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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    I haven't caught up with the thread, but are people talking about going to 4CC because they think Yuzuru will be going or has it been announced he's going?
  2. Which one is the FS events taking place? Gangneung Oval?
  3. too late as always If anyone comes across A level seats for SP or LP, I would love it. PM me!
  4. Ligament damage?!? Oh that's serious. Thankfully, as long as there's no tears, I think rest is the best way to heal it.
  5. I've been out travelling all day and checking maybe every 2 hours. It was a serious question. I found the news article.
  6. So did he withdraw? Edit: nvm I just found out. Wish you for a speedy recovery Yuzu!!
  7. "NHK Cup of Figure Skating. It seems that the absence of Hanyu was officially decided. First report from site. I'm sorry." What's happening?!? Who's this? Anyone in the know?
  8. So...what's happening? He skipped practice and haven't officially withdrawn or has he withdrawn?
  9. That's good advice. I'm going on a day trip to enjoy the fall foliage and try to stay offline
  10. I listed US under my account
  11. No it was in the regular. it keeps coming on and off. I was going to hit reserve and offer to see if anyone here wants it, since I already have a Level B seat.
  12. Level B SP available right now. edit: and gone again. There's not much point of me even looking if they're not going to let me purchase. They need to re-look at the phrase "General Sale." Is it because I'm trying from Japan?
  13. I'm confused. I thought we are able to purchase using the official Olympic website. When I click on it, it says "Those who resides outside of Korea and non registered Non-Korea residing in Korea can order tickets from ATRs of their respective region." The only option is cancel or Go to ATR list. The ATR for US is Cosport. I click on that choice and it just takes me to Cosport, which doesn't even have the ticket I want. In the mean time, the Men SP Level B tickets I tried to get is gone. What am I doing wrong?
  14. No I didn't click on it. I just know they were level B. I didn't realize there were youth tickets available. One of my travel pack is a 14 year old. This whole time I've been buying full priced tickets. sigh.
  15. There's a Level C Youth ticket on fan-to-fan right now. I don't know what that's about.