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  1. Team China

    As for as I remember Roman sadovsky left TCC after a year because he didn't have enough attention from coaching team there. I want to keep a low expectation until i see Boyang at TCC and his development. I recalled how dissapointed I was when Young You's back to Korea, when we even saw Ghislain with her at JGP. I love TCC but its not a magic land to fix everything. They, as all coaching team out there have hit and miss. Not all programs from TCC skaters are great either (in fact they had some very bad one) I think I'm not the type to predict skater's improvement just base on the past successes of a coaching team. When Yuzuru's coaching change was announced in 2012, alot of people thought it was bad move, and "there's nothing Orser can help him" I would be very surprise to see a permanent move from Boyang. A few summer camp/workshop would be great enough at this point. Ps: As for the recordchina article a few pages ago, its published on 20/4, a summary of Zhao interview with Sina so I dont think it has any new info ( That twitter user has a tendency of recycling news when people seem to forget/move on so ...)
  2. Team China

    I mean, with a non TCC coach.
  3. Team China

    As far as I remember Brian never coach anyone as a secondary coach. I find its hard to imagine that he would want to co coach Boyang with a chinese coach with all the confict, different culture and training system/habit. For Boyang's case, I think its more like some summer camps/workshop and Brian + other coaches would fix his programs abit (mostly jump entries/expression I think). Deniss trained in TCC a couple of times during off season with Lambiel there. After all, its still plan. Lets wait for final confirmation first.
  4. Team China

    I read several translations and I agree its more like a short term for Boyang. They used the word "work with " not "train under". In summer 2016, Boyang ( and Zijun) went to Lori for choreo and trained there for 1 month I think. It might be the same this time. If he goes to TCC for summer camps, he will join multiple training sessions with different coaches, not only Brian. Anyway its still good and let's hope it will come true (and he will be in Toronto when Yuzu's there)
  5. Team China

    Seem like its likely some summer camps/workshop for Boyang. Thats why in the article they mentioned both Orser and Lori in one sentence. Anyway, its still good
  6. Team China

    Sorry for killing the mood I'm just the type who dont want to be too excited when things still in doubt. Hanyan planed to train with Raf and thing didn't work out. Better wait for confirmation when they're still considering. I think TCC have no problem with any skater go there for summer camp. Its still good for Boyang even for a short time
  7. Team China

    According to GG translate, seem like Boyang may be there with a chinese coach and work with Lori and Orser. So its similar to summer camp than changing coach ? They're still considering tho. I hope someone will translate this article.
  8. [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    I can't believe I cried during an ice show. Its just too much for my heart. First it was Javi live skating from spain, then the zigzag and etude performances that I thought I would only see on May. The when he appear with r&J1 costume i just can't. I can see why he's out of breath. Even thought its just step/spin, its still 5-6 mins of skating. Its not just the stsq/chsp, he cut the music shorter but all the main parts still there. You can see he practiced for this show seriously. He's really the king of delivering and giving us more than we deserve I have enough content to re watch for the next 10 days I really hope this gonna be a yearly show, I quite like the format. And how we still got surprise in 3rd show speak alot about his creativity. Why can't we have Ciontu for the whole week Rest well and have speedy recovery Yuzuru. Thank you for giving us so much joy and happiness . You're such a gift from skating god. (I couldn't log in into forum because the stream would die the moment I open another tab )
  9. [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    I read several translation and it seem like he’s not doing loop, flip, or lutz for now. He's just started his rehab less than one month ago so it make sense that he avoid jumps that put a lot of stress on his right ankle Tbh I think the fact he can do step/spin on ice show at mid April means his recovery is going well.
  10. [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    I think he said about his current condition as he can do spin/step right now but not loop/lutz/flip which burden his right foot. Everything can change in the next 6 months. Just like this show, he announced he won't skate but we get to see him at opening/ending, and him doing his old program. Isn't it wonderful ? Don't be panic with all the possible layout and jump thing, just enjoy this precious moment of seeing him on the ice
  11. [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    I saw another translate that he will have to see how it goes. It still April, he didn't resume full training and there's 6 months till GP series so alot of thing can change
  12. [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    According to this : Yuzuru is planning to compete next season. But since the loop, lutz, flip would take a big burden on his right ankle, so he decide not to do those
  13. [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    Yuzuru will wear NDP costume tomorrow and R&J2 the day after. He will wear what I hate His happy face almost make me forget the ugliness of the costume tho. He does what he like, so I'm fine with everything.
  14. [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    Thank you Yuzuru, for reminding me how I hate that costume So, Etude, LGC, Seimei 2.0, both R&J are not at exhibition. Is it too much to hope a H&L ex with Etude costume
  15. [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    He skated abit of From Russia With Love as well. I think he could do parts of other programs on later show. And no need to worry. There's no way he would risk his ankle just for ice show. Olympic is a different story.