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  1. This is so cursed... but blessed at the same time
  2. aaaand the theme of this gala is officially sunglasses i'm not even mad
  3. Does CanSkate have a secret backflip special course that all senior men's singles skaters must attend?
  4. TSN interview after SP (full version of the snippet that was posted earlier with the lots pooh bear) It's so wholesome to see him happy and giggly like that please be like that again tomorrow
  5. "pichi" costume too tight maybe? judging by the area that he was checking OMG it's bigger than Kobayashi-san
  6. Costume comparison: It looks de-ruffled not bad actually, it compliments his lines more.
  7. Somehow the lighting and the shadows on the wall make them look a bit ominous (keeping with the seasonal theme I see)
  8. Same - @Swann if you go frame by frame you can clearly see that he's still a way off the ice when he's past 90 degrees mark (it's more clear in the runthrough than in the slow motion) TBH I was less worried that it was UR, and more worried that they'll call it anyway but there didn't seem to be room for debate with this one - the tech call gods (?!) were favourable
  9. He shoved his gloves in the back of his pants again albeit much more elegantly this time, he really meant it when he said he wants to work on the quality of all his elements.
  10. His cooldown is so beautiful but why was I more impressed by how he put on his jacked so quickly without getting tangled in it BTW this user has fancams of the full morning practice in her account, hopefully she will post the afternoon practice too (including the cooldown spirals - @mercedes )
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