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  1. Agreed. There's no rivalry if they are not judged by the same standard and rules.
  2. Shoma has 4lo in 2nd half of 2016-17 and Oly season. If I remember right, he has to place his blade abit different to land it, but this cause him another issues so he stopped doing 4lo after Olympic. Yuzuru said he landed 4F a few times in practice. I hope one day we could see it. His flip edge is getting better and tbh there's not many 4F in the field, let alone the a nice one.
  3. His job is a coach, but these day you cant ignore PR game/SNS , whether you like it or not. Yuzuru is a skater and his job is to skate but I'm sure if he says/does something off, people would go after him anyway. Tracy and Ghislain never face any backfire from their media talk so far. People mad at Brian but not other TCC coaches because he's listed as Yuzuru's main coach. Again, attacking on is IGs is all kind of wrong but as I said this could avoid easily. For sure Yuzuru would learn alot from this, and I hope the same for TCC. It might be abit awkward for both of them when they start to talk (according to the article, its today) but Brian's a professional, he could understand its not Yuzuru's fault at all. As for the article, maybe its not all Brian said but this is not the first time he give his interview to Phil either. If you know how Phil dose with his writing, maybe abit more careful, or ask for pre reading. When I worked in publisher, I often send a draft to those I interviewed, especially the exclusive interview, whether they demand it or not. Sometimes you can interpret people's word in your own way and it could go wrong. And this is online article which can edit easily as well. If Brian say A and Phil write B, I can't believe Brian doesn't contact and ask him to change, unless he never read the article after publishing. Honestly, this article just add more fuel and turn this situation into "he said she said" and its not good at all. Hopefully it won't bring more trouble to Yuruzu/Brian with JSF. I hope this is the end of this. And if there's any miscommunication between Brian/TCC team with Yuzuru/his team, it would be solved right away.
  4. I don't get the point for this article, to milk to drama just when its over ? Yuzuru said he asked Ghislain because Brian is busy but Brian didn't know they register Ghislain over him ? I still stand by my point, TCC and Brian didn't hanlde this situation well. Yes, not everything need to be told and public, but in SNS era, if you don't say anything, nobody would know . He has no problem to share this info with Phil, so idk why he couldn't speak up earlier, to not put Yuzuru into an awkward position as well. Releasing an statement before Ghislain made to Italy doesn't take much time. Any hate towards him on SNS is unacceptable but again, this could avoid easily. Brian is still not very good with his PR/press talk game so I hope in this case, he and the team realize fans/public need to hear their words when something happen. Edit : Don't take Phil seriously. He's the one who ask Yuzuru about his weight at Oly press con and delight when Satoko had to WD from WC17 because of injuries.
  5. I voted for yes. Its the only title he lack, and a good chance to test his layout before WC. There's 3 months between Nationals and WC, and imo its too long. He need to compete in between to get the competition feeling. Edit : If Yuzuru want 4CC, there's no way JSF wouldn't give him a spot. He still their best chance for gold.
  6. Yuzuru also went back to Toronto after NHK. In the past he often stay in Japan before/after GPF but now I think he prefer to be at TCC rather training alone in Japan. Plus, there would be more demanding from media if he stays in Japan. These days he's back to Canada as soon as he can, despite jetlag.
  7. I'm pretty sure no one said Nathan shouldn't won. He deserve to win but with lesser gap. His Goe and pcs are overscored, you can see the difference in goe live between him and Yuzuru and its painful. Score matter alot, not just placement. Just 3 months ago, Yuzuru almost lose his confidence at ACI. The thing is, I see a change in Yuzuru's mentality as well. 2,5 years ago, at WC17, he's 5th after SP but still believe he has a chance to win. At this year GPF, he had a similar gap after SP, and he thought its impossible to win and decide to yolo a layout he only practiced once. In interview, he talked about his ideal skating and jumping alot. He talked about scoring this year more often than the past. This season is the first time I see alot of doubt, confusion in his interview. The fact that he imply he need 4A is painful. With a fairer scoring, he never need that but here we are. Nathan is a good motivation for Yuzuru, and this rivalry would be more exciting if Nathan isn't so overscored. How can Yuzuru would keep his motivation with this kind of scoring, with his perfect jumps getting the same or less goe than those who do less ? When I look at his 4S/3A or even 4lz/4Lo goe at GPF, I don't know what else he could do. Justifying his low score by saying it would motivated him is all kind of wrong. Only fair score and judging could keep athlete motivated. Just like me, I can't be motivated if my company pay me less than they promise.
  8. Yuzuru's posture usually good in SP, and suffer abit in 2nd half LP. He manage to maintain his posture for the whole Origin in SC. Yuzuru might never become skater with great posture but i think he's good enough now. If you look at his PW in 2012 and his peformance at SC, its like a different person. Nathan's posture is ok, his hunched shouder bother me somtimes, especially in his last season's SP, his arms are all over place. And I agree that the posture standard for men is lower than ladies.
  9. If recycling is an excuse for low pcs, how about the same program with different music ? That's exactly what Eteri camp famous for. Evgenia skated with the same partern, layout for years under Eteri, that's the main source of her consistency as well but did her pcs suffer ? Remember the first time she broke Mao's SP record, its due to pcs, not tes (yes, I'm still bitter about this). Japanese ladies bring great, new programs every year but they never get close to Russian ladies's pcs despite being better in everything. Nathan's SP choreo this season is basically a Nemesis recycle. Daniil's programs with mutiple leg kicks/leg grabs that have nothing to do with the music. If recycling programs should get lower pcs, then everything I listed above should be dingged harder. Do we really expect judges to pay attention to music and programs ? Shoma and Nathan still get good goe when step for SP solo jump was a rule. If judges don't even follow the rule/goe guideline most of the time, why they suddenly invent new one for Yuzuru ?
  10. Nah, they will never reach an agreement in music choice/cut, let alone do anything on ice I have to admit, I want to see Yuzuru at Sambo70 for a few days, he will be an ultimate nightmare for Eteri and co
  11. I missed the finale and seem like I did the right thing ?? My friend at gala said Danill talk to Yuzuru nonstop. Can't wait for those coaching change rumors from russian tabloid
  12. Sui/Han are so special. That's it for me. Im gonna watch a chinese show and be back for finale.
  13. Im glad I open russian stream and I can't understand anything. For my own sanity.
  14. He need to bring back NS every year. So beautiful and the biellman is back aaaaaaaaaaaa
  15. His 4lz has higher goe than Yuzuru, and 4S got the same goe as Otonal's. He took out 3 turns before 3a and SE before 4T combo, which are basically all transision in his program. Its the same strategy that V/T use in Sochi, took out transiions as the season went and rely on consistency and big fed behind them. I don't know how people is fine with this strategy and acting like recycle programs is crime.
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