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Yuzu-themed travel guide!

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I'm in the process of planning my next trip to Japan and I was thinking it would be really nice to make a compilation of Yuzu-themed places to visit or activities!


Suggestions can be anything e.g. good shops or bookstores to buy Yuzu merch, temples, where to find that massive sign with Yuzu in hakama 


If you have visited any spots, please leave reviews/advice for fellow satellites! 


As I collect more info, I'll come back to organise it all into a pretty guide for all of us to hopefully use! 


Thanks peeps! :tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid:

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Seimei Jinja

A very small shrine which could be visited in 10 minutes if you're in a hurry. In summer you can see the beautiful kikyo (Chinese balloon flowers) in bloom. 


Official Website:



Access information

Open from 9am until 6pm daily 


A 10-15 minute walk from Imadegawa subway station or take bus route 9 or 12 and get off at 一条戻橋・晴明神社前 or the 59 and get off at 堀川今出川. Your bus may have a Seimei Jinja sticker in the window. :) 



Beyond the first gate you pass through there is a small souvenir shop which sells things like umbrellas and bags. The stall selling omamori and ema is past the next gate, near the main building, and if you show your passport you can receive a free sticker.


The list of available omamori etc is here:


Info on items under the spoiler: 


One kind of ema is available to purchase to write your wishes on:



Depending on what time of year you visit, different items will be available for sale as well as those available year round.



Kikyo omamori and bell



Tanabata  omamori 




Momiji omamori and bell




Also available is a short manga booklet by the famous author of Gegege no Kitaro, Mizuki Shigeru, about Abe no Seimei. 





I highly recommend a trip to Nijo Castle which is a 14 minute bus ride straight down Horikawa Dori. It's just undergone a long period of restoration and is so breathtakingly beautiful that I cried. 

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You definitely should go to Sendai! Some country have direct flight to Sendai Airport but if not you can go using Shinkansen from Tokyo. There's JR Pass for Tourist that can save a lot of cost.


You will see a Yuzu cardbord cut at travel information at Sendai station (I'm not sure if he's the travel embassy or something). Where you can also go in and ask for a lot of information. They are more than willing to help you with your Yuzu journey.


Place worth visiting will be Ice Rink Sendai where there will be a lot of his stuff and picture 


I recommend you spend at least 3 days in Sendai to visit places. Other than the Yuzu-relate stuff , which is almost everywhere, there's nice coast called 'Matsushima' near Sendai where there's nice view and serve delicious oysters

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15 hours ago, kiches said:

Hi everyone, I’ll be in Japan at the beginning of August and planning to visit Kyoto, Tokyo, and Sendai while I’m there (luckily dates worked out for Tanabata) but are there any current Yuzu photo or item exhibits in Japan during this time I should try and check out? I’ve visited Ice Rink Sendai before and will go and see the new monument, but I wonder if there are any recommended Yuzu-related sites I should visit. 


1 hour ago, sweetwater said:


In Tokyo, you can see the bags Yuzu used during the 2011-2012 season in World Bags and Luggage Museum


In Yokohama, you can see a photo of Yuzu taken in PyeongChang in a news photo exhibition held in Japan Newspaper Museum
Info about the exhibition (Japanese)
Info about JNM (English)


In Kyoto, you can see emas dedicated by Yuzu at Seimei Shrine


In Sendai, You'll be greeted by him in the tour information counter of Sendai station.

You can see some emas in Sendai as well.


Akiu Shrine


Osaki Hachimangu Shrine


And you'll find his autograph in a shop near the admission ticket counter of Zuihoden.

Maybe we should have a Yuzu-related tour guide thread to look for and share info?


Quoting these two posts here from the General Yuzu Chat!

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Places you can buy Yuzu related things in/near Tokyo:


Ice Rink Sendai merchandise
Atelier Shop F

2-17-27 Mizonokuchi, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan 213-0001
Tel: 044-829-3402


*The shop is on the third floor of this building
*Open on weekdays from 10:00 to about 23:00
*They sometimes open the shop on weekends and holidays but you have to call and check their schedule in advance.


