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  1. Yeah I can't remember if it was Yaguchi's photobook or Satomi Ito's, but I distinctly remember that one of them I was able to add to cart at first, and then later I couldn't (and then I could again). I do think eventually Amazon JP will sort it out for international orders, though I was wondering if maybe the reason was linked to demand. I think Yaguchi's and Ito's (the special cover edition) were in pretty high demand when pre-orders first came out.
  2. Now that I think about it, those 2 books and this coming book are probably considered oversized. Maybe this is the extra complication.
  3. I think this was an issue with Satomi Ito's photobook and also with Yaguchi's photobook at first where at least for the US, Amazon Japan didn't allow us to pre-order it. Eventually that got lifted so I hope the same will happen here. There' still nearly 4 months so I'm not too worried about stock at least.
  4. The footage is from gala practice for 2015 Skate Canada and it's the only time I remember seeing him do a cantilever (I also am not a fan of it for any skater), but if you search for some fancams you may find more footage. I think he and Elizaveta were trying it out and they eventually had her do it in the actual gala.
  5. For those looking for a little levity, I thought you might enjoy my attempt at being crafty with the Seimei hand towel from the photo exhibition this summer. If anyone with some real chops could actually sew I bet you could make this look a lot better than I did!
  6. @rockstaryuzu check your trash too just in case it got moved there. Google recently updated their policy on trash and files get emptied out after 30 days in both drive and email. Was looking for an order receipt I had in September which I probably deleted and realized it's probably gone forever now.
  7. I'm currently using the lotion and emulsion too, bought them as a set at the Duty Free shop in Haneda Airport where I got a Yuzu clear file Honestly if that clear file wasn't a gift-with-purchase I probably would've never bought it but the products are nice, and they really are large bottles. I probably wouldn't make it a regular re-purchase for my normal skincare routine unless they had more Yuzu goodies with it (mostly because I'm not a fan of it containing alcohol, even if my skin does fine with it), but if it went on sale I'd consider buying the regular Sekkisei line again. I
  8. I was curious how much the ultimate line products cost in that 55,000 yen set and one of the creams on by itself is 20,000 yen and the ultimate lotion is 10,000 yen. From what I can tell the full-sized Miyabi items total about 50,000 yen if bought on their own, but I can't price/identify some of the other items in the list. I assume it's because they're not full sized but more a deluxe sample size. Aside from the box I can't tell if this is supposed to give a value over buying things separately (I'll assume you do get a bit more for your money, since there were 4 things that would be making up
  9. I wonder... Are they just going to change the costume on the current Parisienne Walkways wax figure? Trying to think of which costume would be fun to see in that pose.
  10. Yeah, at this point I don't have faith in the ISU to keep up to date with information. These assignments were expected to come out end of August, which is why I think Yuzu's withdrawal announcement came out around that time (I think JSF announced it the day before a lot of fans expected assignments to be announced since the ISU had a scheduled meeting the day after). I think back then a lot of people thought Canada may reopen their border in September, but it kept getting extended and now it's been set to end of October (and I think we may see another extension). There's only been one set of o
  11. It's because Jun-hwan is assigned to Skate Canada. Not sure how they went about assigning Grand Prix but both Jun-hwan (I believe in South Korea right now) and Katia Kurakova (in Poland) are assigned to Skate Canada. Whether that means they'll attempt to enter Canada or if they submitted their preference long before they knew Canada was going to keep the country closed until at least 10/31 is unknown. My guess is they were asked which Grand Prix they wanted, and expected to be able to enter Canada by the time the Grand Prix actually came around. If I were to place bets I think some
  12. Sadly no, so far the only announcement is that the GP will go on but be a bit different in terms of points, only participating in one event, etc. The ISU hasn't released any actual guidance on how to organize the events, and I think the local organizers haven't released any information either because they're waiting to see what the ISU will say (plus their local government may change guidelines and policy). The ISU is supposed to be meeting today to discuss the GP in more detail, but with the first GP less than 2 months out they are really cutting it close.
  13. I'm relieved, but of course sad that we won't see him skating in the GP. To be honest I did wonder if he would choose to sit the GP out this season, but I also fully expected the ISU to cancel the GP altogether back in July. I think back to all the anxiety I had leading up to Worlds in Montreal as just a traveler before this was declared a pandemic, it's not something I'd wish on anyone, let alone the athletes who are in an even tougher position. I'll just pray Yuzu keeps healthy while training and wait for him to compete and appear again.
  14. Lower quality upload on twitter:
  15. Today’s Citizen video is out! https://m.weibo.cn/u/2030123513
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