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8 minutes ago, Forcefield said:


The legend of the white t-shirt will never die. :rofl:(He'll be the biggest troll if this year he also wears a white t-shirt for media day.)


Obviously something from before my time, pretty please let me in?

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4 minutes ago, Yatagarasu said:


Yes, he did.


He is really making sure we are as well hydrated as we can be before he turns back to hermit mode huh.



He truly never changed, even after receiving two olympic gold medals and now one of the most honorable award in Japan.

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12 minutes ago, Cerunias said:




9 minutes ago, TallyT said:

Obviously something from before my time, pretty please let me in?


Previous media day where he revealed his programs he was wearing that white shirt. The media day included interviews and photoshoots with several FS magazines. After the NHK'17 accident and going back to Canada, there was absolutely no news at all from his camp. The different FS magazines decided to slowly release the photos/interviews from media day while he was MIA and it all consisted of 10(ish?) front page cover + photos inside the magazine of Yuzu in that white shirt.

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13 minutes ago, turquoiseblue said:



Looks like a well-fitted suit from this angle. Maybe the suit's shoulders are slightly wider than his actual shoulders? Hard to tell from this angle where exactly the corner of his shoulders are.


Do I hear the loud sound of satellites partially burning through atmosphere and slamming into the ground? :rofl3:

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