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  1. I vote the PH Glossary refers to this Ice Show as Screams on Ice henceforth wit.
  2. Pretty Good - 3 months yesterday. Every time I think about having a smoke I just look at a random Yuzu picture and think "I don't need it" and the craving goes away. Yuzu is kind of my "crutch" - kind of like Pavlov's dog - Get a craving and ding! go check out the hottest man on Earth. Thanks for asking
  3. Thank you Lajoitko. It sounds as if I should stop looking. I think if i were to encounter these painful interviews i may regret it. I am now not sure if I really want to know if all there is to find is heartbreak....:(
  4. Thanks Melodie. I do remember reading about the Denis Tan stuff and did see that he had an injury at that time. I feel sad for Yuzu already and I wasn't even around then. Appreciate your response.
  5. Having only been around the Celestial Being that is Yuzuru Hanyu since the beginning of the year, I've been catching up on my history of Yuzu through various sources including: - Planet Hanyu - Golden Skate (old posts) - Tapatalk - IFS Magazine - You tube - Tumbler At various times I keep seeing people write things like "... what happened at Saitama..." and "...what happened at Boston..." It's like everyone in the world knows what happened then and they just refer to those times as "what happened at Saitama / Boston" as if everyone knows. I don't know and it is k
  6. I am using Human Japanese app and Hiragana Memorizer app. It's very slow as i have been slack in devoting time to this but these two apps are really helping me. I have now memorised the first four rows of Hiragana
  7. There are thousands, nay potentially millions of people who owe you a debt of gratitude for stretching a measly 40 seconds into 18 mins worth of high def fantasy. thank you :)

    1. Wyell


      Haha, thank you!

  8. Hi everyone I came across this video on Bilibili in really long playlist called: [羽生结弦] 2008至今冰演 商演最全合集! FaOI,TOI,CWW,DOI,SOI,THE ICE,FOI,CaOI,24hTV等等 Was wondering if you know of an ENG SUB for Yuzu's speech: (Please?) 2015 Fantasy On Ice Finale - Yuzuru Speech (starts around the 14th minute) https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1zJ411C7NX?p=104&spm_id_from=pageDriver Thanks
  9. Great Blinding Lights Edit. Thank you so much :)

  10. My apologies. I did not at all mean to imply that I did not want to be attracted to a man of any race. What I meant was that I am so distracted that it makes it hard for me to concentrate on my everyday life, hence asking when will it end. I do not think there is something wrong with me for thinking Yuzu is attractive. It was just unexpected and I am trying to adjust to a different way of thinking. I thought posting my feelings here would be in good company and other people would understand. I do not realize that the way I was feeling could be construed as racist or fetishizing. If it came acr
  11. I only saw a minute of it here and I am panting so much.... no words, seriously. none. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  12. Ahhh this is killing me. why could I not live in Japan? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh so Kuyaashi!
  13. What is a "thigh" in this context? Is that like a stocking or pantyhose or a tights?
  14. Ok, I know that Yuzu is a seasoned traveler and is used to being away from home. But I cannot help thinking it has been a month since he has slept in his own bed and no chance of making it back there anytime soon I would imagine. How draining must this life be. If he had a goldfish it would probably be dead by now. If he had a cat it would have died of loneliness by now. If he had a girl/boy friend they would have dropped him by now. Granted that the past month must have been quite social for someone who has isolated for nearly 12 months.... I wonder if it has been a bit overwhelming catching
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