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  1. I’m still going through the messages and responding but I wanted to let everyone know the two sets of tickets I posted about a couple hours ago have been taken. Hopefully Skate Canada can release more later on like they did last year.
  2. I’ve got 2 extra sets of single tickets for all 3 days. Please PM if interested, I’d like to keep all 3 days together as a set. Will sell at price I paid which is $79 USD for a set of Thurs-Sat.
  3. I love Nobu + Yuzu together! Seems like Yuzu can never stop laughing when he's around Nobu.
  4. There is, I think the media put it out sometime in the 2017/2018 season before Pyeongchang. It’s clips of him at TCC trying loop and lutz. I want to say it came out on TV around 2017 Rostelecom since that’s when he first debuted the 4lz and there wasn’t any mention of it during that years’ media day until then.
  5. you just reminded me of how I saw Shoma on the train heading back to Seoul during the Olympics after the team event. He was in the first class car, but otherwise just playing video games - I happen to walk down to that first car because the women's restroom in the regular cars were out of water. I look to the side and thought, that looks like Shoma. Then when I got back to my seat I told my buddy and she went and checked, and sure enough it was him! So never say never about Yuzu ending up on the same train some day.
  6. Yes it happened during pre-sale and public sale. I'm not sure if it was time based or volume based (number of people trying to access the site). I think this is actually a pretty standard practice for ticketing sites. However, I'm not sure how they parameters for "best seat available" because I think that's pretty far off from what I would normally consider the best seats.
  7. Yikes! I do believe PayPal can handle the payment as a guest vs creating an account, but it may be better to have one at least when purchasing so you can track if anything goes wrong.
  8. Eventbrite made me pay with PayPal, but I used my credit card with PayPal so it still charged my credit card ultimately.
  9. Actually I plugged in the code to see what happened and there weren’t any all event tickets listed in the ticket list, only single day, so I’m going to guess that this presale only is selling single day tickets unless they add something between now and the 13th.
  10. Yes I think they just gave an all event wrist band to people who had single day tickets. However, I much prefer a different band per day because that thing gets pretty mangled after 3 days. Not sure if they’ll have each days wristband start Wednesday where I could just collect them all at once.
  11. Hmm I didn’t get an email either, I wonder if it’s a delay in receipt.
  12. That's so adorable that everyone hugged him and celebrated his 4Lz success .
  13. Oh, is that supposed to be the tree of life?
  14. I wonder if the lutz with the crossed legs as prep goes back to some basic technique he was taught as a kid. If you've ever seen some of Tsuzuki’s current students like Yuna Aoki or Tomoe Kawabata go for a 3lz there’s a moment when their legs look almost crossed near the knees as they go onto the outside edge before they pick. I’m wondering if that’s what he’s doing here too to see if it would be more successful.
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