughing:

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1 hour ago, Pammi said:

I am convinced he is a great singer, yet so many fans seem to think he can't sing to tune - I don't know why they think that?? (I promise, I am not tone deaf myself and have a good ear for musical voices) - well spotted Suzu, hearing him sing that little bit - I turned volume up to the max and he definitely CAN sing in tune!!!

EDIT oh I see someone else spotted it and let Sashida Fumiya know too

In order to find out about Yuzu's singing abilities, someone should ask a fellow skater that stood on the podium close to Yuzu during the playing of Kimigayo. Yuzu has such respect for the national anthem of Japan that he would be bound to sing this as well as he possibly could. On camera he is definitely singing whenever the anthem is played. 

Keegan Messing held the Hinomaru, so that it unfurled at Autumn Classic 2019, Yuzu would have been facing Keegan so Yuzu's singing voice would have been clearly heard by him. 

Most importantly, Yuzu would not have been wearing head/earphones, which can sometimes cause a little bit of voice tuning issues

There are of course many medal ceremonies where Yuzu is champion and Kimigayo is played, but the AC 2019 is most likely the best bet for investigation, if some amateur sleuthing is required.:peek:Come on Keegan tell the Planet - What is Yuzu's singing voice like?

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1 hour ago, Perelandra said:

In order to find out Yuzu's singing abilities, someone should ask another skater who stood on the podium near Yuzu during Kimigayo's performance. Yuzu has such respect for the national anthem of Japan that he would be bound to sing it as well as possible. On camera, he definitely sings whenever the anthem is played. 

Keegan Messing a tenu le Hinomaru, de sorte qu'il se soit déroulé à l'automne classique 2019, Yuzu aurait fait face à Keegan pour que la voix chantée de Yuzu ait été clairement entendue par lui. 

Plus important encore, Yuzu n'aurait pas porté de tête / d'écouteurs, ce qui peut parfois causer quelques problèmes de réglage de la voix.

Il y a bien sûr de nombreuses cérémonies de remise de médailles où Yuzu est champion et Kimigayo est joué, mais l'AC 2019 est probablement le meilleur pari pour l'enquête, si une enquête amateur est nécessaire. :a look:Allez, Keegan, dis à la planète - À quoi ressemble la voix chantée de Yuzu ?



I found this famous podium and in 1st Yuzu joking hard with Brian who is covered with  :pooh:  :yuzuhuh:and I have a thought for Kévin  :smiley-cool14: and I learn that the anthem of Japan is called the Kimigayo and Keegan (nice gesture that the public appreciate) with his excerpt from "november rain (que j'attends)" by GUN'S  :heartpound:  and the security guy who isn't joking.... and courteous Yuzu who lets Kevin's coach and another ACI from 2018 pass where we see the singer Yuzu and Roman S up close who is still too big  :LOL:  and I saw swans up close and they are fine

1 hour ago, meowmeownyan said:


swans are beautiful, elegant and terrifying. they are suitable for yuzu.







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