Their website:
Google map:
Ice Rink Sendai merchandise sold in this place:



Phiten shops
List of Phiten Shops in Japan(PDF):


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Yuzu related places around Sendai featured in "Hashikari" in 2018



Higashi-Nihon-Hoso (a Sendai-based TV station) had been featuring Yuzu-related places in and around Sendai and the parade this week in their serialized program "Hashkari". Now all the episodes are available on youtube. 

Episode 502: International Center Station (国際センター駅)




Episode 503: Tokyoya Shokudo, Ishinomaki (東京屋食堂)




Episode 504: Goshikinuma (五色沼)




Episode 505: Ice Rink Sendai (アイスリンク仙台)




Episode 506: Parade (パレード)






Tokyoya Shokudo (Ishinomaki):




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Another place to visit in Sendai:
Jogi Tofuten (定義とうふ店):



Fried tofu is their specialty. You'll find Yuzu's autograph here.

According to this video, he's been visiting this place since when he was a junior skater.


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12 hours ago, Lunna said:

Rikyu, Gyotei Hamaya and The Super Sports XEBIO (it's a sports shop has Yuzu autograph at the counter) near it.

I found info here https://yuzusorbet.tumblr.com/post/176016378127/my-sendai-holiday-april-2018-part-2-ice-rink

Also must visit Nanakitada Park and take a photo with a cat on the bench like Yuzu did))

Thanks for the info! 
Read the yuzusorbet's blog too. It was like her own version of beautiful Sendai Meguri or Shumatsu Sendai :img_20:

Here's additional information about Rikyu, Hamaya, and The Super Sports Xebio Sendai:


Other places you can find Yuzu's autograph in Sendai:


Gyutan Sumiyaki Rikyu Izumi Honten (牛たん炭焼 利休 泉本店)


Ryotei Hamaya Asuto Nagamachi branch(漁亭浜や あすと長町店)

Photos shared by the shop:


You can also see the letter from his grandparents displayed beside them. (These autographs were presented by them)



You can find another autograph in their branch in S-PAL
Ryotei Hamaya S-PAL(漁亭浜や エスパル店)



And in Super Sports Xebio Asuto Nagamachi(スーパースポーツゼビオあすと長町店)

By the way, Gyotei Hamaya in this map is the "Ryotei Hamaya Asuto Nagamachi branch" mentioned above.  Probably they confused 魚 (means fish, and reads gyo, uo, or sakana) and 漁 (means fishing or hunting, reads ryo)


Seems like another one given during TOI is displayed in Xebio Arena near it, but I am not sure if you can go inside and see it without a ticket for an event.



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You may find (a statue of) him around Marunouchi Building near Tokyo station.


Japan is going to host the Rugby World Cup this year. These "bench arts" are a part of a project to promote the event. I am not sure how long they will exhibit them so I don't recommend you to go there just for these arts, but if you are planning to take a walk, have dinner or go shopping around Tokyo station this summer, it may be fun to find him and take a photo with him.


Marunouchi Building (丸の内ビルディング or 丸ビル)

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Found Pino san recommending trying Yakimeshi (miso-flavored grilled rice ball) at Jogi Shimizukan if you visit Jogisan in Sendai.


You may have seen this shop in  this news clip filmed in the summer of 2011, in which the shop keeper cheered Yuzu, saying, "You don't have to cheer for Tohoku. Do your best for yourself, that will make everyone happy in the end."

Shimizukan is near the main gate of the Saihoji Temple (or Jogi Nyorai.) Jogi Tofuten mentioned above is also in this area.


Shimizukan(定義 清水館)


Jogi Nyorai Saihoji Temple (定義如来西方寺)


*Seems like there are two types of Yakimeshi, one with garlic (にんにく焼きめし Ninniku Yakimeshi) and one without it (元祖焼きめし Ganso Yakimeshi) so be careful if you are allergic to garlic.

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