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12 hours ago, Yuazz said:

Hi! Is there a video with eng sub or translation for this 'asa ichi' show? 

I'm still not be able to find this one with eng sub. If someone know there is one (or the translation),  please tell me or send the link. Thank you in advance! 


So many gold moments in this talk show :BeatingHeart: I don't know about any subbed version (if someone does, please share!) but here is a pretty good translation (in 4 parts):





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5 hours ago, steemsprite said:

Thank you so much! :pbow::POOH:

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1 hour ago, wildstrawberry said:

I'm not a native speaker of Italian,but I think my understanding is good enough to provide you with a translation of this commentary.The 2 ladies who are commenting tend to interrupt one another or to speak over the other at times,they also jump from one idea to something completely different,so that's a bit annoying,but I guess I got right at least 90% of what was said.If anyone wants to make a correction or to add something,feel free to do that.


- [after the 4 Lo]: Wow,great start!

 [they are silent for the rest of the program]

- WOW!

- This is art!

- Just look at the [tech] score on the screen :125.71.He did everything he wanted.He hasn't left even half of a point on the table.Everything is level 4, he did all the quads and the triples that he had planned,everything with a quality that requires an increased GOE.A super score! At the press-conference after the SP he said:”Anyway,my goal is the gold medal.” And he now has certainly put the pressure on the next competitors.

- It's true that after the SP he had 10.66 points less than Fernandez...

- Oh...[laughs]

- [speaking about Fernandez]: But an error would be enough,an error on a quad …

- He [Yuzu] didn't do anything wrong,anything...incredible.

- He was very good.There's a reason(it's not an accident) he is one of the best skaters in the world.He had to compete against Fernandez in the last 2-3 seasons,but he's the reigning Olympic champion anyway,he won Worlds 'only' one time in 2014 because after that there was Fernandez,but he [Yuzu] is extraordinary.In Japan he's basically a rock star,we've seen him being flooded by plush toys...

- There are still flowers flying towards the ice...even now

- But he was magnificent

- Poor Chen he's gonna enter...

- Yes [laughs]...

- Chen will want to warm-up a little,these moments are very important for them.Actually he [Chen] is now already entering the ice which has not been completely cleaned yet.

- Usually the athletes should already be on the ice at this point

- Yes,yes...there are still plush toys flying

- Obviously,Winnie the Pooh which is Yuzuru Hanyu's emblematic toy.

- Such an ease in executing all the elements: jumps,steps,spins,everything seems so easy.He started with a 4Lo,then a 4S,a 4S3T combo in the second half of the program therefore that will have bigger value,he also jumped the 4T,he basically jumped 3 different types of quads,one of which was repeated – the 4S in a combination.

- Wow,he's thanking everybody!

- [some irrelevant comment about Brian's wardrobe I haven't fully understood].Brian Orser now trains skaters from Kazahstan,Spain,Japan,Canada.

- If I hadn't seen him [Yuzu] in the 6 minutes warm-up,I would've said that he is not human.But I've seen that,I've seen him falling,making mistakes...

- Yes,we've also seen him in the SP so we know that he is human.

- 223.20 points!

- Wow!

- The previous record was 219.48,he established it at the GPF 2015-2016.And now 321.59 total – he doesn't break the overall record because he didn't do that well in the SP.

- Thank God for that! He's human!

- Sometimes,sometimes he's human,because today he was stratospheric(out of this world).

- [I didn't fully/exactly understand what was said here,i think something about Yuzu making a statement with his performance,that he's back at the top]

- My goodness,223.20 points! He's the first skater in history to surpass the 220 points barrier [in a Free Skate].


Thank you for the translation! Before I was watching it without knowing what they're talking about. 

Yuzu seems like a human. But after all he isn't. He's so extra and he's an alien. :rofl:jk

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6 hours ago, wildstrawberry said:

Whole post



Thank you!!!! :5918bda810b8d_0004(1): I've added the video & translation to the Competition Commentary & Translations document


I wasn't sure what they were saying but for some reason I had a feeling it was very positive. haha

I find it very funny how a lot of commentators have independently said/commented about his status as a human being. :rofl:

Max Ambesi has called him an alien many times. Philippe Candeloro/Nelson Monfort called him an alien to his face. hahaha



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EDIT: found


I wonder if any of you would possibly have a link to the Zen Nihon/Japanese Nationals 2015 FS of Seimei in HD. It seems the TV network has had it taken down even on Dailymotion and I can only find it in low quality. To quote a pumpkin: #SAD.


Thank you in advance, dear Yuzu detectives!

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1 hour ago, SparkleSalad said:

I wonder if any of you would possibly have a link to the Zen Nihon/Japanese Nationals 2015 FS of Seimei in HD. It seems the TV network has had it taken down even on Dailymotion and I can only find it in low quality. To quote a pumpkin: #SAD.


Thank you in advance, dear Yuzu detectives!


Maybe you are looking for this one?

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Hello my friend send me photo of Yuzu Interview of Yuzu on Ice Jewel 6, hope someone can translate it :snonegai:

I wanna put it here but its in my drive how can I put the google drive link here?


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The Chinese commentary of Helsinki's Notte Stellata seems to be really touching. It seems the female commentator improvised on the spot and came up with something close to poetry to praise Yuzuru. I would really appreciate it if someone translated this :10636614:

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There was a video from GPF 2016 practices (probably) where Yuzu does a jump sequence Waltz - 1A - 3A. I can't find it. Anybody have the link? Thanks in advance!

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