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Okay I have a question:

during COC 2014 and possibly other competitions around that time I saw the Yuzu had little tan square stickers on his neck below his ears kinda? They remind me of seasickness patches. But what are they do you think? 

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27 minutes ago, wingman said:

That matatabido mug is sooo cute. :loveeyes::loveeyes: I also like the Ina Bauer cat, nice shout out to Shizu chan.

This is going to turn Sendai into a tourist hotspot for me. 

I think I would buy way too much at that store!  It's all so cute!! I want the mug too!

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Another photo posted by Shingo Nishiyama. It seems like Shion Kamata visited TCC with Shingo's former coach Yutaka Higuchi, a long time friend of Brian and David and the person who supported Yuzu when he moved to TCC.

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3 hours ago, turquoiseblue said:



I can't hear what he says (my pc's audio is terrible) but I guess that people are chuckling at his reply because he was evidently very vague like not wanting to reveal too much? 


Btw, Nomura Mansai is the ultimate uncle and I have feelings for him. I think he's one of the few who might be considered from Hanyu's Planet as well, in terms of Artistic accomplishment and genius mind. 

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