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  1. Sorry talking about trains
  2. Thanks! And of course those tickets are sold out already. If I can't get a standing room ticket, I guess I'm not going to the medal ceremony. It only lasts 9 minutes anyway.
  3. What time is the Men medal ceremony? Where exactly is it? Do you go to Jinbu station and then take a shuttle or is it off Pyeonchang station?
  4. All the rail tickets are on sale now. There are no reserved seating tickets the morning of 2/16 until 2 pm. I actually decided to get a guest house Airbnb 2/15 evening and I managed to get a 8pm train ticket to Gangneung. They are selling out fast. There are no tickets for 2/17 until 5pm. This is some next level bull shit.
  5. I've got a (I guess mini sized) Pooh Tsum. I actually bought two at the same time so I can keep one while giving Yuzu it's twin. I'm in Level B so it's going to take some throwing effort to get it on the ice. Korea actually has a lot of cartoon related figures. You might be able to find pooh stuffed animals in Korea if you don't want to carry it. It's squishy though so doable. On a totally separate note, anyone have room for one more on the night of 2/15? I decided I'm going to try to get in to Gangneung the same night I'm flying into Seoul so I'm not risking missing the morning of 2/16. I'll have to figure out train to the city still, but better than trying the morning of I guess. Or if you have Airbnb that's like a hostel or guest house that still have room, can you PM me?
  6. When is this practice session? I'll take it off of you if Kaaaaat doesn't want it.
  7. I'm staying for the gala. I'm going to be in Korea starting 2/15 all through the gala. I'm debating whether to try to get a place for 2/15 since I'm not sure about the whole train situation. I'm staying in an Airbnb in Gangneung near the university 2/16-2/21. Going to train in from Seoul the rest of the time.
  8. I haven't done the research, but I heard she got lower PCS scores in both her programs at National than in international competition, which is almost unheard of unless they implode. She didn't implode (had mistakes) but not performance wise. I can see where she's going with her complaint since so many others were so grossly overinflated PCS wise *cough* Nathan!*cough*
  9. I'm so happy for Mirai and her selection to the Olympics. I still remember her debut Olympic performance in Vancouver. It's a long time coming. I liked Karen's SP so I look forward to seeing that as well. Bradie is so boring, I might have to take restroom breaks during her performances.
  10. I agree. I remember when I watched his LP the first time that it had promise. That it wasn't going to be as empty as last year's. I was worried that once he add quads, it would revert back to skate from one side to the other in order to set up a jump. This LP delivered on those fears. At least with the quads better distributed, it's not quite as empty. I still like his SP though and look forward to seeing that in person.
  11. Gutted for Jason. Crossing my fingers for Adam. I don't know why but I like Vincent even though he's just as much a jumping bean as Nathan, who I don't like because I feel like they're shoving him and his "artistry" down our collective throats.I'm sorry, but those PCS scores for him is a joke. He score higher PCS than Yuzuru in Rosteledom. Sure Yuzu wasn't perfect in that one, but I don't see how he would have gotten such an improvement from 88 international judges give to 94+ in a month. That's why Nationals scores don't count. I just feel sorry for the ones screwed over because of elevated PCS for select few.
  12. I was trying to book a single one-way ticket and that's when the error code happened.
  13. Ok I can't get a single day rail pass for morning of Men competition. Am I picking something wrong? What kind of train type do I have to enter and it IS Seoul to Gangneung right? I think I managed to get the Pyeonchang pass, but I'm actually using that for the second of half of my trip when I'm commuting from Seoul.
  14. they have tickets for practices? What time is it at? Is there one afternoon or evening after the SP?