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  1. Yeah I’m assuming if you’re vaccinated now Canada doesn’t require you to quarantine on arrival, but Japan still does (though it was imposed on their own athletes but not international athletes for some reason). I assume most of the Japanese skaters are now vaccinated since the JSF said they were planning to vaccinate them ahead of the GP. I assume this is why Yuzu may have agreed to do more of his typical work recently (Frau, 24 HR, DOI) which hopefully means he’s also getting physio care. I think someone was looking at his legs in the behind-the-scenes footage for SOI
  2. I think if Yuzu’s first GP was Skate Canada and not NHK he may have considered returning to Canada this fall. As of now if he were to return to Japan he’d have to quarantine and it’s not really worth it if he can make-do with the training he’s doing in Japan. At this point who knows if he might participate in Asian Open Trophy or even in Japan Open, and traveling from Japan makes more sense if he is. Rika has a real tight turnaround between Skate Canada and NHK too, and so will Yuzu between Rostelecom and the GPF. I think they’d have to train under same quarantine rules they had for WTT?
  3. I actually wondered if maybe this was an extra "B" version of his free skate costume that he repurposed for this show. Similar to how Seimei at Dreams on Ice turned out very different from the costume he competed with that season. Will wait for high quality video/photos but not a fan of the colors if this is an idea for a competitive costume since I'm not feeling the orange fading to purple - and partially because this was filmed with the lights on against white boards I think a darker color would've provided a nicer contrast to the brightness within the rink.
  4. I think part of the issue with Cup of China was logistics for a "small" GP event in Chongqing and lack of international flights/quarantine. They may have decided it wasn't worth it to hold it and focus all resources for things connected directly to the Olympics (I believe Asian Trophy test event is still set). I think this is just the start of it though, there are bound to be other challenges with the other Grand Prix events in other countries with border restrictions and quarantine measures. As of now I heard there were issues with Russian skaters getting Visas to the US and Franc
  5. I believe what I read was that the JSF would begin vaccinating their senior skaters mid-July in preparation for the grand prix series in the fall. I take it that Rika and Shoma got their first shots this month if that's the case and that the JSF planned to have their senior skaters all vaccinated by mid-August. I think some skaters may or may have had a chance to get a vaccination earlier than this depending on where they live and other factors. I was watching a vlog and someone mentioned their wife had a higher priority for vaccination because she had asthma for instance.
  6. Dreams on Ice feels like it ended just as it was getting started . Wishing Yuzu and the rest of the skaters to keep healthy and train well for the season ahead.
  7. I'm a little late to the game but all I see are commercials on the qq links, is the intermission showing a replay right now?
  8. I think the long cuffs sort of makes it look like she's holding "mini" pompoms. Would prefer if she just wore gloves, but overall I think this costume looks heavy and looks too old for her. I liked Elena Radionova's costumes for her Titanic programs (even if her program was a hot mess). I sort of wish Rika had chosen to include Celine's vocals in her music rather than that vocalizing since I think it would give the program a bit more drama and impact.
  9. Hmm when I heard Kaori was going to use Gladiator for her SP I envisioned something different. I do love the dress but I think the music is lacking something.
  10. A small sneak peak crumb? https://twitter.com/tbschannel/status/1413294654242443264?s=20
  11. Slightly off topic, but I posted awhile back about Air Canada now offering refunds for flights after February 1, 2020 which would cover most flights booked for Montreal 2020. Just wanted to report that I got notification that my requests for refund were processed, took about 17 days. Email says it may take 1-2 billing cycles to appear on my statement. Hopefully satellites who filed will hear back soon.
  12. Did they not award you any travel points at all? I think that's the default even if they refund your fees in cash. There does seem to be a process to request refund without a voucher (https://www.aircanada.com/refundrequest/?lang=en-CA). From what I read on a Forbes article the refund option is now available because it's part of Air Canada's financial aid agreement with the federal government. Based on the FAQ on this site if you weren't eligible for a refund before you may be eligible now so I don't think it hurts to try and fill out the form. I think when you cancel the only two options wer
  13. I was going to post this in the old 2020 Worlds thread but I think it's locked now because it's in the past. For any of you that had flights booked with Air Canada for Montreal that got cancelled, or if you requested a a travel voucher/points for those flight tickets, Air Canada is now issuing refunds for all travel dates on or after February 1, 2020 purchased before April 13, 2021 for flights cancelled either by Air Canada or by yourself for any reason. I got an email with a link to a request form for each of my flight tickets. Sounds like last day to request the refund is June 1
  14. Hope Yuzu gets some well deserved rest before he starts rigorous training again. I also think he got a little slimmer, but I think he's said before that summer show schedule he usually does he's usually at his lowest weight since the schedule is pretty continuous. He's been away from home for nearly 1.5 months at this point when you factor Worlds, quarantine, WTT, and SOI.
  15. Happy 4 year anniversary to Planet Hanyu! Can't believe the forum is already 4 years old, we're a whole Olympic-cycle old!
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