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  1. I remember in 2016, a few weeks before GP assigment out, Kolyada said he still wait for Yuzuru's pick (or if he wouldn't do GP at all then Kolyada will move up to top1-3seed) to decide JSF is not USFS. Or at least I hope JSF would give everyone a fair chance for that host spot. I read Dai's article and he mention senior B and WC, not GP.
  2. I wonder if there's any change in assignment with Shoma's sudden spilt with his coaches, given how he would get his choreo in Aug, maybe JSF would try to assign him to later GP ? If he get NHK, I think Vincent would be there. I dont think Dai would get NHK host spot that easy, he would need to get a decent result at senior B or local comp. There's often a private comp to decide this host spot. I think JSF will keep one NHK spot open as usual and announce it in Sept/Oct.
  3. Other skater deleted photo with Yuzuru before, this is not the first time and probably not the last either. This case blow out of proportion only because of Johnny's IG. Can we please not go to the route "gay or not gay" since no one have any idea what's exactly happened ? If the management want the picture to be deleted, they must have a reason for it. Remember his team is there to support and protect him firstly (his mother is partly his manager as well). We will never hear from his team in this case and its better not running wild with all the speculation and assume the worst out of it. Lets move on.
  4. https://twitter.com/junjunjun2112/status/1138724371936059393 <-- Masquerade will end in Toyama. The official EX will be by another choreographer, not sure if its Crystal memories or a new one.
  5. https://twitter.com/MakominaBaby/status/1138720323073740801 https://twitter.com/tomin51/status/1138722208530935808 Combine from 2 tweets : He's able to jump 4lz alot in practice before faoi, but sprained his left ankle because of 4A traning. He had to rest for 10 days and back to the ice 1 week before Makuhari. (It might be a light sprain but please be careful and healthy Yuzuru !!!)
  6. Btw, Gogolev was at Granite club (where Lee Barkell move I think) recently :https://twitter.com/gogogogolev_/status/1138071175026941952 So with Boyang news last year, I only believe skater actually switch to X or Y team until they really train there.
  7. Shoma won't go to a new coaching team to search for a few minutes of nice, sweet K&C. I think people forget that Brian was critized for being cold at K&C at his early coaching days. Even coaches need time to find the right method and how to deal with multiple situations.Just curious, who would be the best coaching team for Shoma at the moment, because according to lots of fans, not Eteri, not Raf, not TomZ, not TCC, then who ? PS : I read on twitter that Shoma might decide new coaching team next year. He might train by himself this season. I don't even know what's his/his team's strategy is.
  8. Crystal memories really growing on me, i love his movement and his loop-ballet jump .DWilson did a good job. And again ToshI's voice is amazing Ah, seem like whatever happened with his right hand at Makuhari, its healed now.
  9. While I think Masquerade choreo could be abit better, it has some amazing detail, the opening is really outsold. The way he hold his position while throw himself to the choreo, he improved alot in this aspect. The energy, theme of this program is so unique. And his expression is second to none. He's so into it and sell this program with all his might.
  10. I could't remember anything from Rika's SP apart from the vocal, and all 3 spins happened to the same part of music. It seriously lack some highlight as for now.
  11. I thought you mean Shoma's time at Eteri camp. Anyway, it doesn't change much, whether he leave in the middle or stay till the end.
  12. Of course he would leave Eteri's camp at least a few days before The ice happen. Did my post really that misleading ; ;
  13. Shoma still has 2 ice shows, The ice (27/7-4/8) and Friends on ice (30/8-1/9), so i guess he will stay at Eteri's camp until the ice, get choreo in mid Aug and debut at FOI. Maybe he's already tried out other camps.
  14. First thing I read today is Yuzuru land a clean 4lz. Life is good. Congrats Yuzuru, he must feel so relieved
  15. Yuzuru, if you love Cruel angel's thesis, its time to skate to an anime ost for your competitive program. There's alot of wonderful ost out there, Attack on titan, Fate/zero, Full metal alchemist, Devilman.....
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