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  1. Hello! Does anyone have the 6min warm up at the Japanese nationals 2019? Preferably the broadcast version and in HD (>1080p)? I need it to complete my 2019/2020 season video compilation :)) Thanks in advance!
  2. We have a saying in France that goes: "Qui n'avance pas, recule" AKA: Standing still means falling behind. Yuzuru's overall quality is undeniably getting better. Both his technique and expression are more polished than ever, and whilst that is good and all, it is kinda expected from a veteran. Chiddy, Mao and Carolina are the best example of this. This asset didn't really help them score-wise, however. With Yuzuru, what pained me most and what I think is going to cost him dearly, is dropping the 4LZ. He's been training it since before Pyeongchang, had to drop it due to injury, got back on it in 2019 and when it surprisingly got consistent... he decided to drop it again after 4cc 2020 with seemingly no plans of practicing it or including it in a competitive program. The jump had so much potential and he spent so much effort on it. His decision is unfathomable and I don't think that working on an already consistent jump while going after his 4A fantasies is an impossible task. He is aware that the 4A isn't a game changer so I (really) hope he has some other cards under his sleeve... If his goal is still to win, that is. If he just wants to land the axel and call it a day then nevermind lol :pp Go for it, Yuzuru.
  3. Ok so, while aimlessly scrolling through the obscure side of the Japanese FS community on YT, I accidentally found what seems to be a fortune reading (???) for Yuzuru for the 2020/2021 season. It seems to be positive and although I don't really believe in fortune telling and stuff, I can't deny that hearing nice things about him and his future always make me a little happier So I thought I should share lol. https://youtu.be/V3SXgYSz0MM (Sorry, I don't know how to embed the video...)
  4. World's 2016 Chopin has always been my most favourite performance. He was in perfect fusion with the music, matching the deafning silence of the first half then the erratic madness of the stsq. I think I stopped breathing when I saw it for the first time. The only performance that could rival it in terms of interpretation is the 4CC 2020 ver, in my opinion. (as you can probably tell, I'm a 4S,4T3T,3A-Chopin enthousiast lol. It's the layout that highlights the music the most imo).
  5. aye. I really want him to bring the Chopin 2.0 costume That costume brings back so many great memories.
  6. deleted. (I'm actually a mess and don't know how to deal with forums. RIP).
  7. It would be awesome and so damn entertaining if Yuzuru made it a habit to just turn-up at a competition with a selection of programs he picked at the last minute to fit his mood and/or the occasion haha. That level of randomness and nonchalance would probably go down in history
  8. It's from Skate Canada. The original video was posted by ISU's official twitter account. The video kinda went viral at the time and people have been trying to get it to a million views ever since haha
  9. I just hope it's not Notte Stellata, at this point. lol. But I'd be very happy with Etude, White legend or Requiem.
  10. Oh sorry, I didn't know. Never mind, then hahaha
  11. Seems like Sima was asked about Yuzuru in this interview. If anyone could kindly provide us with a brief summary
  12. I don't think anyone is arguing about that. The OP clearly stated in their tweet that "USFSA would have pushed their own skaters regardless". It's just that they are willing to play the fact that they're of chinese ancestry to their advantage to attract Chinese sponsors and maybe get a more invested Chinese/Chinese-American audience and the Olympics taking place in Beijing is the perfect stage for that. Edit: Also, I guess I'm just not for accusing anyone of anything over an ambiguous comment and just go with the most neutral interpretation. Especially since Ambessi has always been supportive of all athletes regardless of their nationality/race. (Although he is harsher on American skaters in general haha).
  13. I, for one, didn't take Max's comment that way although I am not particularly fond of his biased commentaries. I think this thread explains my thoughts on the matter well enough:
  14. As long as the singing doesn't happen during the competition, whether during the pooh rain immediately following his performance or when he's at the K&C, I am for it. Celebrating his birthday in the middle of a competition, when he would be either axiously anticipating the scores or (god forbid) feeling regretful about his performance isn't a good idea and I don't think that anyone (Yuzuru or his competitors) would enjoy it under such tense circumstances. Doing it after his practice is over or during the victory lap seems more sensible and less disruptive to the formality of the event.
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