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  1. I clutched my Pooh plush during Yuzu's skate. As usual he did not let me or Zu down
  2. We get to enjoy some beautiful exhibition skates from all the lovely Japanese skaters tomorrow
  3. I'm glad I'm watching the Russian stream. You can't be mad if you can't understand what they are saying lol
  4. Is this the first time Shoma is off the podium since his first senior season? What a way to perform in his country. I feel for him
  5. Apparently Nathan is now a 95 LP and 45 SP PCS level skater. Sigh
  6. This is a much better long than any of his previous programs
  7. Yuzu happy to break the 300 total score. At minimum he's going to get silver. He's happy and that's all I wanted for him. So happy
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