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  1. Yeah, I just remember on Saturday there was a man going around asking if anyone had an extra ticket he could buy, so I only assumed they didn’t sell any at the door. I do remember the release of additional tickets online, but the only reason I don’t think that’ll happen this year is because their website clearly states this time that the event is sold out.
  2. Amazon Japan won’t accept Amazon gift cards from other country Amazon sites.
  3. Did they actually sell tickets at the door last year? From what I remember they sold out last year too and they didn’t sell anything at the door but did release another batch of tickets online. However this year they’re clearly stating the event is sold out on the Skate Canada website so I’m not sure if they’ll be doing the same this year.
  4. If I remember correctly Yuzu actually got this idea from Mathhew McCoungahy when he gave his Oscar winning speech about the man who he wants to be is the person he’ll be in 10 years. I think back then Yuzu mentioned he may have watched the speech.
  5. New documentary! It played for me but I’m currently in Japan, otherwise I wouldn’t have realized. Gotta get in that preorder.
  6. Been a bit busy in Japan to post but really quick: If you’re looking for Yuzu music boxes they’re available at the orgel museum store in both Arashiyama and Matsushima. Alternatively send an email to Nidec Sankyo and they can try to look up stock wherever you’re staying (that’s what they did for me). In the case of the Arashiyama store I emailed them and they held some of the little bag music boxes for me so that I could purchase them when I arrived. Xylitol clear files, if any of you are staying in Sendai right now Ito Yokado in the Ario shopping center in Izumi-Chuo has a decent stock of them. This is located right outside the Izumi-Chuo subway station on the first floor, pretty easy to find right now in the gum section but it didn’t really have signage. Likewise there’s a bookstore in Selva next to Ario that also has some of the Yuzu photobooks, magazines, and calendars. Almost any bookstore in Sendai is bound to at least have the most recent Ice Jewels photobook (I bought one at Ayumi Books at Jizenjidori yesterday night. If you walk around the entrance between the JR and Sendai subway stations you’ll sometimes see the older Yuzu tourism campaign posters. Zuihoden Mausoleum also has Yuzu’s autograph and currently has tanabata decorations based on Yuzu’s costumes at the front gate. Also for those in Hong Kong, about 1 week ago they still had Yuzu’s ad in Terminal 1 but when I returned on 8/4 it was gone. I had also seen a large billboard coming into T1 on bus, not sure if that’s still there. Also, major thanks to @KatjaThera for tips on how to find the Sekkisei counter at Haneda Airport. A week ago there was a sign that you can get the Otonal clear file if you buy 6500 yen of Sekkisei and the Tiat duty free shop. This is located right after security at Haneda Airport international terminal.
  7. Hi everyone, I’ll be in Japan at the beginning of August and planning to visit Kyoto, Tokyo, and Sendai while I’m there (luckily dates worked out for Tanabata) but are there any current Yuzu photo or item exhibits in Japan during this time I should try and check out? I’ve visited Ice Rink Sendai before and will go and see the new monument, but I wonder if there are any recommended Yuzu-related sites I should visit.
  8. Thanks @kaeryth for finding the quote from the book! This seemed to be around WTT 2015. Not sure if he used alcohol to disinfect his scissors when he did this, but he mentions it may have gotten inflamed because he was jumping and he wasn't supposed to be using too much strength with his abdominal muscles immediately.
  9. I need to dig it up but I think he said he got a rash when they used rubbing alcohol in Blue Flames 2. I think it also lead to an infection (or maybe it was when he decided to take the stitches out himself!!).
  10. He mentioned the alcohol at least two times that I can remember. One was the Asaichi segment back in 2015 where he said his skin had a reaction to alcohol when he had surgery. It was brought up since one of the viewer questions sent in was what type of drink does he drink/like. I don't necessarily think having skin sensitivity to alcohol means you have sensitivity to ingesting it, so in truth I think Yuzu used it as a segue to tell us he doesn't really drink or can't handle drinking. Second is in that P&G Yuzu Days interview (fuller translation here: https://yuzusorbet.tumblr.com/post/145257287482/pg-interview-1-june-2016-what-figure-skating). Doesn't say how much sake he actually had, but to me it sounds as if he can't couldn't handle liquor too well and implied his speech started to slur after having only a small amount of sake. Whether that's considered an allergy I'm not sure, but I'm the same way. Just a couple of sips usually and I get very lightheaded.
  11. Tickets are either through mobile app or printed PDF, Event Brite automatically sends a PDF of each ticket to the buyer.
  12. I’m potentially interested in some sightseeing too.
  13. The section is mentioned in one of the fan tweets, but it seems to be 3 short rows in section 113 that's above and to the left of the Kiss & Cry.
  14. Yeah I agree, at this point they’re forced to relocate after purchasing during a PRESALE! The least they can do is refund them/give a discount on any new seat they have to take.
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