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  1. Does he know about Yuzu or just mistakenly thought it was him or somebody he knows?
  2. Wow that white shirt, maybe from a photoshoot from the latest media day? So where are the photos Japanese media????
  3. IIRC there is still one show on the 9th, right?
  4. We never learned our lesson But that little tidbit of SP is really
  5. Hi guys! Is there going to be a livestream of the show later (fujitv? what channel?) Are we going to have a stream party? Thanks!
  6. Hi guys, do we have a streaming party for 24HR tv? What channel is it on Fuji t v ? Thanks.
  7. I think it's Philippe Candeloro
  8. 1080p JPN broadcast of Yuzu's Oly SP and FP (perf+fluffs) by Muffinlorando: https://muffinlorando.tumblr.com/post/175537472467/18og-yuzuru-h-sp-tbs-26min-18og-yuzuru-h-fs
  9. Yup, the one in the coach is always right vid
  10. The youtube and instagram link is live now
  11. It's like a divination chant of some sort
  12. Wowser.... Hahaha, I was only joking about it yesterday
  13. I'm really happy with Yuzu's two GP assignments We know he loves Finland and Rostelecom Cup last year was so much fun! (even with the kuyashi silver ) Is there already an event sched for Rostelecom Cup (I think I saw one from other events)? I just want to know if I'm going to pull an all-nighter or will be making excuses again to cancel dinners
  14. Baby swan flying! (sorry havent seen this before)
  15. Anybody knows if the JOC award will be livestreamed later? IIRC last year there was one from a TV/news network.
  16. Hehe biro lang, pero I don't know tlga if pwede pag usapan yun dito, maybe thru PM. Anyway, na-desensitized na ba kayo sa bagong YuzuDory look ni Zu?
  17. What a great news to start the month! Congratulations Zu! Really a Happy News Person
  18. Hello Hello! Welcome sa Planet Hanyu... Hayaan mo na ang mga haters, bahala sila mangisay sa dalawang Olympic gold ni Zuzu
  19. Yuzu and 46252552818838262 ice shows this off season Bubbly dance, please
  20. Sorry guys, di din sakin malinaw yung daily yuzu so I just went ahead and posted bibi Yuzu pics haha... Re Yuzu content, di kadamihan ang pics ko, pero yung mga Zuzu videos (competition, shows, docu, news etc.) yun ang kumain ng hdd ko
  21. [ENG SUB] Yuzuru Hanyu Press Conference After Sendai Parade
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