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  1. I plan to still go. I was originally thinking I would splurge on getting the best tickets possible, but not at that price... I also contemplated writing a complaint to the ISU and Skate Canada as well about how restrictive this pricing is, not that I think it would change anything. If I used twitter or something else I may have tweeted them too about this pricing.
  2. Count me in as another person disappointed in the Montreal all event prices. This is far higher than I expected and much higher in comparison to GP and GPF that we’re held in Canada in recent years, which I felt were very reasonable compared to when events were held elsewhere. Prices are more expensive than Boston and Helsinki for Worlds for similar level seats, I really do feel some who were planning to go are going to have to reassess now. I’m sure many were planning to buy as soon as sales opened but now may need to wait for single session tickets or longer to save up that much money in a month. What a shame. Does anyone know how much tickets were when Worlds were in London before Sochi Olympics?
  3. For anyone who can’t make the Loople bus to get to Ice Rink Sendai (I believe the schedule is about once an hour or so and the rink closes around 6 PM to the public) it’s actually pretty easy to take the subway from Sendai Station and walking about 1 mile from Yaotome Station or Izumi-chuo Station. I walked from Yaotome and on the return I walked to Izumi-chuo using google maps to navigate and I made it
  4. I remember he also mentioned he often eats cereal in one of the MyRepi updates. In this interview in August 2017 media day he details a bit of his routine, where he mentions he steps on the scale and had cereal the day of the interview. http://nanoka12.tumblr.com/post/173483524616/qa-from-open-practice-at-tcc-in-august-2017
  5. I think 4A is allowed so long as it's in combination and you still do the solo 3A or 2A, but that would still be crazy. That's how Mao Asada used to include her 3A in the SP before it was allowed as the solo axel jump in the SP, she would do the solo 2A then a 3A2T combo and another solo triple.
  6. I haven’t watched or listened to the TSL recap with Inman but from what I’ve heard he doesn’t seem to be over enthusiastic about Nathan on all accounts either. I did watch his first interview with TSL and he struck me as extremely old fashioned and stuck in his tastes. I imagine he’d tend to find classic warhorse music more interesting and can’t understand the appeal of a program like Seimei. I think he also studied music in college so has knowledge, but if he really said that about the Onmyouji music then he’s making a very broad generalization of the music, and of his fellow Westerners which goes to show how narrow minded he likely is.
  7. I think so too. Plus I think there’s a very large Japanese population in Brazil so I can easily believe there’s a strong contingent of Yuzu fans there.
  8. Okay, I gotta ask. In the new Yuzu Days when Yuzu said he went down a waterfall at an amusement park when he was 2 or 3 years old, he meant on an amusement park ride, right (not that he "fell over")? I'm trying to think what ride would allow small 2-3 year olds to go down a major waterfall drop, usually those have height restrictions and I can't imagine a tiny 2-3 year old like Yuzu being tall enough! My initial thought was maybe he got onto Splash Mountain in Tokyo Disneyland.
  9. I think the watches are a gift from one of the sponsor companies for the championship, I believe typically from Citizen. It's probably a sponsorship/advertisement type of agreement.
  10. Finally made my way through this thread and glimpsed some tv clips and press con. It is SO amazing to see Yuzu back on ice again, the jumps looked pretty good but I also saw snippets of Otonal step sequence which looked incredible! I hope we see some more soon.
  11. I think Boyang went for the 4Lo at 2017 4CC but fell. He hasn’t tried it in competition since but I think he may have posted a video of one a while back.
  12. Thank you for the interview! I really enjoyed it.
  13. I haven't tried it yet but I know a lot of Japanese sites only take full-width or half-width characters. Just google a full-width text generator and copy and paste the english text and it'll convert it over for you, it usually just makes it look fatter or skinnier.
  14. Yep, ultimately I think he doesn't feel there's a need to get a custom suit as he probably feels what he already has is just fine. He has a unique figure which means the off-the-rack sizing probably doesn't quite fit all parts of his body. Although I'm not sure how often he re-wears the same suits. The Olympic ones I imagine he only wears during occasions related to the Olympics (press conference, parade, prime minister visit with other Olympic athletes). I think the suit he wore for the Emperor's Garden Party seemed to fit alright although I can't find a full body photo, I'm thinking that one may be a suit he personally bought and keeps in his closet for special occassions.
  15. Take a look at his suit in the Kose interview. The shoulders look fine but his sleeves while sitting are extremely baggy. That’s a non-fitted suit. I think the reason we don’t see him in a well fitted suit is he doesn’t really have a need for it. Most of these suits are probably prepared by his sponsors in a short time frame so there isn’t a chance to tailor them. Aside from these public appearances the only time he may wear a suit is during a competition banquet and he may find its not worth bringing out his best suit for those.
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