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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    idk if these have been posted but its too cute to not again also i wish i could join
  2. Media Link Requests

    omg blessed. I've been looking for this since forever
  3. Media Link Requests

    Maybe it wasnt the first quad ever landed? But it was definitely the Zigeunerweisen program and a small competition in japan and not like NHK. It was a small rink with glass panels. He won gold and there was a huge gap in scores between 1rst & 2nd. I tried finding it through my history but no luck
  4. Media Link Requests

    I think it was a local regional competion but thanks!
  5. Media Link Requests

    Is there a video of yuzu jumping his first quad at comp in 2010
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    ....why are the skating gods like this??!! First he has a fever, then he gets hurt, and now he cried. All I wanted was a happy and healthy zuzu but if this is what yuzu needs in order to get better for nationals/olympics then by all means WD
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    after he did his "mou chotto" sign people started comparing him to this brand
  8. seems like he had the gloves but choose not to wear it?
  9. i dont know if this has been posted yet
  10. what!? i love the gloves though. its a great contrast to the white ice and costume i say bring back the gloves
  11. *yuzu fake smiles* wow my heart broke into a million pieces just then. i miss the wrinkly smiley yuzu
  12. he wasn't a good pancake today but it's okay cause we know he'll be a nice and fluffy one later
  13. we're going to get a lot of "kuyashii's" in interviews i can almost hear it
  14. i think the beginning lutz totally threw yuzu off his game