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  1. They did try something new with Orange color sky but didn't work out. I can understand they decide the SP should be in her comfort zone . This music suit her but there's very little room for IN and music cut/structure. After Jeremy's 2013-14 LP, everyone's program look pale in comparison.
  2. ShaeLyn did a program for Wagner with the same music. IMO, that's more of Misha's style - warhorse, dramatic. Skaters need to know Muse has alot of great songs other than Exogenesis part 3 Even part 2 would be nice.
  3. Tbh I don't mind if Yuzuru stick with Jeff and Shae Lyn. The thing is Yuzuru trust and very open with them . And they clearly respect and welcome any input and idea from him - a thing that quite rare for top choreographers. Especially Shae, she's willing to study and does choreo for any music he bring to her. He could try new style with them as he did a couple of times before, and imo they're capable of something new and fresh as well. The main thing about new choreographer is a different range of movement/approach but I think he should try out an EX first before competitive program. He's back from injuries, has alot of thing to do with tech content, its better for him to stick with those whose he feel comfortable. As for hydroblading and Ina Bauer, its all fine as long as it fit to the music. The 1st version of Origin used these moves as transitions but it got change after 4T3A come. I dont mind seeing those movement if its well done, like Satoko and Jason often did sprial in their chsq. With 30 sec less, I think we won't see any Seimei -like chsq in anytime soon. Tbh I don't think judges care about these thing. I'm reading a book about anime and there's so many wonderful OSTs. I hope he would choose japanese music/composer for next season.
  4. Its team challenge cup. They planned to hold it again in 2018 but of course, no one has time for it and it got cancelled.
  5. Finally the season is over, and we will see Yuzuru next week. I think there should be a thread to predict his music/program next season too.
  6. The fact that they spend money but not japanese skaters get the huge score is a bigger problem. Not that I support overscoring, but you would have thought this is US Nationals. Huh, I find @Yume post is ok, she didn't shade anyone. Its true that Liza show that she is a world medal contender atm given the skate today and her overall season, there's nothing with that.
  7. The very hard fall on 3A. Its been a long season for Rika, she competed almost every two weeks. She did well if you consider she's breaking in a new boots. Still, a great senior debut for Rika. Can't wait to see her improvement next season.
  8. The pcs is yike. I like her but 71 pcs is just a big no. If that's the cost for her place above Bradie.....
  9. Liza is giving a masterclass on 6 type of jumps. Her 3A is getting more consistent. I wish she would be at WC, but what's done is done. Hopefully she carry the momentum to the next season. Some more content/transition in program would be nice.
  10. Problem with 3F but she fought through it. Kaori's edge jump are so huge, especially her 3S today.
  11. 71 pcs ... you could have thought this comps is in USA with the scoring....
  12. Bradie's stiff knee really bother me. Oh are they gonna give her 150 ??
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