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  1. Considering how bad it its in US right now, Jason's too lucky to be able to get back to canada.
  2. Finally we get confirmation. Its not like there would be a GP series this year so I think he's gonna be fine. At least in Japan he still has ice time to keep his shape. This would be the longest time his family be together after years in canada
  3. I don't get the comparison between Yuzuru's 4A and Evgenia's quad because there's abig difference between them. Yuzuru has been working on 4A for years, has best 3A and excellent jump technique in general and its still a wall for him. Not saying Evgenia's quad never happen but she also has alot more thing to do with her jumps atm (slower rotational speed, UR on 3-3, inconsistent 2A). After all there's multiple skaters who said they train quad but never attempt it outside the harness. I have heard about Jason's quad since 2014, even two quad SP but after years, he hasn't landed any clean quad in competition. I will believe when I see it.
  4. They probably don't have many option. In the middle of pandemic, off season with no ice show, no big news, no FS magazine, I can see its hard to reach out to official/high tier newspapers unless its local stars like Mao, Yuzuru, Dai, Shoma or Rika. Its better to stay silent.
  5. Since Flash and Josei Jishin are famous tabloids, having an exclusive interview on both is.... a choice
  6. Wonder why those US journalist didn't complain right from the beginning ? I'm sure if they did, ISU would happily add whatever award they want, best skater of the year, best yale skater, best skater of US nationals etc...
  7. The fact he (and P/C) got nominated over Alina and Evgenia say everything. Nathan win would be perfect for this clown award. I even hope he would get costume award as well ~
  8. I can see certain people would be like "ISU isn't against Yuzuru, they give him the awards", the same old with JSF. I hope fans won't come and reply under ISU's tweets. If you can't help but to discuss, do it while locking your twitter for a few days. By that way, ISU can't see the discussion and can't put it in their stats.
  9. I dont want Yuzuru to win any award, because its nonsense. But given how desperate ISU is and how they put him in trailer several times, he might. Whatever, I hope fans won't give this any click, view, reply, silence is the best way to react. Remember when they change the gala into this award after selling ticket and scream about sold out ticket = fans like this award. Do not discuss, do not fight about this no matter who's gonna win, do not give them traffic.
  10. Imo Rika is one of the smartest skater in current field. She actually has good vision and strategy. This season she handled her injury well while improving her consistency and not affect by the quad pressure from media. Its not like she never has rough season, her junior years are not great and as someone who has been watching her since then, I'm impress with how she grew as a competitor. After all, we don't have much info about this, what's the deal she has with TCC ? Maybe she could spend her summer/pre WC in TCC, the same way she trained in US in the past few years. With a fix secondary coaching team, Hamada doesn't have to travel with her and focus more on her new academy, I can totally see this. I just hope fans and media don't put more pressure and expectation on Rika just because she train in TCC and Yuzuru's there, although I don't have high hope. And the possible battle between Rika and Evgenia fans would be annoying.
  11. Tbh, I wonder what TCC has to offer Rika. Unlike Yuna, Yuzuru and Javi, she doesn't lack of ice time, she has a compete coaching team before TCC and get choreo from all TCC- relate choreoghrapher before. In term of politics, aside from Med and Jason who get good score because of their big fed, TCC has lost alot in this game when they're one of the biggest/most decorated coaching team in the world. Its likely the technical side, aka quad with Ghislain. She's smart about his career in the past 2 season so I hope this turn out fine for her.
  12. This is just so good, I never get tired of watching Seimei. The confidence, the sureness, mastery really shown in this performance. Love the exit after 3lz. And one of rare days when he get the score he deserve.
  13. Javi has alot of this kind of program and I think Guys and dolls is the best of them all, although this style is not a cup of my tea. Score still abit high, especially spin goe but I think late 2015-early 2016 is Javi's best form. After that, his axis and rotation speed, and speed across the ice got abit worse
  14. Agreed. There's many skaters like that. Back to Boyang, I'm glad he's improved alot, because there's almost nothing in this performance, no edge, stiff knee and all.
  15. I always feel with Shoma, you have to find the music that fit him. He's a good performer but his IN is limited
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