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  1. Anyone selling a men’s free ticket? Trying for an extra for a friend.
  2. I checked Edea after ladies practice this morning and no Yuzu cards out. Not sure if they were all grabbed or they just hid them away. When I first got to the rink around 10:30 AM they weren’t even letting people walk past the booth, said that part of the arena was for media only and practice seats were only the ones across from the judges this morning.
  3. Hmm this seems slightly risky to post openly especially if more than one person tries to use the same parking pass. Not sure if you just get turned away. Also, does anyone know where they offered to sell parking passes online? I didn’t see anything on Ticketmaster.
  4. Can I ask a favor from anyone who is planning to go to ladies practice in the morning? I land at 8:30 AM and I'm wondering if parking at Honda Center will be free that morning before ladies SP, or if they'll start charging at practice starting tomorrow. If anyone driving tomorrow morning could let us know I'd be very grateful. Depending on if I can exit the lot, I may stop by my hotel first before coming to the rink for practice.
  5. FYI, Honda Center sent out an email that there are some minor schedule changes due to withdrawals. From what I can tell the official time schedule on the ISU website hasn't been updated, but they did update schedule at: https://www.2019fourcontinents.com/eventschedule The only change I can see is that pairs are now shorter all around. Also schedule shows when they're clearing the arena between events.
  6. kiches

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yeah I thought that way too for GPF last year without Yuzu, I didn’t really attend practice yet still found myself short of time once competitions started! As for programs, I’m leaning more towards two new programs altogether, so I hope he can skate Origin the way he wants to in Saitama.
  7. kiches

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yup there's lots to do in Vegas, but if you plan to see all events plus practice you can find your free time drying up real quick! Luckily there's almost always something open in Vegas no matter the hour, so if you still want to go and do some sightseeing or whatnot late night after the competitions it's a definite possibility. I doubt Yuzu will get assigned to Skate America (I'll always kick myself that I missed his own appearance at Skate America in Washington in 2012, it was before my time as a fan), but a girl can dream. The western north America comps are just so much easier to travel to for me, and Vegas is only about a 1 hour flight for me.
  8. Yes I’ve been checking the area on google maps too. There’s definitely restaurants and such within a 10 mile walk or closer . There also seems to be a Pinkberry frozen yogurt nearby!
  9. kiches

    General Yuzuru Chat

    It is OT but Shoma is going to be at 4CC. There are even social media pics of him in Los Angeles, he seems to have been there for a couple of days already.
  10. Music rotation for Feb 5-6 practice is already posted and linked to here: http://www.isuresults.com/events/fsevent03111649.htm Practice on Feb 7 and beyond will be determined by the draw so we’ll probably see that get posted by the afternoon of Feb 6 I’m guessing. They may have printed copies posted around the rink starting at the practice sessions Feb 6. Also, I’m down for a meet up! I don’t arrive until Thursday morning but I want to try to bring some Yuzu goodies if I get some time to make a few buttons.
  11. Buying tickets anywhere but Japan for figure skating is usually very easy, and of the last 3 worlds I don’t think they had any host country specific sales or restrictions. There were some issues maybe paying with foreign credit card for Helsinki and Rostelecom in the past, but I think those were unintentional. I can say out of all the figure skating competitions I’ve been to in the last 3 years the ones in Japan have been the most impossible to get tickets for. That includes the Olympics which still gave you a chance if you were alert. I remember trying to get a GPF ticket for Nagoya in 2017 and only managed 1 ticket for ladies (before the injury) and this time for worlds it was absolutely nothing despite Saitama being a larger arena. I was really hoping the size of the venue meant there were better shots of foreigners getting tickets too but it seems it’s even more impossible.
  12. Hahaha, did they really describe it as an "owl themed restaurant"?
  13. Also checked my email and got something for 4CC, regarding practice: " ACCESS TO PRACTICE All-session ticket holders have access to all official practice at Honda Center. Please note, there is no unique practice pass but your individual session ticket has a unique scan that will grant you access each day for practice. Practice passes are not available for sale and practice at the secondary rink is not open to the public."
  14. So FINALLY the 2019 4CC website is updated with an FAQ: https://www.2019fourcontinents.com/faq Key points: - Parking is $20, you cannot exit and re-enter the parking lot without paying to re-enter . - Confirmed access for all MR practices for all-event ticket holders, but they don't say specifically how to enter. - No outside food or beverages, even empty bottles. I'm pretty upset about the no re-entry for the parking lot. There's some long break stretches between events (up to 3 hours on Saturday and 5 hours between pairs FS and the gala). I don't understand where people are supposed to go and wait during the break, I assume some of them will clear out the arena in between.
  15. kiches

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Agreed that it's a mystery at this point as to what he'll do for worlds. Based on his practice footage before his injury I think he was warming up to fully bring back 3F and 3Lz into his layout if needed. I think he's already said in his message to the Big Sports Show award that his goal next season was to do the 4A with the perfect package, so I think he's moved the target on that jump to next season for now.