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  1. Wait how is this possible. Weren't the all event pass super duper expensive? I almost bought it and I thought it was in the $400 range and thinking that's mighty expensive. I'm glad I didn't end up buying since I moved to Korea instead of headed back to California.
  2. I actually introduced my parents to Yuzu before I fell deep into Hanyu fandom. I had his WR setting GPF Seimei saved on my DVR and we watched it. My mom said he seemed very proud (in Chinese it has a connotation of arrogance). That's the only time I've ever tried sharing my Yuzu love. I think my dad was sleeping on the couch so no reaction from him.
  3. I'm worried about Yuzu-antis if the third Japanese spot was taken away from Daisuke. Either way, get well soon yuzu.
  4. I was about to say the same thing. Most of Yuzu's mistakes happen when he gets too into his head or too ahead of himself instead of focusing on one element at the time. He admitted he let his mental focus slip in PC after the (former) combo of doom and ended up botching the 4T-eu-3S. Technique wise, (other than the flip which will never be a deep inside edge), he's technically perfect. He should be able to land all his jump content every time. But sometimes he overthinks and then disaster happens. It strange how his brain (tenacity and mental toughness) is such a big reason for his many success, but his mental strength also have drawbacks. As to other weaknesses, I noticed that he really relies on music and rhythms. I feel like that's why 4L and 4S seem to be mortal enemies. He and Brian, I think, said these jumps have different rhythm so you have to find the right music and beat for it. So if he's off the musical beat or can't hear it too well, it can throw him off. I noticed this with ACI Origin step sequence actually. I think he might have forgot a step or missed a beat because there was a noticeable change in tempo, attack, and commitment halfway through it. Problem with being an audiophile I suppose. Techniques he needs to work on: his spins. He doesn't practice it enough and it showed at ACI. He used to have such fast, centered spins. Even his spins in PC were not necessarily slow, but not fast either. Since it's slower, he can't get the required number of revolutions and then he drops a level. He is fully capable of level 4 spins every time. He should work on making sure that happens. Some of his spin positions need work. I love the layback he's incorporating, but it's not ready yet. His Yuzu spin (where he holds his leg over his head), he doesn't have the hip flexibility any more so I think he should drop it. While I've always loved his Bielman spin, I think he should save it for the galas from now on. He should also work on flexibility more. He's got flexible shoulders and back, but not so much legs. That's about it for weaknesses I guess. Technically, he's basically the perfect skater. Weakness is sometimes he turns into a head case. Which, is part of why it's agonizing and exciting to be a Yuzu fan. You never know which Yuzu is going to show up.
  5. I was there too and I also screamed in elation after all his jumps were landed in the SP and cried/scream during the choreo sequence in the LP. Such happiness can not be bottled. The rest of his performances, you could hear a pin drop except for successful completion of each jumps.
  6. Oh that last bit about Ghislain. Officially my second favorite TCC coach, after Tracey of course (sorry Brian)
  7. Finally caught up with the whole thread. I'm ridiculously excited to see Yuzuru's Origin. The half of step sequence we got was my favorite part. I'm not sold on Otonol (however you spell it). It sounds....very....Russian? There's not much variety in the music for me to even picture how he could cut together a more modern take on it. It fits with his dramatic on ice persona though so I'm sure it was still be beautiful. I don't love all of Yuzu's programs. Maybe I won't like this SP. Heck I wasn't sold on Chopin Ballad until I saw it live at the Olympics. Being in love with 2 out of 3 programs for this season is already more than I could have ever hoped for.
  8. That's the sad part. I live 30 minutes away and was actually in Yokohama for about an hour on Friday.
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