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  1. Ah good to know! Mine got crisper and blurrier and at times paused, but the only stream capture option I had was 640x360. Maybe I needed to wait until it buffered a bit more to try capturing at higher resolution, will need to trial and error this a bit more in the future.
  2. I was able to capture and download the practice stream so I uploaded a copy as well if anyone needs an alternate link, was only able to capture it in 640x360. Does anyone know if the stream was higher quality, I don't think I saw an option to increase stream quality so I'm curious.
  3. Got NordVPN to work! For those who have it, make sure CyberSec is turned off.
  4. If I were to pick music for Yuzu to skate to I'd have no idea what it would be. Instead, one day I'd love for him to let Shae pick music for him and for him to continue letting Jeff suggest music for him. I think Otonal is the first SP music he's asked for with Jeff. I just love their collaborations and have loved all of Jeff's choices for him so far (Parisienne Walkways, Ballade no. 1, and Let's Go Crazy). They've worked together so many years I'm sure Jeff has a lot of ideas and music sitting in his playlist. Shae as well, but sometimes I look at the music choices she's given other skaters and I'm not sure if I always trust her .
  5. I think this was David Wilson’s idea. From what David and Brian have said a couple years back what Yuzu always wanted to skate to was Phantom of the Opera, but David clearly didn’t want to choreograph a Phantom program (I suspect this may be why Brian found Shae to choreograph a Phantom FS for Yuzu after Olympics). I think David in his TSL interview in 2016 mentioned he wanted Phantom for the Sochi Olympic season as well, but that it was Brian who suggested Romeo and Juliet again. Maybe this is in the Team Brian book but I think Yuzu’s text response back to Brian was “I love it” or something along those lines. Back on the topic of Notre Dame, David said Yuzu liked it because Johnny skated to it, but I often wonder how much he really understood Yuzu because I remember in one of his interviews Yuzu struggled to remember the name of the music! There’s a photo of the music suggestion list that fan sent where it asked him to mark with circles, triangles, and x’s which songs he didn’t like, likes, and really likes. Asian Dream Song was a “really like”. I think you can find this image on twitter somewhere although I had no idea if it came from a documentary (I’ve never seen it if it did) but among other songs listed I remember the same fan also had Man in the Iron Mask and Lord of the Rings listed but I can’t remember how he marked those.
  6. I remember that pre-Olympic interview, it probably came out right around media day. From what I recall Yuzu said he originally wanted to reuse Let’s Go Crazy since he wanted to skate it cleanly, but Shirota talked him out of it saying that it’s better to have a classic program for the Olympics. So I think he was persuaded, and honestly it probably worked out for the best given how things happened.
  7. I think Matteo Rizzo has a 4Lo in his planned free skate content.
  8. I can only guess that maybe the videos didn’t have any ISU or Skate Canada trademark or permission to be shared in the first place, which is unfortunate since it was so cool. The other piece could be that he has received donations for his work and maybe they see that as monetizing his videos and maybe that isn’t allowed for an “unofficial” shared video.
  9. If it'll be the same skating with awards then it sounds like they're taking even more of the skaters time than if they had just held the traditional gala, sounds like a bunch of crock to me. I do wonder if we can get a partial refund on that gala ticket, I feel that changing time/event type or name should at least warrant that. Has anyone tried yet with Select Your Seat or contacting Skate Canada?
  10. More information should come out closer to the event as to when the doors open for the venue. If my memory serves me right it’s typically 30–60 min before the starrt of competition, but I can’t remember for practice. For same day practice in the main rink that are scheduled right before a completion session doors may be open as soon as doors open for that practice. Some venues however will clear out the entire practice audience and ask folks to come back in (don’t think we’ll see that as tickets are day passes this time, but this is what happened in 4CC in Anaheim where everyone had to leave the rink between events). Keep an eye out on the FAQ online, I think ticket buyers will get more info once tickets are ready.
  11. Heading to Kelowna tomorrow! I’ve got some shimmery buttons with me and will be sitting in section 106 (usually with a small Lululemon bag).
  12. I suspect the YouTube stream will be geoblocked for US since NBC has the broadcast and streaming rights. Probably same for other countries that a company already has rights.
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