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  1. Hi there, this is a place where we can put memes, videos, fanart or GIFs and talk about the most amazing skater Yuzuru Hanyu Rules 1. No dissing other people 2. No inappropriate content 3. all images, videos, GIFs, memes, fanart MUST be credited Thank you
  2. Love the costume Edit: Here is the link to the website at which I found it link to a website
  3. ok, im curious what's your favourite costume of his? Mine is Haru yo koi/ H&L I cannot choose! XD
  4. Oh ok well I myself hadn't watched the video... good to know
  5. Yeah, I guess he pretty much is lol XD also the FOI programs have been amazing!
  6. Ok question time would you rather Haru yo koi or semei otanal or origin hope and legacy or requiem of heaven and earth crystal memories or Masquerade
  7. Hey there, I may have found a video that could be of some use to you this is the link to the video
  8. Who else thinks that Yuzu could legit make a good anime character lol XD
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