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  1. Yuzu can botch all the foot changes in final spins in galas from now on for all i care, if it means we get to see that kuyashii grin afterwards
  2. Donovan's hands on hips spread eagle reminded me of Javi Also, finally got to watch this Chinese memelord ex, awesome!
  3. Somehow I managed to tune out the commentator most of the time... all I hear him say now is "The Great Yuzuru Hanyu"
  4. Jun turned me into 4 minutes of surprised pikachu face
  5. Javi I wonder if it can be heard all the way backstage
  6. Yuzu live on FujiTV right now? with Shoma and Yuma ETA aaaand it's over (it was on the Mr. サンデー segment at 21:15 Japan Time)
  7. Also, someone on Twitter pointed out (and it looks like that to me from medal ceremony photos and the livestream) that light blue and pink were actually the colors only for junior GPF medal ribbons, and senior GPF medal ribbons are actually more like dark blue and red (or it might be the same pink, lighting can be misleading, but the blue is definitely much darker). So, the Hanyu Streamer Mystery continues *dum dum dum*
  8. That might actually make more sense, with what he said during the press con about his Olympic medals being a past thing and wanting to live in the now. I don't suppose there's any chance of someone asking him about it (it might be too personal? although it would still be a level above certain interview questions he sometimes gets), but AFAIR he's received this type of "In this footage we noticed you did XYZ thing, pls explain" on Japanese TV before so who knows.
  9. Wow, this is insanely good. And it's from same user who has the beautiful gala fancam (which was posted earlier I think). Everyone say thank you little circle. They also have a couple of gala finale fancams (first one here): Apparently besides Yuzu's hydroblade with snow throwing (revenge for NHK HYK?) , the broadcast also missed a 3F-lo-3S from Alyona (with Yuzu cheering on the side) and a backflip from Nathan. And god knows what else Seriously, what would we do without fancams, these people do God's work. ETA: so the pink ribbon was already next to Yuzu, but looks like the light blue one got there by accident - it got stuck to Wenjing's skate somewhere else, she brought it along when she stumbled dramatically by (and eventually fell), and so the light blue ribbon ended up right next to the pink one. Then Yuzu noticed them together and immediately reacted. Fate (I was actually watching the fancam expecting him to go looking for the two colors on purpose and pick them up, but it turns out reality was far more serendipitous)
  10. Awesome, I think Javi's fan account initially posted the Yuzu clip on their insta story, and Javi reposted it with his reply to their comment. I'm so happy he got to see it
  11. https://twitter.com/zuzupluma/status/1063620837755027456 https://twitter.com/misshanyu/status/1063629724864237568 It was before CoR 2018 SP (right before he was to skate)
  12. At least they said they'll post the full thing afterwards. I really feel like hearing his own words in his own voice before I sleep.
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