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  1. It's funny how fans circle back to similar topics when there isn't much Yuzu-news to go around . It's certainly a nice way to divert oneself and distract from the more serious situation happening in the world. I remember talks about the shortcake some time back and I wish I could dig up my original comments on it to share again. It's not that Yuzu doesn't like chocolate cake, he actually said the chocolate cake he sampled in that 2015 FaoI interview with Nobu and Shoma was tasty. What he said was that he usually doesn't have chocolate cake, and that he usually ate "shortcake". It's clear to me he meant that when his family eats cake, they usually bought shortcake. Not that he didn't like rich cakes or chocolate cakes, although Asian shortcake is more like sponge cake with whipped cream than western style shortcake which tends to be dry and a bit more like a biscuit. Things I remember him specifically saying he liked to eat, in various interviews across the years include: chocolate, gyoza, tonkatsu, tamago kake gohan, and yudofu. Chocolate he's been known to snack on so having Lotte as a sponsor seemed to be a good match. I remember reading about how his appetite is slow to kick start. I wish I can pull up where I read it but it's probably buried somewhere in GS at this point and would require some searching, I'm guessing it's a translation of an account by the Ajinomoto nutritionist sometime around 2014/2015. I believe the anecdote was that he would usually eat very little of his meal since he had a slow appetite, but later after meals his mom would find him snacking on chocolate. The solution from the nutritionist was to feed him soup first (like nabe), which is easy to digest and allow his appetite to slowly build for the rest of the meal. Gyoza I believe he said he loved his grandparents gyoza. Gyoza I think they usually servied pan-fried in Japan (so delicious) although in the US a lot of Japanese restaurants tend to deep-fry them (also tasty, but much more greasy). I think when he won junior worlds he and his family went out for tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet), you can hear him talking about gyoza and tonkatsu in this 2010 clip: So I think Yuzu actually likes fried food, even if he doesn't eat a ton of it, although maybe his tastes have changed a bit as he matured. He also that comment about eating fries at McDonalds (there's actually a McDonalds about 2-3 blocks from Ice Rink Sendai of all things, I went inside it after visiting the rink for a midday snack), and he also enjoys the occasional coke/soda . He's said himself he's not that interested in food, and we don't see many videos of him eating but he really attacked his bowl of tamago kake gohan a couple years ago so there's clearly certain foods he does love despite his general disinterest in food.
  2. Same here (though I'll still need to work from home), hopefully everyone in the house remains safe and no one actually runs out of toilet paper around here with the way people are stocking up. Hopefully gives me a chance to sort through Yuzu videos and pas this time peacefully while wishing for everyone's safety.
  3. I get the sense they only took into account the diversity of the athletes and not the diversity of the attending audience.
  4. My fear is transmitting it as well . I think since there are growing numbers of positive tests coming out of California you'll continue to see large events in California and other major US cities being cancelled. San Francisco just issued a ban on large events for 2 weeks. Same with Washington. Now with the Princess cruise ship off the San Francisco Bay with confirmed cases I expect the number of infections in the US to jump once they start testing more passengers.
  5. So... I just got this email about the skating awards and I think they accidentally sent it to the wrong email list as it's clearly meant for athlete entries. Did anyone else receive this?
  6. There’s a Kinokuniya bookstore in NYC, they usually have a decent selection of figure skating magazines so you can probably find some there (although the mark up can be quite high).
  7. When I was watching the official ISU stream for ladies last night the audio seemed very muted for the music, as if the commentator's mic was on top of it. Maybe the stream is fed directly from the audio so we online don't experience the echo in the rink? I also felt the pace of the second half felt faster, I'm not sure if I should worry about that or not...
  8. Well I guess we'll get to hear the cut of Seimei again at least.
  9. Great and solid skates from the top 3, but I have to agree that the scores seem a bit generous if I were to compare them to scores of cleaner skates from the same skaters earlier in the season. Wakaba's 3A attempt was so high and powerful, it's no wonder she couldn't hold on to the landing, loved her step sequence. Kaori's 4T attempt scared me, I think it definitely rattled her physically and probably affected her ability to recover for the rest of the program.
  10. It sounds like there was an audio issue earlier (maybe why dance didn't have commentary) and they have to leave the mic on now because of it. Maybe if someone accidentally knocks it over we can have commentary free stream again...
  11. I can't believe how much the commentator can't stop talking about people wearing masks (designs, not having to wear one to commentate, etc). I understand calling attention to it once due to corona virus, but it's as if he's searching for something to say to fill some silence and this is the only extra thing he can think of to talk about.
  12. Strange, I set mine to Canada for ice dance and it told me it was blocked.
  13. Thank you Shansani for making my night with the practice stream! I hope you got to enjoy practice and give your arm a good rest.
  14. Need to do a little digging for the actual video online, but here's the translation of the segment with Shizuka Arakawa and Nobunari Oda where she does a portion of the H&L step sequence. Seems to be a segment after GPF 2016. https://yuzusorbet.tumblr.com/post/155209568957/shuzo-matsuoka-interviewing-yuzuru-after-gpf-2016
  15. I'm curious if their team didn't think this was a possibility when they went with the spoken word FD (or they figured the chance was low and wanted to try it any way). Either way, I doubt it would get enough votes to actually turn into a violation for them.
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