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  1. Adding on to this, the app is free for the first 30 days but the website is always free and can be used on mobile. I also find google maps public transit planner is pretty spot on for Japan.
  2. Sharing this here as well, I have an extra ticket in section 110 row 8 from a friend who is no longer going. I'd love to try to sell it and help her recoup some of the cost, but if not, does anyone know of a family or skater in the Vancouver area who I might be able to donate the ticket to if I don't get any takers? I can forward the PDF to print at home, or give them the copy I printed (I'll be in Vancouver tonight).
  3. Yes I got mine too this morning, but it's a little late because I leave today and I can't print it. I'll just try to print it at the hotel I guess.
  4. I have an extra ticket in section 110 row 8. Id love for this not to go to waste, selling for $50 USD or I’m willing to donate it to someone who wasn’t able to get tickets before. I’ll be flying to Vancouver in a few hours so I can either email you the print at home tickets or give you a printed copy in Vancouver. Please DM me.
  5. Got an email from the Ticketmaster about the Super Fan Bag vouchers. "Our customer service team is in the process of emailing vouchers out, so you will receive in your email before Wednesday. If you have trouble accessing via your email, you can also pick up from the box office onsite with photo ID." I'll probably won't be able to print anything out if it arrives since I leave Tuesday, but at least we know we can get the voucher from the box office. Hoping other fans don't miss out on this since a formal communication hasn't gone out yet.
  6. Yeah I think the reason why my tickets weren’t shipped and printed out as normal is because I called Ticketmaster to help me get the seats I wanted. Note to self to avoid that in the future, I can’t trust that they would’ve sent me the tickets if I hadn’t asked.
  7. Hmm that I am not sure. They did say they’d have a list on hand if some reason you didn’t get your voucher, and I’m sure the ticket name gets updated. Since it appears they’re doing the emailing manually I don’t know when they pull their list of who is supposed to be sent the voucher (if it’s before or after your transfer).
  8. One last update on the Super Fan Bag situation. Skate Canada told me Ticketmaster assured them I’d receive my voucher but said there had been a glitch in the Ticketmaster system and are manually sending an email with a Super Fan voucher (yikes!). So anyone expecting a voucher who didn’t get there’s yet should be sure to check your email the next couple of days.
  9. So I’ve been checking my inbox for the Super Fan Bag voucher and nothing yet, so I went to check my junk folder in case it ended up there and I did find this email from a day before I called Ticketmaster. It seems to imply that the vouchers were already sent out to print, so I’m pretty confused as whether they were previously sent or not. Hi live event fan, (un message en français suivra) ISU Grand Prix Doug Mitchell Centre-UBC Wednesday December 5 - Sunday December 9 2018 We are looking forward to hosting you at the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 2018/19! The event is December 5-9 at the Doug Mitchel Thunderbird Sport Complex on the beautiful campus of the University of British Columbia! Below is some helpful information about the event: Voucher for Super Fan Bag: For those who have purchased in advance, please bring a printed copy to exchange the voucher for the bag as electronic copies will not be accepted. The table to exchange the voucher for your Super Fan Bag will be located at the end of the main concourse (follow the signs). Souvenir Programs and merchandise will be available from 12 noon daily. Souvenir programs are $10. Public transit: click here for public transit details. Parking: click here for further details. Food and beverage: No outside food and drinks permitted within the venue. Each fan may bring an empty reusable water bottle. Camera policy: click here for further details. Event schedule: click here for the event schedule and is subject to change. Start Orders: will be posted around the concourse to be more eco-friendly and reduce the use of paper. Practices: Morning practices are accessible with your day ticket. All practices are open with the exception of Sunday's Gala that is closed to the public.
  10. According to the ticket info that came out before presale all event tickets in the first 5 rows are supposed to include a voucher for the Super Fan Bag, but it can also be purchased seperately for $75 in advance. None of my tickets I printed mentioned a voucher or the bag (I’m 5th Row) so it sounds like they’re emailing ticket holders that didn’t get mailed their tickets the voucher for their bag.
  11. Update for anyone who bought all-event tickets from Ticketmaster that should include a voucher for the Super Fan Bag. I mysteriously received a follow up reply to my initial email to Skate Canada on the voucher with the following info: "Ticketmaster Vancouver is currently in the process of emailing out the Super Fan Voucher. There will also be a back up list at the venue's pick up table to be sure that your Super Fan Bag is not missed. Enjoy the event!" So in other words, I think there may have been an oversight at some point in distributing vouchers for those doing print-at-home tickets, but looks like they're emailing them out now, and if you don't receive the voucher to check at the venue for it as they should have your name on a list.
  12. Ok then it sounds like Ticketmaster ACTUALLY goofed on my order. They are really not inspiring a lot of confidence in their phone order system or their customer service right now.
  13. Most of the time you can get a refund if you pay a fee. It may be hard to sell tickets so close to the event but even if you count that as a loss and recoup some of the travel fees it’s still spending less money than if you still went through with a full trip. It depends on each person, but yeah, these trips are expensive especially if you plan to come from overseas, and for some the cost is not entirely worth it if Yuzu is not competing there. If I were to make an analogy I’d liken it to having planned to go to a concert with multiple big name artist where your main objective was to see one band. You may be interested in the other bands and singers and also spent time watching them if you were at this concert, but maybe not to the extent where you wouldve gone out of your way and made the extra effort to see them on their own. If it was convenient and cheap enough to keep the trip plans these fans may choose differently, but each person has their own circumstances. Watching live figure skating is expensive, VERY time consuming, and frankly exhausting. I’m still going to the final but I know that if I’d known ahead of time that Yuzu would have to WD I’d have made this trip much shorter and saved on accommodation and PTO so that I could take an actual relaxing vacation in December.
  14. Hmm maybe only the mailed tickets actually got vouchers sent, everyone else I know who had a Ticketmaster all event ticket that’s supposed to include the bag didn’t receive one. Currently waiting to hear back from the Ticketmaster contact that Geo’s Skate Canada contact linked me with, but so far no response so I’m not sure if I’ll hear back before the event starts. I’ll update if I learn more.
  15. Re-posting this tickets with additional discount, if anyone is interested I'll connect you with my friend via email to work out Paypal payment and ticket transfer. 2018 GPF Vancouver All-Event Tickets Section 110 Row 8 asking $160 USD Section 101 Row 6 asking $140 USD Section 116 Row 16 asking $100 USD