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1 hour ago, ralucutzagy said:

My faves:




Masquerade is beautiful too! 

tbh, I like almost all his costumes with a few exceptions. lol

and those exceptions are???

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2 minutes ago, ralucutzagy said:

Yeah I don't like the vertigo costume that much. I also don't like Notre Dame costume 2012. 

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I’m not sure the question asked but Yuzu said he wants to protect his fans. :sadPooh:




ETA I’m not sure if it’s known on the planet but for the past few days on Japanese Twitter, some fans have been attacking fan artists saying they should keep things to themselves/not draw Yuzu as Shinji. Apparently Yuzu knew all about it (he looks at Twitter) and said he loves fan art!




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The leather for the Masquerade costume was just too hot and heavy to wear. (Such a shame.)




He changed the choreo for both Masquerade and Crystal Memories (the two seen ti be twins) last night during practice so look forward to it!





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