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  1. Yeah, I said Satoko has an advatage of GP medal but in term of performance, they're the same to me. Yuhana has better jumps, Satoko has better pcs so idk what would be the best choice since they're both not very consistent for now. Idk if Tomoe has enough time to get TES min for 4CC (21 days before the comp). A test skate for 3rd spot between Kaori, Satoko, Yuhana would give everyone the same chance but JSF won't do that. So I think they would give WC to Satoko and 4CC for Yuhana
  2. His RT today is great, aside from final 3A, love his smile after landing 4lo. From the media and fans reports, seem like he's more relax and his condition is better. Maybe he had some good rest and its always good to see his smile. I think its a good decision to go back 4Teu3S because the -3F combo is still new and need more focus. He doesn't need that in this competition.
  3. Aside from a few messy skate from final group, I still enjoy this ladies's event. Very nice skating and overall japanese ladies have strong basic, their knee bend, flow across the ice are a treat to watch. Lots of good program with different parterns and good ice coverage. And aside from Tomoe's score I think this event judging is quite good. Not perfect, but one of the better judging/tech panel. I would love to see this at international comp but we'll never get it.
  4. Normally, gold and silver medalist get both. And in this case, Wakaba, Yuhana, Kaori, Satoko's GP season are the same imo. Satoko has bit advantage because of her silver but her jumps are worse and since she's not consistent, its easier to push her down than ever. I agreed with you about 4CC/WC team, although I would like to see a skate off between Yuhana/Kaori/Satoko for the 3rd WC spot, like Rus test skate last year.
  5. Rika and Wakaba are lock for 4CC and WC. That's it. The question is the 3rd spot. Yuhana, Satoko, Kaori all have alot of issue, especially since Satoko's trademark consistency is gone. Tomoe should be closer to Wakaba. 2 clean programs and she's only 2 points above Satoko for bronze. Robbed.
  6. Tbh, Tomoe is inconsistent as well. And senior WC is a different beast, lots of skaters bomb at their WC debut even though they did well for the whole season. I think Yuhana deserve WC spot. Satoko's GPs was not really stronger than her. But JSF will choose Satoko.
  7. No. But base on JSF's history, they never send junior to senior WC. Even Shoma didn't get that during 2014-15 season and it tells you everything I think they will send Satoko to WC and with the state of her jumps, it's a big gamble. She's less the a point above Yuhana and very close to Kaori as well. would like to see a skate off between Satoko Kaori and Yuhana for the 3rd spot.
  8. They better give her 158 Edit : wait, her 3T should get call, so, 155
  9. Rika's gonna win by 20+ points. Seriously, give her all the points. She is the most consistent JPN lady and best hope for medal by a mile.
  10. Oh dear this is the worst LP I have seen from Satoko for a long time. The jumps are pains
  11. That's one of better LP from Marin these days. Sigh. To think she used to land 3S3T in 2nd half LP and now, its just sad.
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