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  1. steemsprite

    Random Thought Theater

    Not sure where to post this, so I chose here since it definitely won't be off-topic I was just reading nonchan's translation () of Aoi Honoo, and in a certain context there was a mention of one of Yuzuru's senpais named Takumi Suenaga. Never having heard of the name before, me decides to research for a bit. Turns out he placed 16th in JGP Budapest 2006 and ... not my point. Anyway, I come across this 2009 video of the abovementioned senpai practising at Ice Rink Sendai (sorry, it won't embed) and.... ...long story short, anyone here wants to play the "spot the wild Yuzu" game? (or rather the "please tell me I'm not finally losing it" game)
  2. steemsprite

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Looking forward to the influx of new fans leading up to and after Olympics #10
  3. steemsprite

    Media Link Requests

    So many gold moments in this talk show I don't know about any subbed version (if someone does, please share!) but here is a pretty good translation (in 4 parts):
  4. steemsprite

    Daily Yuzuru Photos thread

    Wow, this is awesome, I had no idea it existed! Found the original post on Raya's instagram (slightly higher quality), it's from November 2015. ETA: Yuzu's toe socks, feat. Yuzu, photobomb by Nam And his face this one reminds me of the Tokyo Ghoul pose photo with Wakaba:
  5. steemsprite

    Daily Yuzuru Photos thread

    Yuzu doing a mohawk. Looks like 17cm to me.
  6. steemsprite

    The Meme Thread

    Sorry for the OT, but it struck me that he doesn't seem to be wearing any boot covers in this EX (not at CoR, nor at GPF), is that right? It gives such a casual feel to the outfit (and weird since it's uncommon). Are there any other programs where he didn't wear any?
  7. steemsprite

    MADs: Fan-made Videos

    Wow, I remember back when I watched this fancam for the first time, I initially forgot all about it and a few days later I found myself with a seemingly inexplicable desire to see Yuzuru skate to "Don't stop me now", which was kind of tormenting :laugh: Therefore I looked it up, and sure enough (Yuzuru Rule 34?) I found this MAD: , a mashup of Vertigo and Hello I Love You set to the song (video starts a bit later).Now it's one of my favourites... hmm, what are the odds of him liking the song from the GPF2015 gala finale and ever doing an actual program to it? A girl can dream :s_wink
  8. Wow, we finally have a translation for the Pooh Forest Interview! Thank you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ for translating this for us, and so fast too. I think the interviewer put it very well here, and it's nice to see this quality of Yuzuru being recognized so openly (right in front of him too, so we get to see his reaction). And the humbleness of "Doesn't matter what the job is or who's doing it as long as it gets done, right?" is a throwback to so many times fixing the ice and tidying after press conferences and whatnot, but hearing it from his own mouth you can tell from the tone of his voice that he genuinely thinks that way and does all those things naturally. Indeed, :clap: for Habu-san!
  9. steemsprite

    Daily Yuzuru Photos thread

    Like this? (source unknown, please PM if you know)
  10. steemsprite

    Poll - Where do Planet Hanyu posters come from?

    You're not the only one! And there might be more lurkers (I was a 100% lurker on GS, and there are around 30 people from our country in the international fangroup on Facebook, so there are at least some potentials). Also, now with the Olympics coming and with finally having a decent ice rink in our capital :yay: the number can only go up!
  11. steemsprite

    Daily Yuzuru Photos thread

    I think it can be found here? ... tion+gala/ pls correct me if I'm wrong about this being the source I can't find it there (judging by the watermark it might be someone's twitter?) ... but, I found these two instead, so thank you for the link! (as mentioned above, pic credit kating+Worlds+Helsinki+2017/Exhibition+gala/ ) I hope Hydro doesn't mind this moment us appreciating her 2 in 1 spouse.
  12. steemsprite

    Daily Yuzuru Photos thread

    Thank you so much for all of these. The gifs are spot on, and Ninny's photos are always something special. Wow, is this a mou chotto gesture? (Were there any before it?) Judging by the medal strap it should be from 2015 Japanese Nationals, but I can't find any video (actually someone already asked for it in the Media Link Requests thread) Do you by any chance remember where this one is from? Is it the same Layla as the one who posts fancams? I managed to never notice the position of his right hand fingers before, and even with the hair in his face you can tell he's making a gentle expression. EDIT: stumbled upon the source, apparently it's from the 2017 anan special that xeyra linked in the General Chat thread
  13. steemsprite

    [Video] 2011/7/11 Hodo Stn. Interview (w/S. Matsuoka)

    Not sure if it will work since it's the first time I'm doing this, but I tried to in case anyone else can't see the bilibili version (I think we should keep the original link as a main though, and use this one just in case).
  14. steemsprite

    Media Link Requests

    The first that comes to mind is kiches' long and wonderful fancam of the 2016 Skate Canada gala practice (parts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7) There's also this of the 2015 Skate Canada gala practice.
  15. steemsprite

    Yuzuru Hanyu Famous Quotes

    Wow, seeing all these quotes collected in the same place really drives home how wondrous his mind is. I think I remember where a couple of the unsourced ones are from, and I tried to dig up the others, here goes: The source for this seems to be ice-kingfisher's tumblr (link no longer valid but there are reposts) The source of the quote might be (a translation here but not the quoted version) From this GS article from June 2015 This is from the Apr 2016 Jounetsu Tairiku, and the translation is probably from humango's tumblr. This translation is also on the Yuzuru Hanyu Vietnamese Fanpage (I don't know if it's originally from there) , alternative translation in ycmafan's post on the Yuzuru FF @ GS quotes this sanspo article as the source The translation is from hanyyuzu's tumblr post which gives this sanspo article as a source