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  1. Katt

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I thought so too. There's no way to guess when he start jumping because we all know he's back to on ice training in Jan but he only officially announce it through JSF 6 weeks later JSF's comment didn't give any new info. Anyway I'm quite positive because 2.5 months of traning before WC is very nice. I wish everything goes smoothly for him !!!
  2. Katt

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Finally update from JSF : https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20190220-00000078-dal-spo He was back to on ice practice early Jan, and they're adjusting the jumps for WC. Its unknown what level of jumping he does now. Pray for his recovery and training go well !!!!! Please be healthy Yuzuru !!!!!
  3. On a bright side, that Laureus trophy would never see the light if they gave it to Yuzuru since its silver
  4. I dont think oly channel (or most media sns accounts) is fanyu, they just have an active sns team, ready to milk any viral content and get those clicks. I would do the same if i was them lol. Anyway olympic channel did promote skating alot for this past year and they produced some very good contents. Truly better than isu
  5. At least Naomi and Simone won. First time I watch this kind of sport award show and its fun P.s i just look around twitter again and its not bad. Tbh there's more people call out rude fans than the actual ones and its always the same people who complain about fanyus everytime they have chance. As for Laureus account, when you decide to milk the attention and clicks from a big fandom, you have to prepare for all kinds of reactions, that's the thing a professional media person have in mind.
  6. I thought Mcmorris would win but anyway its fun. Just hope some fans wouldnt bomb Laureus twitter too bad, pls be polite and respect all athletes. The fact that Laureus manage to make Yuzu record a 28s video was a big surprise to me, i never thought they would give him the award. I wish some fans would be chill, or at least rant all you want on your twitte. Man its tricky because Laureus want attention and they decide to milk it from a big active fandom so the chaos is to expected but .....
  7. Katt

    General Yuzuru Chat

    While I don't think Laureus would travel all the way to canada to film a 28s video, they might have to contact with his team/JSF and ask for this. Its not easy for him to show his face and record a video for an award nomination A win win for all parties, Laureus got more attention for their ceremony, fans got to see abit of Yuzuru.
  8. Katt

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Agreed. He landed multiple 4lo and the success rate is very good. I'm quite confidence that he will get it back soon. He had an almost career ending injury back in 2016 because of 4T but slowly he found a right way and it become his most consistent quad in 2016-17 season.
  9. Katt

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Ahaha Brian's article was released exactly around the same time when Yuzuru arrive to Korea last year. Everything is calculated =)))))))))))
  10. Katt

    [2018/19] Other International Events

    Satoko's TES should switch with her PCS, since she her 1st 3lz and 3F were UR. The final score is fine. Liza still has trouble with her 3A but there's still 5 weeks until WC. The 3rd spot is really open but I think Liza's strong GP season should back up for her abit.
  11. Sometime I feel like Vincent has that kind of attitude because of his coaching team aka the adults around him. When your coach out there said " jumps are fine, its how his ankle work", how he's gonna fix the root of his issue when coaches don't seem to acknowledge it ?
  12. No wonder I found Sui/Han's LP music so familiar, its part of P/C's 2015-16 FD. I like this program, they're really special in the field and I hope to see clean performance at WC
  13. Katt

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I think WC is gonna be exciting, when we finally see reigning Olympic champ, WC/GPF champ, 4CC champ at the same comp.
  14. Its sad but what can we do ? i still remember Boyang's first senior season, when his pcs rise quite well because he landed his jumps and people complain alot. But its kind of stay still when Shoma/Nathan up their BV and his score finally make sense (ofcourse he improve alot too). The same with Yuzuru. He got high score as he deserve, but when you see the amount of crazy transition he did compare with other guys, the gap is not enough. When I see his back counter 3A or SE-4S-SE only got 0.5pts more than the same jump with normal entry, sometime even telegraph, I wonder if its really worth it.
  15. Agreed. I would add that Yuzu/Shoma/Nathan are also more consistent than Boyang. When Boyang bomb, he bomb really hard and that's the reason why his goe/pcs wouldn't rise fast. I think Boyang's score is fair most of the time, its just others were overscored alot. The lack of transision really hurt him, and it doesn't hide his weakness as well as Shoma's, Nathan's. His spins need some work, and it need to be fit with music for better goe.